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Please understand....

I just wanted everyone to see what I'm going through to get these letters posted. This is a copy of one of the letters I've already posted. I file them in a "acid free" plastic sheet. Each letter posted is filed in a binder. Eventually the binder(s) will be labeled and dated by each person sending the letters.

Over the last week, I have been going through boxes of photos, letters, documents, etc., that my great great grandmother, great grandmother and grandmother felt needed keeping. In all of these papers, I'm going through to see if they need to be noted for genealogy purposes. It's overwhelming at times.

Crazy me, had "piles" of stuff for each set of family members. One pile for each of my mother's uncles, one pile for the True family, etc. The box that I set aside for my brothers and myself seem to grow. At times I want to just burn them, and I would never know what I missed, but I tend to be the "keeper" of the family.

So, that pile you see all over the floor was cleaned up, put into bigger piles for each family member we plan to return photos and documents to.

Trust me, this is not all I have.

This is a photo of the letters I found in the 2 shipping boxes you see at the top of the photo. You can take those letters and multiply them at least 4 times, and you can get a good idea of what I'm going through. I have more letters and my parents tend to tell me they have even more at their house.

So, please be patient with me, as more letters will be copied and posted. It takes a lot of time to copy the letters, and as I do, I keep them in a thumb drive. My brother has offered to help me with the letters, and I may just take him up on it.

In the meantime.....more letters to come......

1980 - Becker (family friend)

Mrs. Irene Becker
7515 – 15th Ave SW
Seattle WA 98106

Air Mail

Dearest Mable,

I’ll bet you by now wonder if I remember where you are – I am so sorry. I have had two letters come back – Hope this one reaches you.

Mable we are leaving Seattle the end of June -  the girls & I will be living in Painesville Ohio. George will be working in N. York this summer – But at least we’ll see him weekends, this every two mths of seeing each other does not work – Is very hard on the girls.

Did Elsie write and tell you Mary Ellen is going to have a baby – We were very upset at first. But somehow time heals – the baby is due the end of August. She s going to keep the baby, and has been able to continue her school year – So at least she will not be missing school. Or I should say her 10th yr. Mable. I felt so bad But have gotten over it now the one that really helped me through all of this is Betty – I really love that woman – they have told me I am like there family.  Diane cryed as hard as I did, Gee she is a wonderful Girl.

Jim is still giving Elsie a bad time. He can be so mean at times. I guess a person should really understand those things. He has failed so much. I think his problem is liking to stay in Bed.

Mable, where would you like me to Store your things that you had me keep. Gee I wish you were here, you better come to see me when you get home. You know Mable your house sure isn’t the way you left it. I’ll put a bug in your ear. I do not believe the party who you having takeing care of things ever comes to check. I know Elsie doesn’t want to admit this.

Rain, Rain –I sure would like to see it go away – Very Depressing –

I just got back from Boston I spent ten days with George, Gee we had such a wonderful time: we plan to do this more often. Time slips by to fast. We’ve been seventeen years Sure seem impossible. Please excuse all my spelling I try to write too fast. When will you be coming home from Japan?  Mable – thank you so much for everything you gave us for Christmas. I thanked you before, But those letters came back. Sorry I didn’t get you anything – Please let me know what you need – panti hose or anything I will get them from the Ban before I leave.

George’s mother & Dad will be having there 50th wedding anni. The 22nd of June – So we plan to move around that time.

Mable, I misplaced all those books you sent me on China, But you use your own Judgement, Something plain would be nice. All white or maybe something trimmed in Gold. I also would like a tea set with cake plate’s – something very dainty – No Blue. I have a 16 piece setting of Blue anian. If you can find the good Danhue Coffee mugs, they cost $2.00 a piece here – very expensive – I would like ten of those. If they think it will take longer then a month of come to the states. Please send them to the address that I will put at the Bottom of the paper – I feel guilty asking for all of these things and never doing a thing for you. Is there something I can do for you.

Bozzali’s are about the same still on there high horse, half the time these yard is so full of Junk, you wouldn’t believe it. Have they ever put there pail on the fence? Noisy me

How is all the taylor Family? Hope fine tell them all hi. Will they be going back east, when he is out of the Air Force – my Oldest Brother will retire the end of this month – my mother & Dad are real well – mom is Drawing her – Social Sec now – I’ll close now – think of you very often – I was going to write to you from Boston & send you a card – I forgot your address at home – Mable – I will deposit money in the bank – One day this week – will send you deposit slip then – Love as Ever Irene & family

I have to tell you what Bette Lou said today – I wish Grandma Wineland was here – then we would have someone to visit.

Other address to send the China and other to if not possible to reach me by the Frist of June – or Last of May is.

Next day – address on small paper

July 11, 1940 - Ernest Birge

Seymour, Indiana

July 11, 1940

Mrs. Sarah A. Johnson
1506 Y Ave.,
LaGrande, Oregon

Dear Mrs. Johnson:

I thank you very much for your letter of July 7th enclosing to me your pictures. You may not feel younger than your age but you certainly look quite a few years younger. I am very much pleased to have the pictures and can see in them something of a family resemblance to an aunt who lived with me for a number of years.

