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Albert Hackerott, Jr. April 4, 1946

Thursday April 4, 1946

Hello Shirley

I wish you could have made the plane trip with me, it was swell.

Dear Archie Mable & Shirley:

I got home yesterday at 5 o’clock it was windy and quite a bit of dirt in the air but has been grand today.

I was lucky enough to get reservation on a plane from Portland to Denver. I left Portland at midnight Mon night & got into Denver at 8:50 Tuesday morning. I stayed over in Denver that day & night & left at 7:00 o’clock Wed morning hitch hiking home. I could have waited until 1 o’clock and taken the train but it was so windy & nasty in Denver that I was ready to leave. Anyway it took me longer to get from Denver home than it did from Portland to Denver. I saw bonnie & Del. He had to go to a union meeting so only got to talk to him for a few min. I was down to the rubber pant where Bonnie works  & had talked to her in the afternoon.

Dad has been painting & cleaning up the house & we are going to have one room papered Sat. I helped paint today so I got off to a good start on my first day home. The farm work is all caught up for a while but a lot of fixing up to do.

Grandma saved me a piece of the wedding cake so I got in on part of the wedding anyway.   We have to go to town tomorrow after more paint & wall paper & I guess we will paint the outside of the house if we get around to it. The wheat looks grand here but wasn’t so good in eastern Colo & edge of western Kansas. There was a lot of dust blowing in places out there when I came thru. I will write more in a few days about my fishing in Portland & goig up on Mt. Hood. It’s getting late so will close. Lots of Love, Albert. 

Mrs. R. J. Bell, 1927

Dear Mabel

I got to john all rite only my eye has Been pretty bad cannot hardly see I will not try to rite to your grand ma and grand pa tell I will rite them some time later when my eye get beter I hope the pictures are all rite much love to all from your aunte Rj Bell

Mrs. R J Bell
4215 Berkely Ave
Chcago Ill

Note: letter was hard to read. Written in pencil. Believe this is part of the Moorhead family. 

Frank & Velma Kirk 12-29-64

Mead Wash
Box 183 99021

Dear Bro & Sis:

Received your nice letter & Xmas card. Was sure glad to hear from you. I have not been able to answer any letters & cards till now. Since my operation I have had so much trouble with my right arm & shoulder that I couldn’t control it some of the time. I am much better now & feel as if they have my cancer coming their way. I had such pains in my side below my rib cage and in my shoulder that I went to the Dr to find out what caused the pain and in xraying to find what caused my shoulder to hurt they got a picture of my right long, then found that there was something there, so the Dr. referred me to a heart & long specialist.

He put me in the hospital & tried to prove whether or not it was malignant But every test that he made didn’t prove anything. So he said that he would have to operate to find out. So operate they did. To the tune of between $1200.00 & $1400.00 to prove whether or not we were in trouble. Well it was, he didn’t remove by surgery as he felt he or we had a better chance by treatments. Then we had to wait for 2 weeks because of surgery to start treatments. Then he gave me this new drug call Fluorouracil. But my pain below my rib cage had continually got worse & my shoulder hadn’t improved, So after 5 full shots & 2 half shots. He said that he had been in hopes of pain relief. 7 hrs left me 3 half shots to go yet. He told me to take a series of xray treatments (12 in all for now) well I am over or thought with that series of xray treatments as of last Monday and my severe pain under my rib cage is almost gone. Have to go back to the Dr to-day. I don’t know if he will continue the Fluorouracil more or not.

So much for all this malarkey

Archie Bro John said that you had retired also Mable said that you were having trouble with your arm. What is it?

Must be pretty nice not to have anything to do. Ha.

Surely hope that the kids got to come home from the holidays, I suppose that they will be gone by the time you get this. If not give them a big Hello for us. Sure would like to see the kids. Mother & Bro George & Hazel W here for about 2 weeks. Before their last weekend we tried calling you to see if ya could fly over that weekend but couldn’t get any answer. S gave it up. Sure would like to have the rest of the family meet you.

We are having some winter we now have around 18” of snow on the ground. Not very cold thank heaven.

After reading this much of this letter I should have said that mother is still here and that if you get this letter  translated you will have to come over & let me try!!

Please try & come over if you can. If you fly over some one will meet you at the airport. Anytime. Just let us know when.

