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Nettie and Joe 1939

Ft. Collins Colo

Dear Mabel & Archie –

We received your nice long letters some time ago – I’ve been so busy all summer & fall & seems like I’ll never get any extra rest –

We brought quite a few things when we came home from Fathers funeral –

Just some dishes & books – We all got together of course & staid with Father til he died. Fred slept in his room & waited on him Sat nite & Sun & Mon nites – Father was restless but didn’t seem to suffer – I sat up with the boys most of Wed nite – He never came to after Tues at 9: PM & so we were near him all the time – some of us. Then we all went out to the farm & went up in attic & gathered things up. Sure wasn’t much let – as mice had chewed up things Father had lots of books so we tried to divide those Had such a little time to do thigs in. Yes Archie as far as I’m concerned you could have Fathers watch – I think its at Wm’s as all the boys had watches. Don’t think it was a very good one – Think some books may be there of yours too. Really wasn’t much of any thing – They gave Fred Father’s ring & Wm his over coat – He had another older, over coat & they sent that to Joe. Lonie was to have the old Dresser but when he died Kittie said she wouldn’t eect to have it – so Father said I could have it – as all the rest have furniture & I’ll be glad to have it – when ever we can get it out here.

Thanks for Shirley’s picture I’m glad to have it. Yes we found that picture of you & Wm & will try & send it some time Archie.

We’ve had a wonderful fall – Just a light snow a few weeks ago - & last wek has been like spring. Today it is snowing so may be winter is here.

Joe got a deer & Bob too – so we girls put up 24 qt & have some down town in the cooler.

Joe will probably go duck hunting this eve. &will also go Pheasant hunting when the season opens. We made 4 gallon mince meat - & used the venison in it – Is ral good I think. I made some green tomato preserve this week & think I’m about thru canning & I’m tired of it. made over 50 doz cucumber sweet pickles & a few watermelon & beet pickles. & made cherry sun preserves & peach butter - & canned little corn. & some jell- (& fruit) – few peaches – plums – Apricots – 40 qt cherries Red & block raspberries. So we won’t starve for awhile – Business is so poor in wnter Just hope we don’t have to go in debt.

Am so glad you are better since having tonsils out Archie. & do hope you all will be fine all winter & that U will have work enuf to keep you, & that things will soon get better for you.

Rosa & Curry & another couple came out in Deer season & staid 2 days & 2 nites. Didn’t get a deer tho. Fred was here too & hunted some then Harold came up from Idaho Spr. & got him & he hunted down there – but no luck. M. & Bob are ok. They are still out to the track & will probably be all winter. Suppose U know that Elaine had a baby & that Elaine is married. Hated to see her get married for she helped Katie so much. & she was so young – They don’t get a chance to see any of the world or do things for themselves. But guess she will be the kind that will take care of her self.

Fri morn – 20* above this morning – not much news to write – I don’t hear from homoe very often now & miss Fathers cards.

Suppose U get the Natoma paper so read Fathers ibituary – The “Farmer” had such a nice write up - & would like to send U one – but I had to send  & buy 2 for M & I – Perhaps some one else sent you one.

Must stop & iron & cut  wash my hair – we are invited to a party Sun nite – one of our friends birthday – s o  his wife is having party for Joe & her husband – Tho Joe’s birthday is past – Lots Love & write when U can

Nettie & Joe


June 2, 1873 - Eben White

June 2nd, 73

Dear Wife,

This is Monday morning. The P.O. was so ful! Sat night that I could not get an order and it will not open until  this morning I may send the money by express I will send see when I get down there if yu do not get an order with this go to the express office. I am well have got a big boil on the left side of my neck and it has been bore but Mrs. Carlton was over here last night and made something to put on it and it is open now and better. Come as I told you and I will meet you. I made my 18 dollars all right last week
Love to all
Yours in heart

Tell Blackmer that his cousin is on from the east his folks live right close here.

I got your letter this morning and Iwill send 13 dollars. And R can come with you buy her a ticket to here and then I will get another from here to Ulica & will drop a line to the folks at the Ville to meet her there. I paid 150 for that from I have not got one of your letters. 