I was very much pleased several days ago to have a visit from your nephew, Charles B. Birge, who lives in Bonnville, Missouri. He was traveling through this part of the State and stopped off to see me. I found him a very pleasant gentlemen and should like to have the pleasure of knowing him better.

Last week I took three or four days off and ran up to our summer camp in Michigan to celebrate my fortieth wedding anniversary. Not all of our family could be with us however we had a very pleasant time. I would like to be able to spend most of the summer in northern Michigan as it manages to get so hot here.

I will be very glad to have you write me again whenever you feel inclided to do o. I am always glad to hear from you.

Very sincerely,

(signed: Ernest N. Birge)


April 1, 1940 Ernest Birge

Okay, I'm a little confused about this relationship - I BELIEVE Ernest and Sarah are half siblings. Why he keeps calling her "Mrs. Johnson" is beyond me. I do know they were working on the family history way back then. 

Seymour Manufacturing Company
Cythe Snaths, Grain Cradles
Post Hole Diggers, Etc.
Established 1872
Seymour, Indiana

April 1, 1940

Mrs. Sarah Johnson,
1506 Y. Ave.,
La Grande, Ore.

Dear Mrs. Johnson:

I am returning to you the letter addressed to your husband with reference to the death of his sister. I am also returning the slip with reference to the death of Charles Birge, and thank you for sending both of these items to me. I think you are quite right about Elijah’s wife was named Pamelia as a cousin of my father’s wrote a letter in 1860 giving his wife’s name as Millie Sommers, which is probably the short for Pamelia.

I am inclosing to you a couple of pictures showing myself, my wife, and some of our grandchildren. This was taken at our summer home in Michigan. I trustthat you have recovered from your fall.

Sincerely yours,

(signed: Ernest N. Birge)
Ernest N. BIRGE


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nov 16 1981 - H Turn

I realized it had been a month since I posted any letters - so I am posting as many as I can today. I have added some that I had already copied. I would love to post the photo of the letters, but I am unable to scan and post on the blog. I will see about taking photos of the letters so you can see what I'm having to go through on handwriting. I hope you are getting something from these letters, as I know I am. 

Nov. 16, 1981

H. Turn
2310 Rio Grande
San Angels, TX 76901

Dear Mable,

Thank you for those kind words about the book. I met a lot of great people while gathering all of the data. So I really reaped the most benefit.

Thank you for sending order for Maurice, and please thank him for ordering, for me. Orders are coming in now that more people have heard about the book or have seen one. But it was the ones like you who ordered “sight unseen” who made the book possible.

There were 300 oks printed and I mailed out a little over 200 the first mailing. I think it is possible that I may run out of books. Of course I would hate that, you know how that goes. But I could print more, but would need at least 150 standing orders before the printer would mess with it.

What rattles me is, everyone writes such nice letters and no one tells me about the errors! I’m sure they’re just being kind. People call by phone all the time – Of course that is exciting, too. (And people wonder why anyon would mess with doing something like this. ha They should just try it and see how mnay nice people they have in their “family.”)

I mailed the book to Maurice today as I had to go to P.O. and mail other orders that came in today. Since it takes so long for BOOKRATE mail to get to where it’s going, I like to get them right on out.

I really missed out on a large group of people by not doing the contacting for material myself. I’m speaking of the Mathesons. But if Wilda had not gathered that data, we would be still waiting for a book while I completed that part. She’s really a super person to have working on ones side in doing something.

I thought maybe the Rooks book would put a damper on this one because so many people are also in that Rooks book. But doesn’t seem to bother a thing. And I am glad that Rooks book did finally get delivered. I know it was in the “making” fr an awfully long time even after going to the printer. Wilda put in a lot of time, and Raymond, gathering stories for that book.

I didn’t realize how mear Thanksgiving is until our Daughter and fam. said they’d come for Thanksgiving and I looked at the calendar. Ha

Both guest rooms are piled high with boxes of books, mailing cartons and all the files etc that accumulated while “doing” the book. I just moed everything out of the den when I took the book to the publisher last April and haven’t gone through everything and thrown out the million pieces of paper. Now I’ll need to get going and clear away the “mess.” I can remember how thrilled I was when each “piece of paper” was received in the mail in the form of data for the book. ha

I had no room to save the letters but kept only pages with data. The trash man will think I’m fixing to move when he sees Friday’s pick up. ha

I think it will be nice for a change to be able to see the floor and top of furniture. Be like a new house. ha And Wayne tolerated the the whole thing – 3 years of it.

You wrote a very interesting letter. I wish the record of dates and places you had lived had gotten into the book. You know how it is when someone in years to come will wonder about these people like we wondered about the “ancestors” and had to find out about some of them in researching old courthouse records. ha
And we will be ancestors someday. ha

I must stop rattling and get started on this house. I don’t really know where to start.