Well folks I must close as my arm doesn’t want to work very good.

 Bye Bye with Love to all.

From Frank & Velma

Note: Frank Kirk is the half brother of Archie Wineland. Archie and Frank's father changed his name to Kirk. 

Jere S. Bogg, Feb. 22 1947 - Alaska

Note: On a personal note, I post letters that have been received in my family. I do not agree with what is written, but this is HISTORY. This letter was written as I typed it. It was typed on a typewriter and there are spelling errors. The last paragraph was hand written. 

Post Engineers, APO 942, %P.M. Seattle, Wash
Feb. 22, 1947, (Washington’s Birthday)

Dear Archie E, & All:

How are you all perking these days, hope that you are sitting on the top of the world, and beating Solitare once and awhile.  I think I have a record on this solitare as I kept track of my games while Inez was coming up here and I now have a record of about 4,000 games, and I can talk this language to you and give you all the dope and tell you how many cards you can get out each time etc.  When I get a little more experience I am going to twrite a book on my findings, or am I. I have your letter before me and note what you said about the cold weather in the far north, or the Artic Circle, boy it did get a little frosty up here for about 30 days hand run, in fact it was so damn cold that you had to keep your 100 proof bottle in the sun or it would freeze up on you. You know it broke a few records here in Anchorage, for the longest cold spell but think it only got down to about 44 below, but over at Skag, and that is back towards you it broke the records for cold being registered in the U.S.A and her possessions, but t that it only got down to 83.3% Below zero. When you took a leak so they say you had to back away from the Icicles, and when you would spit, it would fly out and pop and never hit the ground, but that don’t mean anything to us old sourdoughs, just another cold snap.

As far as Seattle and I am concerned they can bury it any time in fact I might come back some time and help you with your job it would be a pleasure. How are you and the Jews making out down there. Up here the people feel very friendly towards Seattle, yes, just like one of those Brown Bears and a moose coming together, how they do love each other. I have not been hung yet, as I was not a sourdough, but have my Moose and what have you all staked out for next fall and I am going to get him. I do not believe there is any place in the World today that uiversaly hates another town like Alaska hates Seattle and that is no Joke. Seems they have done all that was in their power  and more to, I mean Seattle, to handicap this new country from trying to get along. We have an air line now direct to Minneapolis and St. Paul, and we Alskan’s re going to try and route most of our trade from Inland. When you have those strikes down there and every body was needing a lot of supplies badly, when they finallyid come, Seattle Charged Dock storage on the supplies, and who paid that, the Anchorage Merchants, They sure pulled some of the lowest tricks I ever heard of I could go on and on telling you about your Shister Jews in Seattle and Alaska, after a person has been up here awhile he hates to think of getting off an aeroplane or ship there, I personally would rather land at Everett, and walk around Seattle to get into gods country, anyplace but Seattle. Pardon Me Arch you are a resident of SEATTLE, but I was just mentioning these things in passing and hope you do not take any offense at what I have said, in fact I have just hit a couple of high spots.

Next Monday is the stating of the Fur Rondevu, here in Anchorage and Inez and I are figuring on helping them make the fur fly.  It is quiet an affair, everybody has to wear whiskers, they have Dog Races skieing and about everything you can think of in the line of Northern Sports. The days are getting longer now and the sun is shining and it really is nice out, however we had sunshine through all this cold weather we had, you know it is dry cold and does not harm you, like your mist and fog and rain, I’ve got to pour it on a little.

Notice your P.S. about the Gillet Deal, look Sharp, Feel sharp, Be Sharp, that does not mean anything in my young life, for believe it or I am enclosing herewith one Photgraph taken in our room to prove my Statements henchforth and so on. This was taken about 20 days ago, and you should see the fur that I have accumulated by now. Don’t tell Gillette about this or he might take away my razor.
Well Arch it is about time to take off for the tall uncut and I have to cut this short.
Best of regards and luck to you all, and hope by now you have seen the light.
As Ever, yours as B/4, 100 Proof Bottled in Bond.

Jere S. Boggs, Post Engineers,
APO 942, %P.M. Seattle, Wash.

