Sunday, April 29, 2012

Post Cards from the Past

There are a lot of post cards that were saved, sent, and received by the family.

This time, it's post cards that have writing on the back.

To Mabel from Emma   (no stamp on the post card)

Mabel Matheson
Paradise Kansas

(Stamp on post card)

Hello Mabel
how are you getting along I am going to start school next monday some (?) for me. Francis M.

Mabel Matheson

(Stamp on post card)

In the very left corner of the post card is "H A M"

Miss Mabel Matheson

(no stamp)

From Mr. Evert Cole

Mrs. Maggie J. Cole

(has stamp)

How's your health.

Minevua Gossett

Archie wineland

(no stamp)

Complements from your Daisy. (?)

Mable Matheson


July 19, 1909

{Written to Mabel from her grandfather - very hard to read and looks like their is Scottish writings in there as well. Not sure. When I figure it out, I'll post it.}

Mabell Matheson
Route 1

(no stamp)
Post marked Sept 8 7 AM 1909

"Safely may your onward glide.
Health & comfort by your side."

from a friend,
Iva Massengale

Mable Matheson

(no stamp)

hello mable
how are you
I have 15 post cards sister sent me most of them

from Annie to Mable

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

May 20th - Lizzie Little White

Thanks for stamps.
Kiss little Willis

May 20th

My Darling Mother,

I wrote to Father yesterday but hadn't sent it yet & to day I got your letter so first thinght I would drop you a few lines to let you know I had got your letter & had'nt forgotten you intirely. Oh I'm so sorry if Bess has got that way again well it must be poor business hey poor Tired, no he wrote to me and told me that I had better come home that you was so poorly it worried me so I couldent rest nor do any thing I was so relieved when you wrote & said you was so much better. be careful about lifting want you to just lib things go  I told amy I fell easy again when I got your letter today I havent gone to see about thimbles yet I always forget about them when I'm arron them little girls are wearing the saem kind of sun bonnets that Matti & Netties blue ones.

I have been making Carrie a calir dress to day well Mrs. Kaner the medium that has been picturing here, left to day for Chicago she gave 10 lectures & what do you think I sang in the quire there was another young lady & myself that led the singing sometimes I had it my self if she sang alto I often wonder how I can get up in that big hall with such a big crowd in it & go to the organ with the rest of the singers & sing but when it comes time I feel just as easy as can be. they will all have it that I'm inspired they think I do splendid the midium told me the other day that I could be one of these kind of mediums that have rafrs (?) & table tipping

Uncle Will & Grandma & Aunt Mell & Rose & Jim Wolland were down last evening to the Lechure well good by for this time I would write to the boys this evening but as am too tired to its late so later  good care of yourself & little ones give them all love & kisses & ecapt-(?) great big share for yourself. write soon  Lizzie

My Dear Aunt:   write soon

I am taking good car of Lizzie now and will as long as she will stay. I am keeping home more and she is staying with me. Geo is gone all week comes home Saturday and goes back Monday. Lizzie & I get along nicely  I think am awful lot of her will be lonesome when she will have to go. I guess Uncle Eb has gone back on me.  so thought I would be Aunt Rosa see if she would  Your loving niece Carrie

Monday, April 16, 2012

Topeka - Apr 17 - 48 - Nettie White

My Dear Archie & family -

Verry glad to get your air mail letter  of Mar 28"  I am awful about writing too - The time goes so fast - We had a long cold snowy winter & believe me I'm glad its over - our basement looked badly so Joe got some friends of his to come on Sat eve & Sun & they worked at it - put more cement in places & painted walls so now its lots better - We had a place plowed for garden & set out 50 Strawberry plants & will set out Tomatoes - our tulips are nice but haven't bloomed yet. The Janquils & some other flowers are blooming - I am doing some house cleaning too - I was miserable after xmas had flu or some thing & my throt was bad - Dr's here couldn't seem to help so Joe asked for a week off & we drove out to Denver to see a nerve Specialist & Chiropractor (who had helped me so much in the past) I took 3 treatments and aweful fine now - We drove up to Collins to see Bob & M - & they came to Denver to see us. They are OK. Suppose U knew Wm & Katie went to Calif to see Elaine - Alice Worthy is NY. Has only been out once since U were here. Her brother Lyle was married Apr 6" so she went out & was one of the bride maids at wedding. I appreciate reading the letter from mother to Fred - but am returning it to you. I'm also sending you a 3 (cent sign) piece that was Mothers - she earned it when a girl serving - we chidren each have one so I asked them if they cared if I gave you one. & they said "of course" there was one extra Thought it would be nice for a keep sake.

