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Feb 15, 1940 - Ernest Birge

Seymour Manufacturing Company
Scythe Snaths, Grain Cradles
Post Hole Diggers, Etc.
Established 1872
Seymour, Indiana

Feb 15, 1940.
Mrs. Sarah A. Johnson,
1506 Y. Ave.,
LaGrande, Oregon.
Dear Mrs. Johnson:
I received your address through your niece, Mrs. Edward Bruce, and learned from her that you are one of the surviving children of John H. Birge. Our family is rather inclined to be long-lived. I regret that you cannot recall or at least may not have heard the name of your grandfather as I have been of the opinion that your line connects to the line of my great grandfather’s family, your line coming down from Elijah. It is apparent that or father was married several times and according to some information that I have received, you are one of the five children of his first wife, who was apparently Eliazabeth M. Dow. These children as I have them are William J., Charles Dunning, Sarah Ann (yourself), Rebeccah Jane, Eldora Inis. Other children seem to be Helen Hulda, Theodora Delbert, Jerry Edward, John Lewis, David Albert. I have no record as yet to indicate the maiden name of the mother of the five children just named above. I have a record that shows that Joe was a son of a fifth wife and H.J. Birge the son of a fourth wife, but no record so far as to the names of the mothers.
You mentioned in a letter to Mrs. Bruce that you thought there was another son, Earnest, who as a son of the fifth wife. Can you give me any further information as to these families?
I have a letter written to my father in 1860 which gives some information about Elijah and his son, John, but there is nothing very definite in it. I would appreciate it very much I you would kindly give me what information you can with reference to the family as it is only the older members like you who can remember this information firsthand and  am anxious to have the facts recorded for the benefit of any of those who might be interested.

Sincerely yours,

Ernest N. Birge.

April 19, 1940 - Ernest N. Birge

Seymour Manufacturing Company
Cythe Snaths, Grain Cradles
Post Hole Diggers, Etc.
Established 1872
Seymour, Indiana

April 19, 1940

Mrs. Sarah Johnson,
1506 Y. Ave.,
La Grande, Ore.

Dear Mrs. Johnson:

I thank you very much for your trouble in again writing me and appreciate the records which you have sent me with reference to your family. I have copied these and am hastening to return them to you so that they will not be lost.

Someone in the family, possibly yourself, gave me your son, William’s address and I several days ago wrote him asking him if possible to give me what records he could of your children, as I thought it would be easier for him to write than to trouble you for this information.

I think you must be feeling better and I hope that you are. I judge this from the fact that your letter just received shows very little indication of your being nervous. The letter after you had had your fall indicated that you were not feeling at all well. If I can ever get to 88 years of age I will be happy even if I cannot keep my hand steady enough to write.

I am making some little progress in getting the data on your grandfather Elijah’s family. It is my guess that by the time I have completed the records I will have something over 200 descendants without counting the in-laws who have married into the family. The line to which I belong descending from Elijah’s brother, William, is just about as numerous.

Hoping that your health continues to improve, I am

Very sincerely,

Ernest N. Birge.


July 22, 1940 - Ernest Birge

Seymour Manufacturing Company
Scythe Snaths, Grain Cradles
Post Hole Diggers, Etc.
Seymour, Indiana

July 22, 1940

Mrs. Sarah Johnson
1506 – Y Ave
La Grande, Oregon

Dear Mrs. Johnson:

I am getting your branch of the family n a little better shape all the time but it is still far from complete as there are a number of lines that I have not been able to bring down to date. I have tried not to bother you with too many questions at one time for I know that it is difficult for you to write and if I can get some other member of the family to share in the work it would not be so difficult for you.

Can you again give me the address of your brother Albert in Oklahoma? Either I have not read the name correctly or I did not get the right address of any members of his family so that I could write to them.

I have written to your son Will and will try to get from him all the names of your children, the date of their birth and to whom married but as yet have not heard from him. It is undoubtedly a busy time of the year for him and I will write again in the fall when work slackens up some.

I forwarded your pictures up to my wife and she could not believe that you are s old as the records show. If I ever got to 88 I would be happy, say nothing about looking young.