P.S. Say what happended I dropped alst all I won on the ROSEBALL Game, but couldn’t get all my money up on U.C.L.A. and how Lucky I was There. Something happened there, UCLA Had a better team than that, However I always did think Sou. Calif had the best Pacific Ball racket, I am thinking the N.W. Division win, will end them up. anyway I would not bet they’d beat the California team, but I do not know anything about any of them, but that is just a hunch of mine we will see how they come out.

Thanks for the clipping on your Dual Murder. Inez & June Jervett sure got a kick out of them. Kick is not a good word there but you know what I mean. Whats your Price now adays on 100 Prood Old Crow Bottled in Bond 1/5

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Hugo Colo Mar 5, 1947

Hugo Colo Mar 5 1947

Dear Mrs. Reader

Our old Friend I will try and write you a few lines. I sure was glad to hear from you. Yes Orvile came to see us a few minutes when they went through last fall. We sure was glad to see him thow I did not recinese him as he was quit small boy when we seen him last. An he seen s happy that day. I sure was sorry to hear that he has past away so soon. Peter and I have never left Hugo so we have been hear in town all the time. Mildred and family are in San Antonio Texas have been there just about seven years. Her husband work as a civle inploy at the Kelly Air field and has a good job so I guess they will be there for some time.

Thursday morning

And I think I will try and finish this letter while Peter is up town and the raido is quit for a little while as he is comeing home to listen to a speech of se kind. Peter has not been so very well this winter but able to be around I really think he does real well for 74 year as he has been working at the basement when te weather permits which has not been very often this cold weather it is snowing just a little again this morning.

We have had a lot of storm and bad weather and cold this winter. I suppose you folk know Mrs. Clarence passed away about a year an a half ago. I never see any of them  There are not a grate maney of the old folk around Bovina as the most of them have passed on  Well I guess I must close as there don’t seem to be much to write any way.

Your old Friends

Mr  & Mrs P. H. Weyenberg

I hope this find you all well.

April 8, 1949 - Naomi Jean

Yakima, Wash
April 8, 1949

Dear Grandma,

Just thought I’d drop a line to let you know I’m still alive and kicking. Don’t mind if the lines get a little crooked, I’m not used to writing on paper without lines. I guess you could tell that. Enough of this gab, its not very interesting.

Mother is down in Wall Walla with Dad and Les & I are staying at Jeannette’s. She took Ken. You knew Dad was working at Walla Walla, didn’t you. They just drove in. Mother says she doesn’t like it down there & she hopes Dad comes back up here. Golly, I can’t keep up with them. Do you think you could. It’s awfully hard.

We’re having our spring vacation now. I visited Central school last Tue. I used to go there. I had a lot of fun. I visited my boyfriend’s (Dan Darden) room in the morning and in the afternoon I went in my girlfriend’s room.

Well I’d better sign off for now. Mom & Dad send their love,

All my love,

Naomie Jean

PS If you see Virginia tell her I’m expecting a letter. I wrote to her a long time ago. Gene too.

(back of letter)

Jay is fine – Marian is sick. All the rest are fine.
Hope to hear from you soon –
Did you get the money?
Had rain two days now –
Love Dorothy

April 11 - 49 - Esther True

April 11 – 49

Dear sis.

Just got your letter today. Glad to hear from you. Sorry you ar’nt so well. I am pretty good. Only my right hand and arm.

Think I told you I had a light stroke last Oct. left my hand and arm so it bothers me. When I use it much it aches. That is what bothers when I write.

I thought I told you when I wrote that I was going to the hospital what it was for. Got my gallbladder out had gall stones. I was only in the hospital a week, but in bed 4 weeks after I came home.

I do all my work but don’t do any lifting. I run the clothes through the machine. Will hang these out and fill the bush and enities the water.

Theodore and his wife was here until a month ago. “Been to her mothers.” Will be back this week.

Am glad you wrote me about Fred. I hav’nt heard from him since I saw him at Ed’s last August.

I have written him 4 or 5 letters but no answer. Letters never came back. Where is he living? Is his address the same?

Sadie wrote me Erma was to be married. Then last week Azle wrote me she and her husband had been there. I think Ed had a stroke last summer. His heart bothered and he could’nt walk. He was under oxygen. He got better and went home I think before Christmas. About a month ago his oldest girl wrote me that he had been in bed a month – said she would write again, but had’nt I wrote to the girl who lives with them but she has’nt written and Eds wife don’t write.