Sorry you had such a time - I know it is discouraging to go to so many Dr's & then not find what is the trouble. I do hope U will be lots better since having teeth removed. Yes I hope they get some republican Pres. that will be good. Things are in such a mess tho-

Geo & Wm came down to see me & staid over nite - I think it was first part of Feb. We had good visit. Joe hasn't felt too good this spring. guess we're just getting old - Well I don't know much of interest so will close - Glad you have a good job again. Hope you all are fine & with much love - I am   Nettie

PS Must tell U what Joe said about you last summer - He said "Arche is a good mixer because he likes people & makes friends easily"

Thursday, April 12, 2012

11/11 Tuesday 8" a.m. - Ebon White

On letterhead:
Jas. A. Haddock
Farming and Livestock
Gypsum, Colo.

11/11 Tuesday 8" a.m.

Dear Nettie

This is a delightfull morning. we are about to start up into the mts. Mr. Haddock Cliff and us four all horseback and 3 pack horses. We are all writing home but they may not get a chance to send the letters to town untill we get back. It is 12 miles over the mts and some road I tell you. I am feeling find and so are all the rest. I like Mr. Haddock he says if I will stay with him on this hunt I will get a deer we were all shooting at a mask yesterday and no one beat your old dad. I wish Joe was here he would injoy it the wind does not blow here and it seem so odd it is so still. Bob does not like the thought of the ride up the mt on horse back. To hear the folks talk you would think there is no trouble to shoot all the deer one would want. Hope we will see some anyway. It has paid me anyway to have seen this country love to Joe.

Chatham, Iowa March 2, 1869

Chatham, Iowa
March 2nd, 69-

Friend Eben,

Today is Tuesday& I have not written a letter yet so I think I will begin this morning with one to you. You know you wanted the first. I havnt anything to write that will interest you but will tell you first about my journey. We reached Dubuyne at 8 oclock Saturday morn & had to wait until half past 10. then the train comes & one started for Indepependence after a long & tidious ride we arrived there & it was almost night. We went to Cousin Edmund's & staid until Sunday afternoon. we got a sleigh & came out here to Aunt Sarah's They were all surprised to see me & I was glad to see them. I did not sleep any after we left Tonica until after I went to Edmunds so I was all but tired out. have gone to sleep early every night since so I am rested & feel much better  (stress?) when I got here.

I went over to cousin Birt (?) Nalie yesterday & ad a good visit with her. Shall make it my home there after two or three weeks visiting. She is one of the best woman I ever saw. Do not know what I shall do yet will tell you some other time.

How did you get home from G all right-? I imagined I saw you all the way home. I hardly knew you that night you looked so funny with that cap & coat on. what made you wear them. so I should not know. Some body asked me about 30 times what you were out there for. I told them you had business there & you wnated to bid one good bye but they did not seem satisfied. what you told him on the Jilat(?)-form was a great mistery to him.

Am going to write home today. hope it will be done better than this or they can't read it. will write to Abbie soon. Are you going away or have you concluded to stay there.

We are having very pleasant weather here. Almost enough snow for goods sleighing. They 'll live near the Waperjinicon River & it is frozen over so they crose it with teams & when one crossed the Mississippi it was frozen so they they were crossing on it. Gorn Thunab & his wife with Ross Nartt & Iminie Warren got on board the train at Menisota & went to Dubayne. It was the first time I had seen them & they rode in the bar with us. so I could see them as much as I wanted to.

I had ever so much to say to you that night at Tonica but I did not see you long. I sent a note up to you by Jennie in the afternoon to tell you to call at Mr. West's for one ment there but I think you must have gone to G before they got home. hope you will exsuce this poor letter & if you think it worth answering I will try to do better next time. My (can't read) is such a poor one I cnt wirte. I want to hear from you just as soon as you can find time to write to.
                                  Rosa M-

Note: Rosa M is Rosaeltha Moorhead, Eben is Silas Ebben White both were married on 29 Dec 1870.

Ottawa Illin March 1, 1895

Ottawa Illin
March 1, '95

My Dear Mother.

