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Minnie Reeder to Mable Matheson Wineland - March 11, 1962

Sunday 11th

Dear Mable

Guess I better write a few lines I don’t know if I answered your last letter or not. I diddent mark it if I did. I received the package you sent. Yesterday. Thanks a million for the shoes they are lovely. I got them on OK. So think I can wear them OK> they are pretty, it’s sure snowing out now, real hard it snows hard a while then clears & the sun will shine & the sky looks real blue reguar March weather, the hankies are real nice. As usal. Did you want the threads you sent put o these hankies? Juniour eat supper here Friday as He went to work at 1.45 PM & it was the twins Birthday, so Della & the Boys came in to. Soon as school was out. So He could eat with the family on the Boys Birthday next Sunday will be Stephens Birthday. The twins, & Janice stayed all night then went home with Him last night as He went home, it was His afternoon to go to Pendleton then, He had to work at midnight last night to I am glad Archie had a Pysical to & that He is doing so well. Forgetting seems to be general any more. Wheather you are young or old. I don’t think Jay does to much forgetting, Hes just plain onry at times till I could scalp Him. But He just plain ignors what I say like He diddent hear, but He hears more than He lets on I know, & I am iom gaining lbs again. Which I don’t want to do. I don’t know if taking that medicine or not. Dorthy don’t think so as He told me it was to build up the blood & got more blood to the heart ill ask Him when I go back the 19th the Dr I did have, & was Morthers Dr. He had returned on account of poor health kidney infection, died Friday. Dorthy & I went to his funeral Saturday. My it was a large funeral. The larest I I ever seen. The Dr must of all been there men from the collage, teachers & of oh so many. We had to stand up not much room left to stand in. the frount was full of flowers & flowers all around the room above the windows when we went to the cemetery they had 2 pickup trucks loads of flowers, they were sure lovely. Archie is always painting some where. Isn’t he? I wish I could but so far I haven’t had the money to buy the paint. Jays insurance this mounth, we kneed a new toilet to, Dorthy had the flu She was so sick, was in bed to or 3 days. She wouldn’t let me do much. As Robert was home that week. Yes I love the pillow cases to work the tatting on, iom sure glad you liked the pillow cases, no you never mentioned the picture Shirley ent. I know it must be pretty our peonies were coming up. Don’t know what the cold will do to them, guess I have written all I know. So will close I must get lunch to , that’s all it will be this evening we burned up 3 loads of wood & we had to get some coal Saturday, we had put in a stove in the front room, wont do that again I don’t think, by now love Mother thanks again for the shoes me walking around in red shoes I had a paid pin once before I liked them.

 Monday morning its some cloudy today, but warm I had a big tub of clothes & the wind is blowing enough to dry the clothes, it was sure good to talk to you seamed so nice & thanks again for the shoes they are lovely. Tell Elsie & Jim I send our best regards & thank Her mother for me. I talked to Mrs. MOrgain this morning. She has 4 hankies done, will have 2 more She thought by the end so next week. I thought if she had some out there. She could be working on them & she had a chance, as some times she is real buisy & she dosen’t feel to well since she had th flue twice this winter I must finish lunch now. By by mother. 

Minnie Reeder to Mable Matheson Wineland - post marked Jun 19 1967


Dear Mable,

How are you by your last letter, I thought you weren’t feeling very well. I haven’t felt to well eother lately we went yesterday to get the polo shots they talked about. But they weren’t shots lather quite a number got them. Mrs. Morgain brought 3 more of your hankies in 2 pink & one blue & 2 white ones for Elsie. None of these are paid for, she has 4 yet for you, & I believe 4 for Elsie yet, to make. Dorthy is out of town this week. So ill get them ready for Her to mail when she gets back. Probably not get them ailed till next week. But I’m not sure. We are having Sunschine now & we would water the lawn if I can find the sprinklers I have some new shrubs out Della gave. I don’t know yet if they will live or not. They were so dry when she gave them to me. Boy this paper sure has a smell. Mrs Daniels brung it to me when she came home I got 2 more Birthday gifts yesterday. 2 hot pads & 2 small towl. did I tell you. Maurice & Francis sent me $10.00 awful sweet of them, Della is feeling better now goes to to Dr twice a week for shots yet they have some garden out we haven’t been out for some time. I don’t want to make Her any more work. I told Jr. to bring in one of the twins each week, to keep the lawn mowed, & help some in the yard. I hope He does. I must close write soon love always Mother
Ada is in a nursing home in Hermistor.


Wilda Matheson Simpson - July 21, 1967

Plainville, Kansas
July 21, 1967

Dearest Mable,

I enjoyed so much having you here those few days. We had such a nice visit. I had been thinking about you & wondering if you had gotten home yet.

A lot has happened since you left We’re still getting some rain. It was terribly hot & humid on July 8, 9, 10. Then it cooled off again.