I am sure I wrote Azle what I have written you about Ed. Wish I could hear more from them. He does’nt write.

Our children are all well. Will is’nt very good can’t do to much at a time. You know he will soon be 80. Will sis I better quit. Have to go see about my chicks. Have a 100 2 weeks old.

Love, Esther

P.S. Weather fine with everything green.67 above today. Our garden covering up.

P.S. I forgot to tell you, When we were at Eds one Dr. said what was the matter with his heart. There was a lot in the main veins close to his heart. That worked out.

 He also told s there was a growth I his stomach and he was to old to operate. It may be that trouble has come back. 

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Mar 14, 1984 - Gladys Imperatrice

Mar 14, 1984

Dear Mable,

It was sure nice to hear from you. The pictures arrived in great shape.

Thank you very much I really appreciate getting them, they mean a lot to us.

We are all well hope you are too.

The weather here has been wonderful in the 70’s and the flowers are all blooming.

The obituary you wrote was really nice. Did you want it back? If so I will send it to you.

I don’t have any records of the True family. It would be nice if you sent me the names.

I just had two children a boy Dennis and a girl Phyllis. Dennis is married and has a little girl Samantha age 7. Phyllis is divorced has 3 sons James age 18, Danny age 17, and Earl will be 14 in June. James has joined the marines.

There are five of us girls and our families are all her in Fresno, so when we get together we have over 30 people. We are all real close to each other.

Sorry I didn’t answer sooner.

Love, Gladys

Jan 10 - Bonnie

Jan 10

My dear Mable –

Well I finally found time to write a few lines & send some pictures  our anniversary & house. I love this place better each day. However I could do with a little less zero & below weather & all this snow but maybe next year it won’t be so severe. You wouldn’t believe how much better I feel & look since I got those sick teeth out & new ones in. I feel like a new person so now I’ll have to be careful that I don’t start gaining weight. Be sure to tell me about Forest the next time you write. I haven’t had any news about him for such a long time. I’m sure Wilda has kept you up to date on Dels accident & how sick he was for nearly 2 months. My God what I went thru seeing him thru that ordeal. Sent our government in a Hellish mess. I’m so anxious to find out what will become of that no good Nixson. I never did like him ever when h was Vice President. Last night the horse got Tar into a corner & he couldn’t get away from her & she was pawing him like crazy. He was crouched down in the corner & just petrified. I had to run out here screaming like a wild Indian & waving my arm to scare the horse away so I could get to the dog & rescue him. I got my pants caught on the fence as I climbed it & had to climb it again with Tar in my arms  (he weighs about 90#) I turned him lose & he ran like crazy & got in his house & stayed there & then it got dark. I shudder to think what would have happened if we hadn’t of seen it before the sun went down. She probably would of pawed him to death. Now here I sit waiting for it to get light enough for me to see (the next morning) if he is able to come out of the house. I’m still puzzled as to what the dog did to the horse that made her so mad. They are usually buddies. We are going to take Cinder to have her spayed tomorrow so we won’t have any more puppies. Sure do hope it calms her down. She is so wild & full of life. Well the sun came up & Tar is OK. Am sending pictures of us & one of Lyle Wilda & me. I thought they turned out pretty good. Well tomorrow is my birthday (circle around the number 54). My God I’m really over the hill aren’t I? I feel younger than I did 10 years ago & I know its because I’m happy. It’s been so long that I don’t remember what I wrote in my last letter so I’m afraid I’ll repeat myself & someone will think I’m nuts. Anyway George & Blanche Schuartsferger live here & they told me you helped them when one of their children was born. You probably know a lot of people around here. Does Albert live in Osborne? I looked in the phone book & there is a A W Hacherott and what is hi sisters married name?

We watched Nixon on TV last night & really I feel sorry for him. Guess it isn’t easy for him. I want to have Ray take pictures of the kitchen & livingroom too. I can hardly wait until Spring to work in this beautiful yard & flowers & rock garden. We didn’t have time last summer to do anything except work on the inside. Well I suppose you’re keeping busy now that you’re home again. I’m so glad that you have Shirley & her family. I often think if I lose Del I’ll have nothing but a shack full of dogs & a horse. Well I bette to get ready to go out & feed them or else they’ll leave home.