Very sincerely,

Ernest N. Birge


Oct 23, 1954 - Nellie LaRosh

Osborne, Kans
Oct 23 1954

Dear Archie & Mable

After so long a time we are writing to you to tell you how much our visit at your place added to our pleasure and benefit of seeing so many wonderful things besides feeling a sense of being at home with you and we were there long enough to learn so much of conditions and then meeting your mother was a lasting joy – I expect to meet her again.

We got home 630 PM Oct 6 – after taking Albert home from Alton – Albert Sr was milking when we got there & we visited a while and he gave us a dressed chicken for our supper, but we were to tired to fry chicken so we had it later.

From Seattle we went to Portland – thru Van Canver ect.  Right down the inner coast Hi wa – till we were well in Ore – then turned west to coast Hi wa 101 and that is on the coast sure enough and its an old road & Im glad we got to travel it for they are already making a regular four or six lane Hi wa to take its place, and its curves & ups and downs are marvelous – I said to Jr “I like this” & he said, “I don’t.” seemed he didn’t like driving on it – one felt as tho we might meet ourselves coming back on some of it. Jr. said “I know now where the carnival people got their idea for the roller coaster.” The new road just moves the Mts and hills & fills the valleys We stopped many times for a closer look. One was at sea lion “roast” I don’t know what to say – but where they congregate on the rocks there were hundreds of them & such a continuous roar almost like the sea its self.

We stopped at Couse Bay for a little to see something of where Shirley would be living but did not see a thing to indicate there was any army camps or grounds of any kind so we knew they were back on the bills at DePot Bay we went into the aquarium where they had a lot for unusual sea varmints of so many kinds a octopus was most interesting to me – I had been there twice before and he was always sprawled all over the rocks. With those suction cups against the glass & this time he was exerasing, I guess, for he changed so much & findly went up into the highest corner & started for apposite end & all stream lined to a beautiful feathery form.  Something like this (**nothing there**) It taught me how the most dangerous & deadly sins can be made beautiful & deceit feel beyond belief – the anonires are so very beautiful & such decently colors one can hardly thing they are alive – I hope you get to go there  some time don’t miss the aquarium at Depot bay – or on down along Cal coast are many wonderful things. T confussion Mt for instance you will be more than confused – for there is a bout 100 ft along there that has a magnetic pull that makes you walk 7 ½ degrees from straight up and then they built the shed over with a slanting floor that makes it work much more so – I sent a picture Jr & Laura went in. I stood & had to hold onto a post to keep from falling, at them trying to keep from falling – Laura never did let her baby loose & just stand - & forget she wasn’t straight up – but Jr, move arsed to choppy walking soon did & he was so graceful & looked a perfect picture (see the picture enclosed) its just as he looked when walking straight a head. The door frame is made standing to deceive one more. Lay a bottle down at lower level & it would start rolling slwly up hill, a marble also that a 35 lb weight steel rot was standing on its chain. I was & is a marvelous thing the most plausible reasm is that a meter has fallen & penetrated the sat & has the magnetic force in itself. A car will roll backwards right up that hill. It’s a spookey thing indeed – Its on Red Wood Hi wa 101 – so. Of Garberville, Cal.

We took pictures along the way & will send you some when we get them made.

We went on down as far as Palo Alto to Stanford University campus for a few hours pleasure, they were just coming out of stadium after they had pummeled Ill St at foot ball & was they a happy bunch.  Made us feel glad too. I was glad to see the Hoover memorial & to know he can enjoy seeing it himself.