Ray & Lyle practiced for the pageant the night after you left. The performances all went off jyst perfect & such big crowds & people really liked it. Tuesday, July 4, it rained all day so they didn’t have it that night. Debra & I went to it Wednesday & it was beautiful. That was the last night Ray was in it. His leg gave out on him & he finally had to go to the hospital on Sat the 8th. He came home the 19th but may have to go back again. He feels pretty good in the day time but suffers so at night. I slept about 3 hours last night. It is the sciatic nerve.

Centennial week went off real well. We went to town about every day to see the parades, etc. Ray & Lyle won the beard  contest – Ray (wooliest) & Lyle (longest). They will get a plaque with their picture on it. Ray shaved Wednesday in the hospital. Lyle still has his beard. I don’t know when Ray will be able to go back to work.

Jim went to Illinois this week to take 10 weeks of shooli. He will then go back to Colorado Springs for a month & a half & then they will be stationed in Maine. That is so far away but much better than overseas – so I won’t grumble too much.

Dana are getting settled in their new home & his new job in Virginia. We haven’t heard from Bills lately.

We got a letter from Bob the other day. He said Lowell Wayne Dawe had been to see him in Vietnam. He is just 4 miles from Bob. Zepha had asked me for Bob’s address.

We were in Natoma today & Aunt Jean said Uncle Art is depressed & hasn’t a good appetite. We didn’t get to see him. He was uptown.

Lyle is still here with us until Ray gets to feeling better. His puppies are really growing.

I haven’t heard a word from Bonnie since the night we called her. I hope she is OK.

Yes, we heard about all the big hail storms. We were lucky. We just got some small hail early & no more.

I expect you’re about ready to be going to Shirleys. Please tell her & her family hello for us. I’d like to see all of them sometimes. I bet your dog was happy to see you. Ginger was so tickled when Ray ame home from the hospital.

Just 5 more weeks until school starts. That time will go pretty fast. I don’t know if we’re going to get to go to Denver & Colo Springs in August or not.

I must stop for now. Hope you have a nice time in Alaska. Write when you can,



PS Lyle said that Glenn Kaster said that both he & Uncle Carl are in the picture of the Central Kansas Power Co. men working on K18 west of Natoma on the inside cover of the “Indiana to Industry” book you bought in Hays. 

March 25, 1960 - Saratoga, CA - Forest Matheson

Saratoga, Calif.
March 25, 1960

Dear Mable & Archie:

This is probably quite a shock to you but sometimes that is the way it has to be. Segrid never had a thing to offer me by the time I had sold out.

Feb 9th. We waited some time but still they didn’t “ante.”

Loenne’s brother “in Hermeston” came down on a Friday nite to see us and brought us a letter From “Kenneth & Oma,” Leonnes borther that had been living in Las Angeles saying they had moved to Livermore, Calif to go to work for “University of California” at their atomic Laboratory there. He was working as an “experimental Machinist” in research.

We were painting the upstairs next day and Leonne said, “Lets go to Calif.” We left on Sunday about 5 pm and came down here for 2 weeks (had to be back on March 6 on account of Dallas”) lecture liked it here and prospects looked good.

I could have gone to work for some place but they had a “no relative” rule. But I decided since there was so much work here for “Machinist,” especially Journey man Machinist that we went back home March 5 and sold most of equipment, horses, etc. paid what bills we could. Painted house outside and we were back down here a week ago today (Friday). All we had was 300.00 and a lot of self confidence in how we left home.

I loaded all my mechanic & machinist took in “Dodge” and towed it behind Dallas’ Ford. Brought dishes, & bedding was about all besides our clothes.

Fried 3 days to Fend what I wanted and then run across a newspaper and for Journeyman Machinist at “Varion” which is one of the Largest electronic corp. in this area. I went for an appointment yesterday talked to “Top Man” about 2 hours. I told him he would have to hire me on what he could see in me without references. “He did”

Went back today for my physical. I am in above average condition; no problem anywhere.

I report for work Monday at 3 pm to go to work on swing shift. I will be in “Science & Research” as an experimental machinest $2.89 per hr plus 10% for night shipt. They have been working 6 days a week but will take a 2 week breather starting April 9. Then if work is still as heavy they will go back on 6 days a week for about another 3 mo.

Now what I need is information I want all birth dates & places of all our family including Shirley & Myron (everything you have) and send this application on to wherever it goes so I can get a birth certificate.

I must close as I have several more to write.

Love, Jim

PO Box 488
Saratago Calif

I will be working in Palo Alto

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Post Mark dated Aug 31, 1960 - Forrest Matheson

Home Tuesday am

Dear Archie & Mable

Here it is another day. Nothing to do, but do nothing until tonite, then I can rest all night again. Some life, huh! Was to see my Dr. yesterday and was pretty discouraging. He told me I was a long, long way from being over this. He said it would be a long time before I could even start to get any exercise. This is sure hard to swallow.  It could be worse though. I could be on hospital. The other Dr there told me I should have been confined to bed all this time. I talked real fast to get out of that one.