Hope you have a nice holiday Season and a really great 1982.

I’ll probably never know it’s come and gone as I usually can’t keep up with the way time flies these days. But enjoy hearing from you.

Love, Helen

Jan 24, 1950 - A B Whilhite

Hardtner, Kans
Jan 24, ‘50

Mr. Archie Wineland,

Yours of the 9 of Dic rec’d. Sorry I mislaid your letter, just found it last night. Got that outfit rote me for reference hope you made it ok. No I am not married as yet. Sure is cold, sleeping by myself though. Clara is just fine. Pages have a nice Liquor Store where they run the restaurant now. Doing a nice business. Just got a letter from Robert Tyson this A.M. he is in Detroit Michigan now but not located as yet it is snowing here this a.m. 15 above Zero. Not nutch wind. I am living up stairs I say living just staying. Archie after we left Holdrege, went straight to my wheat 50 to 75 per cent hail, got 4 bn per acre. Just paid little over expenses, but cut some more for my neighbors then came home Bob got sick went to Hospital at Mitchell S.D. have not saw him since. Yes I had your drivers Lisence will send it to you, am thinking of going cutting wheat again this year. Brought case home left other 2 up there aim to sell them

Well Arch not mutch new down this way. All I do is haul a little sand go to dances, try enjoy my self, Clara & myself go to most all dances. A card party billed for to night. Don’t think of any news just now is still snowing. Will hang up for this time.

As ever, A.B. Whilhite
Will tell all hello for you.

1940 - Albert Birge

Calcord Oka
Feb 1-40

Dear Sister rec your letter a few days ago I was so glad to hear from you once more it had been so long I was afraid you had left this old world of trouble. Me and wife is as well as old people can be expected to be. Sure would love to see you Harve is in Drunright Oka and was well the last I heard from him we had had the coldest winter than many years I do hope there will be good crops this year the crops hasnt been good for so long a time. Sarah how old are you I will be 70 years old the 2nd of August do you get a Pension me and my wife both get a Pension I dont know how we would live if we didnt get it for we are not able to do any hard work I have High Blood Prishor and it make it hard for me to do any work dont wait so long to write for we cant be here very much longer our time on earth will soon be over and I want to be ready to go when the Lord call for me. Well good by Dear sister be good and god bless and keep you from your old Brother Albert.

1935 - Hogan's (friends of the family)

Natoma Kansas
Dec 19, 1935

My Dear Mabel – Will you are still on the road but I wanted you to have your usual Christmas greeting so I guess I better be sending it. No doubt you are at Bob & Matties this evening if  your plans worked out as you thought they would. Hope you are getting along O.K. I am sure little Shirley will be glad to get to the end of the journey not to mention the rest of you.

We cleaned our kitchen up today. It really needed it – as you know.

Hope you get along O.K. – and that you wont eat to much Christmas.

Will write more some other time –

Lovingly, Jo

The girl dressed in red on this Xmas card is you – you like red so well.

NOTE: This letter is from Mr & Mrs. W. P. Hogan, Natoma Ks R.R.1

Hogan’s were very close friends to my grandparents. 

Dec 13, 1961 - Irvin Wineland

524 Wooerest Lane
Fallbrook, Calif

December 13, 1961

Dear Mabel and Archie,

Must get a letter started to you or Irvin never will getaround to it. He is busy picking avocados today and getting wood.

He did finally get into our own house but not until Thanksgiving day so we are still getting straightened out.

We like it here fine, its quiet and we are on a sort of a private street surrounded by avocado trees. Its been a little cold the last week and we have been burning our fireplace most of the day. Lots of old orchards and wood in these parts just for the getting. We do like our palce very much and everything is new. Had to get some secondhand furniture but we are very comfortable.

Hope Archie and you Mable are not working too hard as we are all getting old and can’t go it quite so hard. I’ll let Irvin go on with this. It seems as tho Shirley has been overseas a long time and should be coming home soon. I don’t think I have an address for them but will search my books. We can walk to town very quickly from here tho it seems like the country too. I will have to get out my knitting again as Irvin likes wool socks this weather. Its been so long since I have knitted don’t know if I still know how.

Aloho – well we finally got moved in our new home its rather small, but is about the best built house Ive ever seen – we have a foundation 18” deep 1 ft wide of steel & concrete and 34 cement pillars under the floor joists they are 4 by 8 – all 2 x 6 raftus, the code in Calif on new homes is certainly strick all copper pipes through out the house, 4 electrical circuts with 1000 aurps, its all add on the cost but I guess in the long run is worth it. I picked 6 boxes of avacados yesterday they are 11 c a lb very low – but in Jan will be up again I’ll pick some more then – then in April & May we have 4 Hass trees that will be ripe they should bring around 40 c a bl, we only have 25 all together on our place. I planted some beans and artichoke plants the other day, will be planting lettuce & carrots and peas between now and first of year.

Well have a nice Xmas and arrange to come down here next summer – best wishes for a happy holiday – Marion & Irv-