We didn’t stay long at Linetas Mento Park as Jr was thinking of his father working alone getting wheat in (it was all done when we got here) & I was getting worse with my cough. I think I was coughing quiet a lot at your place but was not sick and could eat but I lost my appetite & then my heart bothered. I could hardly walk when I got home, and it will be three weeks Wed - & I’m a lot better but I can hardly trust myself to come down stairs & I wo’nt be over it for a long time – I eat good now & by to build up – I was sorry but so very glad I had my good times first I have so many pleasant memories to help & we have written many letters & read so much of magazines piled up & letters & birthday cards – was 83 Oct 4 – AND NOT MANY COULD TAKE THE TRIP - & Laura had so much to do – altho we made a special effort to have everything in order when we left home there was dust every where & it made me cough worse – but we got a woman to come & help wash windows & put up storm windows & now we are ready for cold weather which was foretold yesterday, even to snow & sleet but then was 58 & 60 now 10 am. & it being first part of month all the “olds” & WSCS etc. move on & she went & she has done work in yard – we got bulbs alongte way but she has them all in - & a big washing & I slept all thro it & she said “was I ever glad”? I wanted to help some Laura left at 833 this am for Smith Center where the women society of Christian serving (WSCS) has a convention & will be late getting back – it has worried us not to have written to you & she said she was going to start a letter this am but I had made up my mind to write & so she will write later It will take you a while to read this & we went to be remembered to the Taylors, Boedekes, & any others who might be interested we will go to all Grandmother Boedecker as soon as I fl well enough –

May God bless you all. Love & best wishes, Nellie A LaRosh

Every body likes our hats & Frances wants mine!

Nov 5, 1956

Dear Archie and Mable,

It seems mother didn’t get her letter addressed right and it returned so thought I would write a little note.

I was up to Ira last evening watching TV as first it wasn’t much good but later good. It came from Hutchings.

We are having fine weather temp each morning around 26 one morning was down to 13. We have just about finished our fall house cleaning some times we feel as though we have to much house.

It seems we have to go to a funeral about twice a wek. Harley Newton will be buried in the morning out at Kill Creek. I think by now you have heard about Vern Cronk shooting himself. He was found near his car and at the enterance of the covert cemetary was such a shock to every one. His time was up next march on Ira’s place, and Ira had taken the wheat land last fall so some other fellow could put it out.

It was so hard on LeRoy and Roberta the children. Both are married and Roberta has four little girls and LeRoy one.
Albert and Jr. brought cattle in to the sale last Frida and didn’t sell until four in the morning got a pretty good price for them. Albert Jr has been up holstering a big rocker I havn’t seen it yet but Lucille said it sure is nice.

Well how are you two making I with out your little girl. I’ll bet the baby gets lots of loving. Id be glad to have Shirley’s address to send Christmas Cards.

Hope to hear from you some time. Laura

I forgot to say that Aunt Maud was very pleased with her cake & samples of dress & we told her every thing about the wedding & took her for a ride out in the country. She seems real well – but is so very frail & thin – dresses as nice as ever & what did she say but “You know” I have always hoped there would be a “match” of Jr & Shirley we told her of Shirley telling people that “he was the only brother she ever had.” Iras are having a TV pu in now. All care very well – it’s in & we still don’t ever want on here.


Dear Mable,
You will think we are ungrateful but we are not, but yesterday here came my letter back – wrong address – Laura will write today. Many thanks

Have you had your money blessed? Ha Ha
Poor Aunt Maury

(Had N.W. instead of S.W on letter)

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Marion Wineland - 2/12/1964 - Re: Irvin Wineland

514 Woodcrest Lane
Failbrook, Calif.

February 12, 1964

Dear Mabel and Archie:

Many thanks for your letter and birthday card. Lou Scoville and Wilcox’s had me over for a cake and icecream for my birthday in spite of not feeling very festive.

Am enclosing the newspaper clipping card of thanks so you will know your name was on it.

Its cold today tho its been so beautiful and really warm outside but still isn’t as cold as when you were here. I have a fire in the fireplace tho and its nearly 2 in the afternoon. Its windy that is what makes it cold. I got another load of wood and its easy to handle. Sure grateful to Archie for cutting me up that other.

Am advertising for a woman companion so don’t know what success I’ll have.

The cats are all fine and Frank cut a hole in the door for wood and they can go in and out and I can lock the doors when I go out.

Mrs. Simmons, the young woman who drove us is sick with a cold so haven’t begun to take lessons on the car. Frank Scoville had to have a man familiar with the Simca show him the gear shifts as its so different from the regular kind being a foreign car and said it would be hard for me to learn on it. Well time will tell. Just as well Archie didn’t attempt it.

We haven’t picked avocados yet as decided they could wait and get a little bigger for a better market but Lou insists on helping me tomorrow pick some.