Davenport Iowa, July 13th

Davenport Iowa
July 13h

Sunday morning
My Dear Wife,

Yours was read last night was clad to ear that you are all well. I have a bad cold and I cough half of the night I got some hop this morning and am going to make some stuff to take. I spoke to H about work for father h did not say but I think it will be all right in a little while.

They are making Mr. Ricky things for him & will send this week. I do not know of anything to write that will interest you. The Church that Mr. H belongs to had a picnic last Friday dinner and supper & dancing from 3 until 8 they wanted me to go but I could not I took supper with Carlton. He did not go & Mrs. C and girl come home early. I will stop now and write some more this afternoon or night you did not say that you got my letter last Thursday night or not.


I do not feel very well my head feels very bad. I may feel better in the morning. I will write a few lines in the morning letting you know how I feel then  I sent for 5 dollars in this you can get one dollar worth of sugar and the other for your dress next week I will send the money for Im hoping you will enjoy yourself. I am your most loving husband although convenient believe it pet I so love you more then anything  etc in the world and my boy if anything should happen to my loved ones don’t know what I would do and was to think nor uncertain life is and others lose here loved ones it makes me feel sad, or troll Pansy (?)
 b called away and have to easy your mind Good by for husband Eben

Box 952

Back of letter –

6 oclock Monday Morn.
Good morning pet I feel little better this morn, I did t cough much last night hope I will be all right – to day will wish a goine so you can get it Thursday night take good care of L and yourself love to M V….


Memories - 1960's

Most of my letters I post on here are from my family. I have letters that I wrote to my grandmother that will probably be thrown out before I look at them - or my children will have that choice.

In visiting with family - my cousin Susan had this photo. My grandmother Taylor would let us go out in public dressed like this. Yes, that is me on the left. Susan is on the right. I played the roll really well!  lol

My grandmother, Mabel Hellem Taylor, had clothes in her closet for us kids to dress up. We wore her shoes, hats, (this is small compared to the hats we wore), dresses, sashes, etc. We picked from a closet FULL of clothes, shoes, purses, and accessories. Yes, we even got to wear the jewelry she had waiting for her granddaughters. I really looked forward to coming home from overseas to be with her and her closet!

More letters are coming, I'm learning how to use my phone to take photos of the letters, as you can see from my earlier posts. I will try to keep posting them when I can get this to work again. lol

Again, I hope you enjoy the letters I've posted so far. More will be coming. I have only skimmed the surface of what I have. It's a treasure of information, and it's a treasure to be able to know what my ancestors thought and did.


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Aunt Martha McEldowney - April 15, 1955

April 15, ‘55

Dear Archie & Mable –

Your letter of Mar 18” came while we were away – Left here at noon Mar 17” – Went to Edgewood so Dad that afternoon then on to eastern part of state where we staid a week – from there went down to Georges at Luray & were there over a week with him – Here up to Nata & over to Osborne – First time I’d seen Dr. Miller since he came out here that fall in 1929, with Father to go deer hunting – Was surprised that he looked so much the same but when I told him that he said, “theres still lots of liars in the world”  Mrs. Dye insisted he go over some evening and have dinner with the Dr & play cards – He intended to but it raided hard all evening the nite he planned to go so didn’t get over there again – but he plan to take another trip back there this spring with the Trailer house. (We didn’t take it on that trip.) Could have saved us several dollars had we had it along as it costs more to stay in hotels & cakins & eat meals out – I think Mrs. Dey is a very pleasant person – I’d never met her before – she was tellingBob she called Shirley her baby – seemed Dr M was a little late in getting there for her arrival –Guess U must feel as Father used to after we moved away from him – he used to say that hearing from us wanext best thing to having us there – am sure you enjoy hearing from Shirley so often – Did she get home for Christmas? We enjoyed the pictures of the Wedding – you all looked so nice!