I’m wandering about Uncle Jim Matheson, is he still alive? Do you have his address, and do you have any pictures of him. I am going to try to write a story about him and his rattle snake killing. Also maybe do one about Him & Archie & I hunting coyote pups.

Archie, write me a letter and tell me all you remember about where we hunted, also about the names of the pastures etc. What pasture was it in that you got into rattle snake Den & left your shovel. Jim went back and killed 6 or 8 & almost walked out & touched the one up in the crack in rocks, only you stopped him twice.

Do you have any pictures that I could have to refresh my memory.

I wish I had a lot of money, we would fly back there sometimes & get another look at all of the country, plus take a few pictures.

I would like to try to write a short story on the time you, Hanh Barth, & I went over south of Bartts to some big pasture & ahead that 35# coom Do you remember that. I can remember all the details but what pasture it was in.

How about the time we went coon hunting at Fairpont & got 2 coons out of one tree. Bill finally climbed up & shot them with pistol. Pulled them out of hollow limb.

Then the time the dogs got the coon in the river at Packers & climbed onto Queeni head & what a time we had killing it.

How about the time we went down to Nick Daws cornfield when they were ruining his corn. We waited until we could hear them breaking the ears down, then turned dogs loose & ran out into middle of field. One of them hit Nick on leg, run right up his leg. (wow)

Then there was the night you & I were on ouch(?) by Daws & we heard the coon scream (scribble – my hair). Could almost get goose pimples yet about hearing that one.

Remember the night we caught 4 or 6 possums in the add dead cow carcase. (we never ate anymre possium). That was the night you dropped your flashlight in river.

How about old “Slew fort” the big coon we always chased, up in parlor comfull (where the sand plimp were), but we never did catch him.

Think of all the catfish we used to catch over on the old Saline River. In between swatting flies we caught some pretty good channel cats. Took them home & put them in water tank & kept them quite a while.

I don’t suppose I will ever forget the fall we caught all the skinks & put them in Hogan’s barn left. Then when we had the skinning party & skinned all of them. Dean & I was out one night in Pats pasture just N. East of barn when I looked up & saw a skunk against skyline on top of hill. Dean & I run up & caught it & put it in sack. Old Queen sure looked silly when she came bawly upp on its trail & we had it already in sack. The next one I picked up got me “right in the eye.” Man that sure was potent.

Do you remember the time old “Gunboat” balked when we tried to make him pull the model T, after you weckauld it, and you poured hylips over his tail & I rode him all over pasture with the harness on and every time he slowed down I paused a little more on. I don’t recall he ever balked again.

Another thing I will never forget was the time we were cleaning out the feedway in barn & mouse ran up my overall leg. Man I sure (?) & was dance for a while. He didn’t bite me but every time he crossed over from one leg to the other one it “tickled,” we didn’t wear shorts in those days, you know.

Then I recall another time we picked turkey at Phijen & stuffed them full of bolts & nuts, got rid of a whole box of them.

I guess I could ramble on & on for days about those things, seems like just yesterday. Archie you know we used to spend a lot of time together in those days. I could set & visit with you now by the hour about old times & all the things we used to enjoy together (you were my dad), but when you cont hear so good I know it takes the joy out of it. But we could write and then it wouldn’t matter whether you heard or not. We could enjoy many hours of happy memories together this way.

Nothing would give Leorne & I greater pleasure than to take a trip back to Kansas some time with you two. You have kept in touch with things there while I haven’t. I really never cared too much about going back, before, but now I would like to see the old places once more.

If I could lean to write I would like to see a few places & do a few things yet. I believe I could lean to write. I have a very good memory of places & things, since I have been older.

Well I will close, but please answer soon. It sure is lonesome. I don’t see why I wasn’t rich then I could visit all of you while I can’t work.

Dr. says I couldn’t give it to anyone unless they drank after me or eat of by me, or close contact. Cant kiss anybody goodbye, that’s terrible.


Forrest & Family 

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Bible Information

Today I went looking back on the bible I have that was my great Aunt Margie's. She gave it to my great grandmother and 2nd husband, Jay Reeder. I hadn't noticed all the pages in the back of the bible. It has a lot of information in it, including my birth.

This is of the Mason True family.

I took a photo of the family that is still living, so I can't show those. I have a couple other pages of other family history that I will try and post later.

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Jan 19, 1962 - Jim (Forest) Matheson

Postmark: Jan 19, 1962

19191 Dagmar Dr
Saratoga Calif

Dear Mable & Archie,

Now don’t faint but at long last I will answer your letter. I don’t know how long it has been since I have written you, but it really doesn’t matter I guess. I have been so upset and everything for so long It seems almost like a nightmare.