Love Bonnie

20 July 1965 - Oma Whitson

20 Jul 1965

Dear Mrs. Taylor

Thank you so much for answering my letter and sending the sheet you filled in. I will add it to the White family tree. The chr meant christened and where the mar. was where and where you were married? Yes this is fascinating work. The more you search the more you want to.

The Benjamin White born 24 August 1949 and married Mary Fabs (?) was a soldier of the Revolution. He would be your 4th Great-Grandfather. So you could be eligible to be a D.A.R. I have thought about it some myself. I have a little history of some of these families and it tells of this one being in the Revolution. I am sending a chart of your ancestors. It starts with you and goes back as far as I have it. Alice Miley a second cousin, (first cousin to your father) is also doing some research on this line so maybe she can come up with some more.

I did want your marriage date and place.

Thanks again,


Mrs. Oma Whitson
Box **
Waldo, Kansas

We have sold our hose in Kinsley and are back in our home at Waldo now.

Letter from Emma Webb

Note: Postmark on envelope is dated Jan 15, 1985 – but Emma dated the letter 1965

Jan 10 – 65

Dear Mable

I haven’t forgotten you, but I have had a bout with the flu and just can seem to snap o of it. Don’t feel so bad, but don’t have any pep. Don’t suppose its old age do you? I’m 85.

We had a real blizzard yesterday Blowing & drifting. I had 18” & 21” drifts in my yard. 17” everywhere. I cleaned a walk way around the house to our drive-way. I’d work awhile then come in and rest awhile. I really enjoy being out and I sure work up an apetite that I can stand as I don’t weigh 100#

Had all the family here Christmas eve, 25 of us. We had supper then our gift exchange and as usual Santa was to good to me. Received a nice robe and gown a vacuum cleaner (& I needed it) cash, 3 bottles of wine, 4 boxes of chocolates home made candy, carmel corn, fruit, 2 jars of home canned beef and all kinds of groceries. I had the dishes done and table back to its right size by 11:30. I don’t let the girls help me clean up as I work off some steam then I can go to bed & sleep. Pat, Normas wife had to work Christmas Day so Norman was cooking their turkey – I had ham for our meat.

Larry is busy, he has cattle, hogs, and 4 horses and prices aren’t good on any of them. He is also helping our neighbor ut up Solar Panels. Have put up 11 so far and also insulated the Catholic Church in Lincoln so he has had to get up early, do his chores and go to work at 8:30 so it keeps him moving. He likes it and it brings him in some cash and that helps.

Don has 4 children Donna married and both are Truckers, Steven & his wife live in Oklahoma, Steven works in oil field. Repair the machinery, they have a little girl, she goes to to-day school Chuck works on a farm, lives in his trailer house in Salina. Sara is a waitress lives at Kanarado, Kansas. Don’s 2nd wife has 3 children, boy out of High School, oldest girl a Senior this year and the other girl in grade school.  Don is working in Salina, servicing these big truckers, Charlene his wife is a waitress in Salina both make good wages.

Norman is still with Kansas Power & Light Salina. They live on their farm south of escott. Pat is assistant manager of a Nickerson’s Farm Restaurant.

David married lives in Topeka just finishing college. Plans to be a coach. Charlotte married lives in Manhattan. Married to an army man they have a little boy & girl.

Mark & Gregory live in Manhattan  going to Kansas State College and John will be a Senior in High School next year. So our family is getting to be grown up.

I’ve been crocheting, have made an afghan for each of the boys, grandchildren & great grand children. A few others & the M. E. Aid for their Bazaar in all 21. Have 2 more started. I do that evenings. I have to keep busy.

Do you live alone? I usually have chores to do, but I don’t buy any calves this year as I didn’t think I could take care of them and Larry has plenty to do without that.

Well I guess I better sign off and get my dishes done and it will be bed time.

Hope you are doing O.K. and that you had a nice Christmas and that the New Years will be good to you.