Sunday P.M. Did it et this finished & now must hurry as we have to send a letter to Mac Allen in Utah as Joe Tel. us this morn that Stella has a house to paint in Winfield & wants Mac to paint it – Mac & Elna have been with us this Hunter most of time –

Hope you’re over yor cold Archie -  When every one else here was having colds and flu – We never took any but now Bob has a cold in his head not bad enuf bed what he’s worked all week but he says he’s ashamed of it for we go for years & never have one – he coughs some so we didn’t go to church today – We do like to go & missed but 2 or 3 Sundays in past  year – as Bob says “It does something for you” am enclosing an old paper I thot U might enjoy of fathers Ball Club Just think it was nearly eighty five yrs ago he wrote it –

Spase you got acc’t of Kitties Birthday dinner last Sunday – Dale & family went on Fri PM & got back Sunday nite – Well we must hurry to town now –

If you’re thru helping your neighbor, G – you’d better come & help Bob fix fence It’s time we had some garden planted –

Bye for now & write again – I’ll be more precept say do U & Ervin each have picture of your Mother taken with Geo & Carrie Stiles? Love Your Aunt – Martha McEldowney

John A. Morton, Secy (The Morton-Parsons Mercantile Co.) 1901


(I will take a photo of the letter – as the heading is really eye catching)

Osborne, Kans.    May 2    1901

Mr. & Mrs. S.E. White,

My Dear Friends,

Your brief note of yesterday just received. I was surprised and shocked to learn of your daughter’s death not having heard of her illness. On examing the Farmer I find urention made of her illness presumably lock jaw. It is so sudden and so unepected that it scarely seems as if it can be true. The thought comes to me again in as this time, as it has so many times in the past. How will I feel when death again enters my family. As it surely will sooner or later, and how will I feel when I fully realize that my own days are numbered. Of course as you know I have stood by the open grave of war ones a number of times in the past but it seems as though it makes me sadder and sadder as I get older. I have a strong hope that there is a brighter life for you and that you and I and our dear ones will share it.

“Alas for him who never sees
The light shines through the
Cypress tries.”

I wish to assure you of my heartfelt sympathy at this time but I know how poor a consolation words are when death has claimed a dear one. – I will write aga soon. Your friend sincerely, John Morton

Lizze Little White (Wineland) Sept 20, 1894

Sep 20 1894

Dear Mother

I got your letter last night, and was very glad to hear from you. Am glad to hear that you he got the Post Office. How are you all getting along now any way. I have been here up the Ville about a week am going down with George tomorrow night to stay with Aunt Ann next week. All the folks are well. Grandma wasn’t very well last week but is feeling lots better now. I would have wrote before this but I have been so busy visiting that I did not have time to write before. Grandma says to tell you that she but stamps last night & was much obliged. Does Louise talk of coming back any more. Oh I wish he would come. Uncle Hill sa he hasn’t heard from you since you wrote. I have been staying with Mand quite a bit since I came back as she has to do the work alone since the work has gone and she likes to have somebody stay with her, as the more I get accuainted with her the better I like her. Will grandma & Aunt Jull are going to the Post Office so guess I will send this letter with them my head aches so bad. I cant think any thing else to write so I will write again in a few days.

Your daughter, Lizzie

Mattie White - Nov 26, 1951

Nov 26” 51

Dear Archie –

Finally got around to sending you your Mothers diary, the letter she wrote while in Ill. Her ilver spoon a Butterfly Pincushion of hers and a hood she made – possibly the latter isn’t worth keeping, but after looking at what they wore in the “Gay 90’s” you can destroy it if u like @yer (?) the old piece of cloth. Spun & women by the Little family was part of a sheet owned by Phoebe Little (her Maiden name Poebe Palmer) She married Ebenezer Little in Mar 11” 1810 & passed away Feb 5” 1864 - - no doubt the old material is over 100 yrs old. Her (Phoebe Little) 10th child was Elizabeth Brown Little who was my mothers Mother & your Mother was named for her –