The worst of it is, I am still in the middle of it. I was laid off on Dec 18 and put on disability because I seemingly can’t work with any metals and oils. At least that is what the allergy tests show so far. I have had Dermatitas for over a year now and it seems t get no better. I have been off work for a month now and am still broken out and still itch from it. It takes about 3 mo to get over it after I really break out with it.

My Dr. doesn’t want me to work with metals and or oil, or a combination of metals & oils, also no paints, solvents, and related materials.

I appealed to the Stat for help in trying to locate some kind of work. They are investigating the feasibility of rehabilitating me in another field. What it will be yet I don’t know. I have another appointment with them Friday (To-morrow). Perhaps I will know more about it by then.

I am supposed t draw $65.00 a week disability starting 26 of Dec but so far I have received nothing at all, and cant seem to find out what is holding it up.

Dallas & Don are keeping us in grocieries, etc. Don is working after school. D is still working at varian. He still isn’t making much, but is learning the trade slow but surely. He has to go for his army physical. The 26 of this mo. So don’t know how long he will be with us. Hard to tell yet.

Archie, how I your good health by now? You know that I miss your annual letter. I haven’t had one for some time (3 years, I believe). I hope you ae not too busy but what you might drop me a line. I would certainly appreciate it. I get pretty lonesome, and kinda hellish down inside. You know that for years – I lived where I could go & come as I please when it came to visiting friends & relatives.  But it is quite a little different down here. There are lots of people here in this area, but when you have to sit home week in & week out it gets pretty monotonous.

My back nerves are bothering me real bad again, down in the smallof my back. It is getting so I cant sleep or do much of anything. I simply must come up with an answer of some kind. I just am not cut out to lay around the house.

If it will warm up a little I can work in the yard. But the last few day has been pretty cold, so haven’t done much but lay around.

I sure was sorry to hear about Uncle Jim. I so wanted to go back and see him and the rest of the people but seems like I just couldn’t make it in time. I will always think of the many days you & I & Uncle Jim spent hunting to-gether.

You know Archie, we are not as young as we used to be anymore. Just stop and think of the ones that have gone on already. Who knows how long it will be before our time will come. I catch myself wandering what my answer will be when I have to stand before the Great white thrown and give accounts of my deeds. I could have done so much more with my life if I had really tried.

I see so many, many, people here that come and ask about what I believe and ask for help that it touches me very deeply to think I wasted so many years. Of my life when perhaps I could have been a minister or Evangelist and helped thoe that really wanted help.

I have talked with big he men at work that would came to me and talk with tears streaming down their checks, wanting help. I have had opportunity to talk to many men & women at work that really wanted to live a good Christian life and wanted help & advice. It touches my heat to see grown men & women cry when I talk with them, to have them tell me that once they had the peace & Joy & God in their hearts but it has slepped away from them. I tell them never to be ashamed of a tear or a smile.

I had one of the ladies in the insurance office weep & talk for 25 minutes one day. I told her I had learned not to question the way God worked in my life, nor what before me. It was my duty to try and see if I could learn a lesson from my troubles so that I in turn might help others. She cried and said she once had the Peace & God in her heart but had lost it somewhere along the way.

I shall never forget the day I knelt before God and tol him to take my heart, my life, my family, my finances, all that I had and use it as he saw fit. All I asked in return was that He go with me & keep me saved and filled with His Joy & Peace.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, bt this much I do know. I have committed my way unto God and will endeavor to walk in His way. I know that this is the only way I can be sure about tomorrow

I try to look around me when I would be discouraged & blue, and I can always see some one that is worse off then I am. I find that in helping others I can forget my own troubles and at the same time spread a little happeness & cheer among others.

Now this is not a sermon to you. I am merely trying to write what I feel down in my heart.

The past must remain a closed book If I am to succeed. I want you both to know that I love you very much, and that I know that you have done much for me. Please forgive me for past mistakes, and do write.

Love, Jim & family

NOTE: I have had a hard time reading these letters from Forest. He borrowed money from Archie and Mable that was listed in the BANKRUPTCY they filed in 1960's. It was money my grandparents couldn't afford to give away. Over the years, my grandmother gave him money - when she herself couldn't afford to give him money. I have found several thousands of dollars went to Forest that was NEVER paid back. I remember a day when grandmother had $50 left in her checkbook to last for the month, and she wrote a $25 check to Forest, and another $10 to her mother. She loved her brother. Then one day after her mother's funeral, she had a fight with Forest and he left with a lot of gr-grandmothers stuff. Mable came over and said, "Forest is not welcome here, and will never return." That actually became true. He didn't even show up for her funeral.