I had begun to think you had forgotten all about me till I got your letter to day and was awful glad to hear from you and thought I would sit right down and answer it. I guess you had'nt gotten my last letter by the way you wrote about my nubering I have been getting along splendid with my lessons so far and am in hopes she will soon set me to work dont know whether she will like my serving or not but will do my best. I dread the starting part I suppose the girls will poke all kinds of fun at me. there is about 10 girls working in the Shop.

father isn't very good at take ing hints is he? it's a wonder Louis wouldn't write to me I wrote him 2 letters & never got any reply. it don't take hug for the one that's give to be forgotten. I dint suppose he ever thinks of me Well you are so used to me being gone that it won't make any idf if I never are come back will it? Carrie has got a pretty slick brother here. I haven't been out to the Ville as yet don't know how they are getting along and Ike came in last night from the Ville. they have been saving wood out on his place. how I would like to see Lillie wouldn't  I bother her when I was talking with Grandma Mother I asked her how she liked Ralph's wife. well Lizzie she says it wasn't  just right & she said Grandpa Father was better endented where he was now. she said she had Lib with he. yes I hear Grandmas own voice. that is she  she uses Jims Martins mouth to talk with. the spirits put Jims Martin in a Imagitic sleep  she is unconsious. she dont know anything that spirit's do with her and the spirits one at a time come through her and talk to their friends that is they use her as a machine. Grandpa White comes real often he asked me the other night who connected me he always laughs about his sleeping he used to think that he needed spleep in his grave till Reselchon day. he told me that he often want to see you folks and that you were all well. but Father was growing old. & poor Aunt Abb she says she is glad Mandi is out to Kansas she says she is glad she has got Anabel with her. & Anabel comes to she always kisses & glings with Aunt Ann & I. we can always tell when Aunt Abb comes she always throws / arm over her head. Grandma M spoke about you & Uncle George to Lillie and told me to be a good girl and that she would help me all she could. m Lib hasn't come yet I told GrandF to tell her to come since night to talk to me we have meetings every Sunday night. we haven't only  enidimins (sp?) Aunt Ann is having the house hand over going to have a bath room. give every body my best wishes. I suppose you got my letter before this.


This letter was written about 1894 - post mark on envelope has Oct 2, 1894 ILL. I'm not sure it belongs to this letter or the one after this one that I will post as well.

Dear Mattie and Nettie,                                                           Remington Indiana

 I feel a little hous omi this after noon so I guess I will write a few lines to my little sisters. how I wish you was here and I would take you down Town and we would get some ice cream. have you had any ice cream yet? I have had lots of it. what did you think of our little dresses I sent you. have you found the packets yet-.? the lace that was in the packets Aunt Dell sent to trim your underclothes. one of you wanted to know something about Jella I will tell you all about her when I get home. she is a badly spoilt-child. She had a nice wax dollie and when her mamma would whip her she wwould throw her dolli on the floor and she smashed it all to pieces. Aunt Add & Uncle roi let her do just as she pleases the other day we wen up to Grand mas and Aunt Add was setting leg on the living (faded hard to read) and she got at Aunt Add and went for her & there was a tack in the living & she fell & scratched her  (word gone) till it bled. I didn't care a bit - you both said be good little girls and help Mamma all you can & take good care of little Brother Willis & when I come back I will try and bring you something wish if I can tell Gergie to write for you and I will try and answer sooner I hope I can go out to Uncle Georges in a day or two and see little Cousin Rosa now  write soon from you big sister Lizzie

(Written sideways on the front of the letter)
I sent a whole lot of hug & kisses & I want you to give the baby about a half dozen of them  him I would like to see him & all of you

NOTE: This is my great grandmother who died at an early age - born 21 Jun 1877, died 01 May 1901 at the age of 23.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Unknown date

Seasons Grettings
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Dear Mabel & Archie: Just thought you'd like to see our new church. so am using this to send greetings. We spent Tue with Jo and Mary I baked an angel food cake for her & took a chicken. We took Jo downtown for dinner and had supper ready when Bill brought Mary home from work. They are about as usual. Jo did say that oh had hoped for a little from you folks and Howards But neither had come. So I said maybe they would the next day. Do hope you can have your family with you or be with them for the holidays. Velma wrote what a nice little boy Shirley has.
Patricia has 3 and Rita 2 so we have quite a family now when we are all together. Patricicas babe will be 2 yrs old Dec 26. she is Anita Ruth but we call her Nita. Rita has mat who was 3 Aug 30 and Lori who was 1 Sept 4 Patricia s boys will be february 5 and January 4 on Mch 15. The 3 little boys have quite a bit of rivalry with them gradad But oh how we enjoy all of them. Hope you folks are well as usual But these years are slipping up on all of us. Sometimes I feel like 40 again, and again mor like 80 Ha!
Please extend our greetings to Shirley and family too.
Bill & Jo keep busy. He didn't sell his hiefer calves. So they have 60 other of them. That or getting grain twice a day. He said the past few years the folks that had fed this calves were making more than the fellow that raised them. So he's trying it. Will put out the ones he wants to keep in the spring and may sell the balance of them.
Just read on one paper that Don & Leona had bought 40 head of registered Angus cows and a couple of bulls. He's been handling back cattle for several years. i still kike the Herefords for mine and I know Bill does Bill said he never had better calves than this year. Best ever to you and yours. Bill & Rita

