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Jul 1959 - Letter to Dad from Uncle Bob

5 Jul ‘59

Dear Myron,

I forgot about that 4 cent stamp on my last letter o’well now you know how long it takes in cas anyone wants to find out.

I’m glad you answered my letter when you did. I’ve written about 4 times more letters than I have received. I hadn’t had a letter in over a week so it sure helped. I’ve got 3 more weeks to go then I get out of school. I hope that I’ll see you in Europe, but I imagine I’ll and up in some hole in Korea. One thing about my job is regardless of where the army is, they always need someone to make out their papers, so I could end up any where from Seattle to England. I’ll know in about 2 weeks I hop.

You mentioned you might end up getting a Mercedes. I wrote Bill & told him I’d go in half way if he wanted to bring back a Mercedes. I haven’t got an answer yet so I don’t know what he thinks of the idea. I hope he’ll have rank enough to bring one home if he wants too.

You asked me how I made out with Sharon when I was home. Well we’re still on writing terms but there is still nothing serious yet. Not will I’m in the service. If she finds someone else before I get out then I guess I didn’t want her bad enough. O’well it’ll all come out in the end.

I did go to a Christian Science Church today to find out about Sharon’s religious beliefs so you can see I’ve still got her on my mind. I also wanted to find out if I’d run into any conflick over religion. If I don’t run into any thing contrary to my beliefs in the studying tht I plan to do on the subject, she’ll never know about the studying. The only conflick I’ll run into so far is a real nice gal in the church. (l’st to vive)(French)

In my school now I’m typing about 65 words a minute and I’m a little below overage on my tests on army morning reports, files, and all subjects studied. I’m about 3rd in class on my typing ability. There is 35 students I was told when I first got her, if I could type over 45 wpm I’d go overseas. I hope this is still true.

Well I’ve got KP tomorrow so I’d better get a few things done. I hope your enjoying Germany I’m sure that I would if I was there. O well who knows, I may be.

Be good to everyone we only live once yah.

A couple of pictures taken in San Francisco when I was in Basic training

September 27, 1870 - Phebe

September 27, 1870

Dear Rosa, 

I am perplexed beyond expression at not hearing from you and am going to make one more effort before giving up in utter despair. The last word I have had from you is a note that came about three weeks ago, and in which you wondered why I did not write and said that two or three weeks previous you had written me a long letter – two sheets full.

I answered your note immediately and told you I had not received your letter and now for more than a week have confidently expected a letter from you each mail day only to be more sadly disappointed at the dreaded words “no letter from Rosa.”  Doubtless you were surprised and perhaps disappointed at finding the writer of this letter is not he whorn (?) you would have guessed from the address on the envelope, but I thought I would resort to a little strategy this time and coaxed Boston to write the address for me and if in consequence you were greatly disappointed on opening the letter. I trust owing to the peculiar circumstances you will excuse me “for this once,” you know.

I believe I told you in the last that my sister had come home, quiet unexpectedly to us, on a visit. She spent a week with us and during her visit we received a still greater surprise, in the person of a cousin who came totally unexpected from Pennsylvania. He is with us yet but I do not know how long he will remain as he is now waiting to hear from a friend with whom he came, and who has gone to Washington Co. He may go home soon and he may stay a year in the west.

My school closed last Saturday so I am once more at home for a little while at last and possibly all winter. I think I should enjoy the prospect of spending the winter at home rather more if we could have a few more real good young people here, and if I could, I think I would have. Rosa back first of all just for my own personal gratification and – to let you see how very selfish I am – I would also take it upon me to decree – well I hardly know how the decree would go forth – but in short, I would pict (?) a note on any attempt of certain gentleman to monopolize her society for more than one day in a month, but I am more than half afraid that this same Rosa has been ensnared but the ever youthful Cupid in consequence  of which her Iowa friends will soon be either forgotten or ignored, and their long cherished hope of receiving a visit from her “dashed to the ground.”

I expect to go to spend a few days with my sister the latter part of next week and I most earnestly hope that you will contribute to the enjoyment of my visit by giving me the satisfaction of reading a good long letter from you before I go.  Boston and I have been disputing as to whether you spell your last name Morehead or Moorhead. Please inform us which is right.

I have been looking over this letter, and shant he greatly surprised if you consider it too foolish to be worth answering. Ebenezer had a letter from Louise last Sat in which she said that her father was so low that they were afraid every hour would be his last.

With warmest love, I remain,
Hopefully Your Friend,

Sept 11, 1964 - Marion Wineland

Mrs. M. Wineland to Mr. and Mrs. Archie Wineland

514 Woodcrest Lane
Fallbrook, Calif.

September 11, 1964

Dear Mabel and Archie:

Thanks so much for your letter and I know I owed you one. Have been busy as Scoville’s are away fro 5 weeks and I am tending to their place and cats.

Nancy and Kathleen her daughter came the first of the month and that kept me busy. They didn’t stay long and were with a friend of Nancy’s who wanted them to go to Los Vegas and when you are with a friend who is good enough to drive down with you one has to go some places to please them. We had a pleasant visit. I hadn’t seen the niece for about 8 years, before we left for Hawaii.

Now I have a little girl 8 years old with me as her mother is in the Naval Hospital here with Pneumonia and is being tested for TB which is possible. She is a neighbor and I think you met her, she has pretty white grey hair and is only 39. They were at the funeral. She has been so good to me. Her husband is in Okinawa and we have been company for each other and go to the same church. She had pneumonia last march but was not hospitalized but was very sick at home and I helped her then too. Her husband is due back next month and they were to go to Ohio where his next assignment is, tho they asked for Fallbrook, so don’t know what the outcome of it all will be. Had to get the little girl off to school as school started yesterday.

So gland you were able to get the run-down on poor Irvin’s autopsy report. Never did know for sure just what it was. Its funny too he came home from the clinic and said they told him his kidney condition was clearing up. Well we can’t bring him back, much as I would like to and could have him well.

Its been so warm here the last few days as sometimes we have a hot spell in September but its hard on the school children. I am sure its at least 100 today.

Have been swimming over at the Naval Ammunition Depot with Mrs. Hughes and Patty quite a bit this summer and it sure helped during the hot days. Have written to the Welfare asking about a child to give a foster home to but didn’t say anything definite. They wrote saying they usually had to have a complete unit, (husband and wife) for full time care of children but she is supposed to come to see me, I mean the welfare worker. They pay you pretty well and it would help me out financially too.

Its too bad the uncle is in such bad shape. I guess we can be glad Irvin never suffred and complained of no pain at all.

Don’t remember getting any snaps. Its nice your mother can visit in California and get some sunshine. Wish I could send you some. Hope Archie is feeling better.

It would be nice if Shirley and family can come and stay with you or near you if her husband goes overseas again. At least I don’t owe Shirley a letter. I am sure I was the last one to write.
Nancy is 62 and will get only $80 a month S.S. if she quits now so can’t blame her for hanging on to her job as long as it lasts. There was some talk of her boss clearing out the big office and just being by himself but I think that didn’t materialize.

Was supposed to go to American Legion Auxiliary (where Alma Gibbs is secretary) tonight but won’t be able to as I have Patty to look after and then we are to go over to see her mother tonight. Of course if things look too bad they will send for the father, as it is now, Mrs. Hughes won’t tell her husband she is in the hospital, not want to worry him.

Frank Scoville put a nice screen door on the front of it is pleasant and pretty cool in the house even in the heat.

Hope I won’t be so long in writing next time. Don’t overdo working. Love to you both,

Marion and cats.

I meant to have Nancy call you when she got home but during the hustle and bustle forgot.