Mrs. Simmons father had bought several of Irvin’s carvings and a ad came today from out of town who had bot some of Irvings carvings when they were at the hardware store more than a year ago so is coming for two more Friday. She liked the kind you like – like that hardfaced one of Archie’s of Mansanita wood. How do people like that old hussy face?

Tell Archie I had a big envelope come from the White House and it was a certificate honoring the memory of Irvin signed by Lyndon Johnson the President.

Had a nice letter from Shirley which I will answer. Did your package get there yet?

My brother in Canada called me long distance from there one night last week and said they might be down in the Spring.

I seem to be so busy what with wood, people coming and had to prune roses.

It looked like rain but disappointed everyone and is sunny today tho cold. It may rain over the weekend. Have had to water all the avocados and plants. Mrs. Wilcox where you had supper that night you expected to leave with your sister has a job from 3 to 7 cooking over at the rest home run by the Morman Bishop who talked at Irvin’s funeral. She loves the job tho she doesn’t need it.

How is the egg candling. Suppose you are hard at work. Maybe when I get things attended to and get adjusted I might be able to get something especially when it warms up here. Its hard to go off for long and leave a fire burning.

Hope this finds you both well including the dog.



Had cards from people I don’t even know who thot lots of Irvin. 

unknown Poem

She will learn in time that proper young ladies do not laugh out loud...or kiss dogs,....or keep frogs in pickle jars in bedrooms...or watch ants scurry across the cracks in a summer sidewalk....

Today, who will begin to learn for the first time that all who smile at her are not her friends...That "the group" can be a demanding mistress....

And I'll stand on the porch and watch her start out on the long, long journey to becoming a women....

So World, I bequeath to you today one little girl in a crispy dress...with two blue eyes...

And a happy laugh that ripples all day long, and a batch of light blonde hair that bounces in the sunlight when she runs.

I trust you'll treat her well.

To Sarah Johnson from Ernest Brige 3/21/1940

Seymour Manufacturing Company
Scythe Snaths, Grain Cradles
Post Hole Diggers, Etc.
Established 1872
Seymour, Indiana

March 21, 1940.

Mrs. Sarah Johnson,
1506 Y Ave.,
LaGrande Oregon.

Dear Mrs. Johnson:

I received your letter of March 10th some time ago and have been intending to answer it more promptly. Answering some of your questions, my father’s name was Julius and his grandfather and your grandfather were brothers. His grandfather was one of the younger children in the family. Someone in the Oklahoma branch of the family wrote that they thought their family was largely Irish, meaning that the Birges had married people f Irish descent. This is true of our family as my mother’s name was Mary Patrick. In my own family I have five children and six grandchildren.

I notice that your grandmother wrote the family a letter in 1875. There seems to be some little confusion as to the name of your grandfather Elijah’s wife, possibly because he married twice. I am trying to clear up this part of the record but it is rather hard to do as no one seems to have a written record of early dates or names. I am wondering if someone in your family had records such as might be in an old family Bible. The trouble seems to be that both your family and mine were pioneers and in moving about such records were lost.

Some time before long I am going to try and get over to Centralia, Ill, as I go near there quite frequent, and see if I can locate any early records of the family while I am there. I will be glad to have the record of your family and their children at any time that you can give them to me.

You ask about my being able to read your writing. I can do very well in reading it and think for a person of your age that you have quite a firm, legible handwriting. I do have some difficulty when it comes to names as it is a little more diffcutlt to make out some particular name whereas words are easy to read, depending on the word that comes before or after them. I am

S.J.                                                                               -2-                                                                          3/21/40

Not nearly as old as you are, yet my wife tells me that she cannot always read my letters and I sometimes have to pass up some words in hers.

Do you happen to know where I could locate any of Manuel’s family, who was one of your youger half brothers, or where I could locate the family of your brother, William? I note that he lived in Centralia, Ill.

I note what you write about pictures of Mrs. Birge and me. We do not have nay real photographs but I have some Kodak pictures that I am going to have printed as soon as I can find the films and will be very much pleased to send these to you.