Monday, April 2, 2012

Postmark:Jan 13, 1934 LaGrande, OR

The envelope has the following written on it in Mable Wineland's handwriting:  when mother first came to Ore.

1415 V Ave
La Grande, Ore
Jan 12, 1934

Dearest Mable,
Just a line seams like I nver get time to write any more. again I get 3 meals a day for 8 of us. I do the house work & washing to.

I never even get time to mend any more. & the men are so far behind in their wood hauling. seams like its impossible to catch up
they get more customers all the time now. & it rained or snowed so much till sence Xmas it was so muddy & the ground not froze till they simply couldent haul with 2 horses. so they have 4 big nice ones now. so they went to the Mts Monday. & broke an axle so they had to quit. then the horses lost some shoes. then they had to shoe them. so if its isent one thing its to. they ame to go again tomorrow.

& belive me its sure dangerous one slipe to horses & men to would go to the botton. its a big risk. but its the best they can do. the fellow that brought us has a job. & Maurice is at Dittys most of the time. gets 50 (cents sign) a day. the last 2 weeks he was there. has been here this week. will probably go there again next week. but its takes 3 of them in the timber now. I sure wish you could see the big timber they got. Wright rows it up for them.

they come up once in a while Wrigth was awful sick a while but isent a bit stout.

Gladis hasent been here yet. She is expecting the stork any time.

but Margie dont care much about them. She has several nice girl friends close here, to take interest in church. & I belive its a good idea. then so manny brothers, some of them can be with her. I tell Marvin to watch her. & she listens to him.

he sure has a big responcibility on him. for we all go to him about everything. & he has to see to evorything. in fact he is boss of us all. but not orwy abut it. he worries so much takes life so serous.

the rest can take it easier.

I so feel sorry for him, he gave me a library table rocking chair. & a round kitchen table, & I use the only dresser they have. their all so ready to simpthise with me, if anything comes up sickness or anything. & ore good to Jay to. yes Jay likes it here but gets the blues sometimes I feel lots better. I am gaming some. we have compnay evory day. so the house here to be clean as I can keep it we have linoleum in the frount room kitchen & one bed room up starts. & a exminster rug in the other up stairs bed room

yes Margie is a poor hadn to write a letter. for her mind isnent centered on letter writing.

yes margie & I went over to Harolds. the Sat before xmas. Came home the next Sat. they had evorything nice. & evory thing good to eat.

but Harold was feeling so bad. he most of the time I was there. such a cold a while. we were afraid he would have pemonia. he missed work one night.
he realy shouldent of brung me home I guess. for I had a card from him this week saying he had been in bed ever sence he went home. 8 days & would he the 2 more days anyway. he threw his hip out of place once. & it some times. slips out now. so & amazen the Dr. put him to bed. till it got better.

Orville has the toncilatis today. missed school. they is around 4 hundred pupils in their school just grade pupils. I can stand at the kitchen window & watch them march out. their now even allowed to play on the lawn on this side of the school house. just on the side walk. they even burn wood at the school house.

I can see 3 chimney sticking out. its sure big. yes Mable I got your xmis gifts & manny thanks for them they were all so nice. & the rest sends their thanks to. it was awful nice of Archie to get you your perment. I always wanted one.

I was there when Harold got your package. & they were sure pleased. Harlin was proud of his duck, had lots of fun with it, hes sure a case. & has sure grown. he finaly called me Granma. & would hug & kiss me to. I had a nice visit Forest weighs 2 hundred lbs now.

yes they made real good on their traping & I am glad to heer some one can make money

well Mable will try & finish my letter this morning.

the 3 boys went to the Mts this morning it sure warm here today & cloudy suppose it will rain again.

well I must close to get my Sat work done to day. will try & do better next time

with love & manny thanks for the xmas gifts Margie says it dont do any good to write you any way for you never write her.



(NOTE: Mable was the oldest child of 9 children - the other 8 were her brothers and sister)