Love Emma

Emma S. Webb

Tescott Kansas 

July 31, 1978 - Delmer Stuart

July 31, 1978

Dear Aunt Mabel

I hope that things may begin to improve again now that some fo the sorrow has come to pass, butin its passing I know that all persons who have ever had any contact with Grandmother Reeder, has made the gain of a lasting love that shall not end, ever, even though the body is covered and gone, the spirite shall always be.

Aunt Mabel, I hope that I’m not considered out of place by asking for anything, but it may be that there was a small album of stamps, toys, ect, that I had when I was home in LaGrande. Or if I could haveany letters written to Grandmother in the years past.

The letters I would keep for myself, the toys and stamps to be passed on to my children, they may also be some book and photos.

Anything that you might see a way to send, I would be grateful.

I also hope that one day I might be able to visit all of you. In the mean time, Love Always, Delmer Stuart

NOTE: Delmer has since passed, so felt I could post this. 

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Jul 1959 - Letter to Dad from Uncle Bob

5 Jul ‘59

Dear Myron,

I forgot about that 4 cent stamp on my last letter o’well now you know how long it takes in cas anyone wants to find out.

I’m glad you answered my letter when you did. I’ve written about 4 times more letters than I have received. I hadn’t had a letter in over a week so it sure helped. I’ve got 3 more weeks to go then I get out of school. I hope that I’ll see you in Europe, but I imagine I’ll and up in some hole in Korea. One thing about my job is regardless of where the army is, they always need someone to make out their papers, so I could end up any where from Seattle to England. I’ll know in about 2 weeks I hop.

You mentioned you might end up getting a Mercedes. I wrote Bill & told him I’d go in half way if he wanted to bring back a Mercedes. I haven’t got an answer yet so I don’t know what he thinks of the idea. I hope he’ll have rank enough to bring one home if he wants too.

You asked me how I made out with Sharon when I was home. Well we’re still on writing terms but there is still nothing serious yet. Not will I’m in the service. If she finds someone else before I get out then I guess I didn’t want her bad enough. O’well it’ll all come out in the end.

I did go to a Christian Science Church today to find out about Sharon’s religious beliefs so you can see I’ve still got her on my mind. I also wanted to find out if I’d run into any conflick over religion. If I don’t run into any thing contrary to my beliefs in the studying tht I plan to do on the subject, she’ll never know about the studying. The only conflick I’ll run into so far is a real nice gal in the church. (l’st to vive)(French)

In my school now I’m typing about 65 words a minute and I’m a little below overage on my tests on army morning reports, files, and all subjects studied. I’m about 3rd in class on my typing ability. There is 35 students I was told when I first got her, if I could type over 45 wpm I’d go overseas. I hope this is still true.

Well I’ve got KP tomorrow so I’d better get a few things done. I hope your enjoying Germany I’m sure that I would if I was there. O well who knows, I may be.

Be good to everyone we only live once yah.

A couple of pictures taken in San Francisco when I was in Basic training

September 27, 1870 - Phebe

September 27, 1870

Dear Rosa, 

I am perplexed beyond expression at not hearing from you and am going to make one more effort before giving up in utter despair. The last word I have had from you is a note that came about three weeks ago, and in which you wondered why I did not write and said that two or three weeks previous you had written me a long letter – two sheets full.

I answered your note immediately and told you I had not received your letter and now for more than a week have confidently expected a letter from you each mail day only to be more sadly disappointed at the dreaded words “no letter from Rosa.”  Doubtless you were surprised and perhaps disappointed at finding the writer of this letter is not he whorn (?) you would have guessed from the address on the envelope, but I thought I would resort to a little strategy this time and coaxed Boston to write the address for me and if in consequence you were greatly disappointed on opening the letter. I trust owing to the peculiar circumstances you will excuse me “for this once,” you know.

I believe I told you in the last that my sister had come home, quiet unexpectedly to us, on a visit. She spent a week with us and during her visit we received a still greater surprise, in the person of a cousin who came totally unexpected from Pennsylvania. He is with us yet but I do not know how long he will remain as he is now waiting to hear from a friend with whom he came, and who has gone to Washington Co. He may go home soon and he may stay a year in the west.