Very sincerely,

Ernest N. Birge


Irvin Wineland - Dec 1, 1957 Hawaii

Dec 1, 1957

Dear Archie and Mable,

Was pleased to hear that you go a deer with Forest. I have not had a gun out of the case, only to check whether it is in good condition.

We’re having a hurricane coming up. From the south, they said at first that it would hit our land of area but later it veered off south of us by 70 miles but, we have had high trade winds and lots of rain since last night and I just heard over the radio that we’ll still have heavy winds and rain tonight but will subside tomorrow. Honolulu was hit with pretty hard winds last night, there’s quite a mountain range between our side of the Island and Honolulu so it broke quite a bit off the wind.

We had only o banana tree blow over, we are quite sheltered at our place, we have large Kamania trees there & four feet thick in our back and the people to our other side have a row of cocoanut trees that break a lot of wind coming from the east and south.

Give the chap where you work our address and tell him we live about three blocks south of Chings store at Hauula toward Honohilu were a block off Kam Highway that’s the highway that circles theIsland. We live at 53-018B MaKao Road.

We had a friend of Marion’s sister from Vancouver, B C she spent a few days with us, Marion’s sister wrote us adsaid she had a wonderful time, as it’s more like old Hawaii out here and Waikiki is all modern especially for the tourist trade and too commercially for a person to get the real feel of Hawaiian atmosphere.

I made a few trips here in ’21, and 22 & 23 and things are lots modern now but still life is at a lot slower pace then in the states.

We traded in our old TV this past summer and got a new RCA deluxe – it sure is OK clear as a bell, except when they have a tropical storm over o he Island of Maui, from where they relay it. Glad to hear Shirley and family is O.K. give them our helo and we’ll try to get some gift off this week for Christ.

We have quite a few orchids in bloom also Hibiscus, roses also another plant with pinkish lavender flowers that has new flowers on it 365 days a year, surely the finest blooming plant I’ve ever seen by Xmas we’ll have quite a lot of orchids in bloom, so we’ll have some to show your friend.

I worked at Hawaiian Electric all summer till in Sept, we installed a new steam trubolectric unit, I was working 10 hrs a day 6 days a week too darn much for me, so I am going to take it easy till 1st of year and if there is no work through our union I’m going to draw unemployment to heck with Killing your calf off, I’ll take it easy, Marion wil write some too – I was just interrupted by Puki, our mamma Siamesee cat I head her calling outside so just went out and she had a mouse she had caught chi one young male tom just 7 mo old oday, he catches rats and mice about every day and he’ll bring them in to show us and he’ll play with them for quite a spell before he kills them. I hope you folks had a nice Thanksgiving. We had a small turkey and finished it off today.

With love from Irv.

Marion will write a few lines. (Note: no writing from Marin with this letter)

Irvin Wineland - July 1938

Noyes Island Via Ketchikan Alaska
July 26, (1938?)

Dearest Bro and All:

Well I sent you a card from Ketchikan some time ago but I didn’t hear from you. I cam up here to Ketchikan along in April and looked around for work so I finally decided to buy a boat a fishing boat there that was the quickest way to get a job – so I bought a 40 ft by 10 ft beam Trolling boat it has a 100 gal cooking water tank and 2 banks – stove cupboards and storage space and a 30 hourse power Palmer marine engine and a large hold back aft to store things or to pack fish when using Ice we made 2 trips this spring and carried 2 ton of ice each trip and packed one salmon in to market but we had bee out here on the west coast among the numerous islands the past mo and have sold each day that we fish. The old man who I but the boat he is a old boat builder and he built it in Seattle he hs shown me me how to handle it and I have been doing all the fishing and practically all the work, he wants to sleep and take it easy so the work has been up on me, some days we ran as high as $28 and we bare have some $25 days but he won’t put in the hours, we get up at 3 am and sometimes quit 10 or 12 oclock am but if 2 fellows would work together and put in the hours they could make some real money here in the summer & Fall especially as prices are double than in the spring and summer.

It has rained and blew here now for over a week and it makes it darn hard to handle 24 to 32 lbs of lead on each line we have 4 poles and a gurdie or reel run from the engine to handle the lines and boy how these big King Salmon do fight, you have to put them in and knock him in the head and goff him and throw him aboard a the boat keeps going all the time and some weigh up to 40 to 45 lbs dresed, we or I have to clean each too.

