Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Josephine Hogan - 1960

Salina, KS
Aug 1960

Dear Friend Mabel –

Time again for another birthday anniversary for you. Suppose it seems to you that a whole year can hardly have passed by, but suppose that’s the way of it as we get older. Another Summer is about gone but for the most part our weather was not so bad – not so hot as it might have been. Seems w would have some real hot days – then the weather would cool off.

I’m sending you a little gift hope it reaches you in time, but guess if it’s a bit late you’ll understand. I am especially fond of this fragrance and I hope you will like it as well as I do and enjoy using it.

By now perhaps you have had your vacation of Shirley’s were not so far away you no daught would have visited them.

Aunt Dora came to see us the latter part of June. It had been six years in April since I last saw her. Me being some what of the weepy type I was so glad to see her cold have almost cried. Mrs. France Finnesy was coming down here to see a Dr. and she ask her if she would like to ride along – so she came to see us. We had such a nice little visit and I enjoyed it so much but honestly I enjoyed seeing her more. I was surprised to see how little she has aged the past six year. She (I believe is as well as she could hope to be)she sees quite will and her memory is good. As we sat visiting she recalled hopping she remembered as a little girl – when she came to Kansas from Missouri with her parents. This coming Nov 7 she will be 86 and that’s a lot of years to have lived. She still enjoys to have some chickens and she also planted some garden. She stll lives out on the far – I suppose she has lived there for so long – no place else would seem like home to her. I just hope for her that she can continue to do the thngs she enjoys doing – until God calls her home.

Mary had Nettie give her a shampoo and wave set this last week. Guess Nettie is expecting her son & family in the very near future. She told Mary that Geo. seems to be getting along very well.

Don’t know if I told you or not but Mary is taking her social security so she has not worked much this Summer – suppose she will work some later on.

Had a letter from Vela & H. L. quite some time ago.. Velma wrote (Ron) Judy’s husband got his degree in engineering – so they aren’t in Portland any more and I know Howard & Velma miss seeing them as they did quite frequently. I am sure Ron & Judy miss seeing H. l. Velma perhaps as much as they miss them.  At the present – 4 – time Ron & Judy are at Calgary Alberta Canada.

Hope you folks hear frequently from Shirley & family and that all goes well for them.

Suppose Archie has a garden planted again this season. I suppose much the same things are raised out there as here only – more and of a better quality. Enclosed Archie – is a picture of a cucumber – do you have any like it?

I feel sure this cucumber was grown under special conditions – as our Kasas vegetables etc don’t grow and do like this as you both well know.

Guess there I some real nice fruit this year being grown in this vicinity. I suppose for the most part that is due to the moisture from so much snow this last Winter.

As usual seems I have covered space but not much news – as that generally seems to be the way when I write. I do hope you have both been well so take good care of yourselves and let us hear from you.

Mary sends her good wishes and a “hello” to you both. And in her rushes she wll be hoping you will have a niche birthday and will enjoy many more.

Tomorrow is Marys birthday – and she is sixty three year - ? young.

Better close far more. My thoughts will join you Mabel acorss the miles and I’ll hope your special day will be an especially good day for you – so again Happy Birthday & Many more. Thnking of you.

Lovingly Your Friend, Jo

Mabel – I hope your Mother continues to be as well as she could hope to be and that you see each other as frequently as you can.

Last Sunday evening about 10 pm we had a bad storm here – done quite a lot of damage –but we didn’t have any to our house but many folks did.

Ruined Geo & Nettie’s fruit – pears & apples – but Nettie told Mary that salvaged enough apples to have some pies. 

Lizzie White - Ottawa 1896

Ottawa Ill
Jan 28th 1896

My dear Old Mammy

Found your letter and was real glad to hear from you. I’m as fat and sancy as ever. And was real glad to hear that you will let me stay and horn the trade, havnt past yet decided which shop I willing to ----- will find out by nex’ Monday I’m helping Mrs Martin sew this week. Her daughter and I made a calico dress & two aprons today. Aunt Ann & I have been attending spiritualist meetings every Sunday night, up there Mrs. M- is a Inidiurm. I come home nights. I think so much of Aunt Ann. She is like a mother to me & Uncle White he is like a father to me & Carrie is like a sister & George is like a brother they are all so good to me. ANT Ann is talking of renting a piano or an organ for me. She got me a mouth organ & 2 new gingham aprons. & Carrie’s mother gave me a new apron and Emma Williams gave me a light one yesterday Carrie is making Pete an oil cloth apron & s got stuff to make him & might grooms. She is an awful free hearted girl.  She is so good to me she came up to Martins for one she thought  I might be afraid to come home alone. Got a letter from Fred and will answer it to a few days. Haven’t seen any of the folks since I came in. only Uncle Roche came up here dead drunk after me to go home with him. Aunt Ann told him I was out sewing I should not have ride out with him if he had been sober let alone drunk.

Carrie wants to know why Uncle Ebb don’t write to her. Say my dearest Mother please send me that song (he stands between live & duty) send the music & words and I will be your daughter for ever afterward Amen well I must close as it is bed time & I will have to get up early in the morning to get up there to sew well good night give my love to all the little ones tell George he must have frighten his big sister. He never writes to me any more. Take good care of Pete how I would love to have his picture taken. Well write soon I am as ever & allways will be your own loving daughter Lizzie.