My school closed last Saturday so I am once more at home for a little while at last and possibly all winter. I think I should enjoy the prospect of spending the winter at home rather more if we could have a few more real good young people here, and if I could, I think I would have. Rosa back first of all just for my own personal gratification and – to let you see how very selfish I am – I would also take it upon me to decree – well I hardly know how the decree would go forth – but in short, I would pict (?) a note on any attempt of certain gentleman to monopolize her society for more than one day in a month, but I am more than half afraid that this same Rosa has been ensnared but the ever youthful Cupid in consequence  of which her Iowa friends will soon be either forgotten or ignored, and their long cherished hope of receiving a visit from her “dashed to the ground.”

I expect to go to spend a few days with my sister the latter part of next week and I most earnestly hope that you will contribute to the enjoyment of my visit by giving me the satisfaction of reading a good long letter from you before I go.  Boston and I have been disputing as to whether you spell your last name Morehead or Moorhead. Please inform us which is right.

I have been looking over this letter, and shant he greatly surprised if you consider it too foolish to be worth answering. Ebenezer had a letter from Louise last Sat in which she said that her father was so low that they were afraid every hour would be his last.

With warmest love, I remain,
Hopefully Your Friend,

Sept 11, 1964 - Marion Wineland

Mrs. M. Wineland to Mr. and Mrs. Archie Wineland

514 Woodcrest Lane
Fallbrook, Calif.

September 11, 1964

Dear Mabel and Archie:

Thanks so much for your letter and I know I owed you one. Have been busy as Scoville’s are away fro 5 weeks and I am tending to their place and cats.

Nancy and Kathleen her daughter came the first of the month and that kept me busy. They didn’t stay long and were with a friend of Nancy’s who wanted them to go to Los Vegas and when you are with a friend who is good enough to drive down with you one has to go some places to please them. We had a pleasant visit. I hadn’t seen the niece for about 8 years, before we left for Hawaii.

Now I have a little girl 8 years old with me as her mother is in the Naval Hospital here with Pneumonia and is being tested for TB which is possible. She is a neighbor and I think you met her, she has pretty white grey hair and is only 39. They were at the funeral. She has been so good to me. Her husband is in Okinawa and we have been company for each other and go to the same church. She had pneumonia last march but was not hospitalized but was very sick at home and I helped her then too. Her husband is due back next month and they were to go to Ohio where his next assignment is, tho they asked for Fallbrook, so don’t know what the outcome of it all will be. Had to get the little girl off to school as school started yesterday.

So gland you were able to get the run-down on poor Irvin’s autopsy report. Never did know for sure just what it was. Its funny too he came home from the clinic and said they told him his kidney condition was clearing up. Well we can’t bring him back, much as I would like to and could have him well.

Its been so warm here the last few days as sometimes we have a hot spell in September but its hard on the school children. I am sure its at least 100 today.

Have been swimming over at the Naval Ammunition Depot with Mrs. Hughes and Patty quite a bit this summer and it sure helped during the hot days. Have written to the Welfare asking about a child to give a foster home to but didn’t say anything definite. They wrote saying they usually had to have a complete unit, (husband and wife) for full time care of children but she is supposed to come to see me, I mean the welfare worker. They pay you pretty well and it would help me out financially too.

Its too bad the uncle is in such bad shape. I guess we can be glad Irvin never suffred and complained of no pain at all.

Don’t remember getting any snaps. Its nice your mother can visit in California and get some sunshine. Wish I could send you some. Hope Archie is feeling better.

It would be nice if Shirley and family can come and stay with you or near you if her husband goes overseas again. At least I don’t owe Shirley a letter. I am sure I was the last one to write.
Nancy is 62 and will get only $80 a month S.S. if she quits now so can’t blame her for hanging on to her job as long as it lasts. There was some talk of her boss clearing out the big office and just being by himself but I think that didn’t materialize.

Was supposed to go to American Legion Auxiliary (where Alma Gibbs is secretary) tonight but won’t be able to as I have Patty to look after and then we are to go over to see her mother tonight. Of course if things look too bad they will send for the father, as it is now, Mrs. Hughes won’t tell her husband she is in the hospital, not want to worry him.

Frank Scoville put a nice screen door on the front of it is pleasant and pretty cool in the house even in the heat.

Hope I won’t be so long in writing next time. Don’t overdo working. Love to you both,

Marion and cats.

I meant to have Nancy call you when she got home but during the hustle and bustle forgot.