Phebe Little would be your Great – Great – Grand Mother – x Shirleys Great Great Great G. Mother. I’ve been looking this up in the Geneaology that Cousin Alice (Gardner) Dewey gave me – The Geneaology that Mother had & which father had now write in that it was to be given to his oldest living son or daughter & which should have gone to George after Freds death was not given to him – I supposed he had it till Nettie told me he did not get it - - I ENCLOSED SOME OF FATHERS & mother letter written when they were first married that u & Irvin might like to have them – I will send some of the old letters to Geo & Wm – Do you & Irvin each have a picture of your mother taken with Geo & Carrie Stiles? If not U could have one I have - - You must have been only about 1 ½ yrs old when she passed away - -I took a great deal of care of you & you cried after me first as I cried after your Mother when I was small as she took most of the care of me-

Was glad to get Shirleys letter she must be a versatile young lady – I didn’t know Coz Ella went in Wheel Chair – she writes as tho she was quite well & busy with her house work – The olsons from Topeka who were friends of Netties  Does Stoft here see their way to Seattle & other places a few wks ago & sent us a card from Seattle – will soon be time to send Christmas Greetings Its nice to hear from so many relatives & friends – Hope you all stay well – Remember wht Father said, that there was nothing so good in life as to be young & able to work – over – Please let me know if package reaches U O.K. – Write when you can – Best of everything to you & yours 

Aunt M-

Note: Aunt M is believed to be Mattie White.  

Geo. L. White - Luray, KS 1951


Nov. 20 – 1951.

Dear Archie;

Just a line, Got a letter from Mattie the other day, she sent me this letter that your mother wrote to my mother in 1894 while she wa visiting Father’s folks in Illinois.

Don’t know why she didn’t send it on to you, expect it was among Netties keepsakes.

Had some pretty cold and windy weather during pheasant season and there weren’t many killed. Quail season opened this morning, there more quai than for several years but some many weeds and undergrowth they will be hard to find with out a dog.

Prices of cattle have slipped and hogs too, but you don’t see any difference at the market. Joe was along yesterday but I was not at home.

Saw Harry and Albert Palmer at Salina Saturday. Harry is night clerk at Bell Hotel and Albert is night clerk at Plaza hotel, they both are more like uncle Warren ever time I sem them. Had been thiry years since I had seen Albert, in the mean time he got married raised six children, his wife died a couple years ago and his kids are all gown and married.

Will write more next time.

Write – Uncle Geo.

Nettie White - 1902 Osborne, KS

McGuire House
H. M. Benham,  Prop’r
Special Attention to Commercial Men
First Class Sample Rooms  “   “

Osborne Kansas, Sept 10     1902

Dear Mother =

Well I cannot think of much to write this P.M. but will write alli can can think of. I guess Mattie has told you all of the news, my eye is getting along fine, only there is something else coming on right side ofit The Dr thinks he can tell what it is in the morning I think it is a “Stye” I don’t know whether that is spelled right or not, There is going to be a Ball-game Friday here called “The leans and fats” Mr. Benham is one of them that will play I suppose he will be on the fat side he ought to any way I suppose father will go to see that, And then there will be a Show here all of next week, There is something going on all of the time I expect Archie was pretty sad when he found that letter had nothing for him but I will try and bring him something home, I guess I will write him a little letter. It was too bad that the Tame Graper got jammed so, well I will close for this time. Love & kisses to all & kiss Archie for me Good bye

From Your Daughter

P.S. The doctor cut some more out of my eye as he diden’t quite get it all the other time an because it bled too much, N

1978 - Bill True

Christmas card mailed – 18 Dec 1978

Dear Mable:

Thank you for the copy of your mother’s funeral memorial. I was very saddened when we learned of her death last summer. I enjoyed being with her when she visited in these parts – she always seemed younger than her years.

I’ll appreciate the family data you mentioned sendi. I know Francis Stevenson will appreciate a copy of Minnie’s funeral memorial if you haven’t previously sent it.

We’ll look forward to hearing from you again, Mable.

Sincerely,  Bill True

NOTE: Minnie Elizabeth True Matheson Reeder passed away July 7, 1978.