I sure wish you were here with me Archie – Maby I’ll fish out of Seattle up at Cope Flattery as to mil and swift True next spring & summer so I think I’ll move the family up to Seattle and I’d like to have you to work with me. Will make some real money Archie then in the fall we could come up to Alaska only 5 or 6 days run with the boat and fish here in Sept & Oct and I think we could make a years wages in 5 or 6 mo.

Pearl is coming up here on her vacation the 20 of Aug she leaves Seattle and then reaches Ketchikan Aug 22 and will stay till Sept 31. She wants to see the boat and have a good rest – she nees it too, that’s darn hard work on the nerves where she works.

They trap a lot here in the winter lots of wolves, wolverines, mink, other, fox martin, beaver, one fellow who is a hand troller here said he made 500 last winter on martin, he got #35 a piece you could do fine here, Archie.

The only transportation one has here is by boat or airplane  My boat is named Jewel. I am going to rebuild the Gallry or Kitchen part I Seattle this winter I am going to make a couple more banks and better cabinet space and fix it a bit different.

Now write me and tell e all the news and if you, Mable & Shirley have been all OK. Write me at Ketchikan, as I have my mail sent out by some packing boats.

Your loving Bro, Irvin

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Irving Wineland - May 8, 1939

Anchorage Alaska
May 8-39
Dear Bro Mable & Shirley:
I should have written sooner but you know how hard it is for me to write.
We have been here in Anchorage for a couple of months. You can see Mt McKinley from here, we are about 275 miles south west of Fairbanks. One can see the Aleutian Islands down the Alaska pensula from  here, it is 110 miles by rail road from Award to here.
As far as I know now I will be going over to Bristol Bay to Fish, the season there is about 30 to 40 days long, but they all make from 1500. Up to 3,000 for 24 days fishing then when I get back Mildred and I are going to Fairbanks and take a steamer down the Yukon River to a village called Ruby then we will fly to Nome, we have a tip on a very rich creek one old fellow 82 years old took out $90,000 last summer and he is the only one working in that place. We will out fit in Nome and fly there and we can prospect for a month and a half then we will have to build a log cabin and get in plenty of wood for the winter as we both want to spend the winter out trapping and hunting for wolves and there are lots of foxes in that country. I think from all reports that the Nome district is by far the best place in Alask to prospect. Two avaitors from Nome went out two years ago bot were $1,400 in debt and the 1st summer took out $30,000 and last year they took out 40 thousand, not bad.
If we do hit anything good, I’ll sure have you folks come up.
Write and tell me all the news.
We saw 2 big moose as we came over the pass by rail from Seward.
Lots of big Kodiak Brown bear and Grizzleys in this country as well as Mt. Sheep and caribon.
As ever your bro

Irv & Mildred

Park Wineland 7-7-57

The Hulman Building
120 West Second Street
Dayton 2, Ohio

Park Wineland Manager


Dear Archie:

After arriving home from the ball game last night, Mrs. W. remembered that we had visited your cousin Ira at Lerpsie, Ohio. That is not very far where the fastin of your grand-father lived. Near Lindlay, Ohio.

I was born and raised just 12 miles from Findlay in Word County.

However so far, I have not been able to place the original John, who came west from some place in Penna. I am enclosing his clart. Ira told me the orginal J. lived in a house where the Penna & Maryland line went through the house. Vout he could not tell me in what country in Pa, I have been in all out three of these Co’s but so far bars not found any count records.

My “hunch” and it is purely one is that he was the son of Jacob & Mary who lived in Beford during the whiskey rebellion, they had about 800 acres of land there but sold it, before the final warrant was issued. The story goes, that he took to the Hills when the troups came there, as he had a big still there, However later he came out and was not prosecuted. But I do not find any further record in the court house, so he must have moved.

I arrved at that idea because the first son (see chart) was named Jacob, and the second son John, Hoever his first daughter was Margarete Ann, (But their the grand-mother could Lanbeur Mary Ann.

So you see how every little bit of information helps make the picture.
I have a letter from Melvin Wineland Alton, Kansas.

So glad you wrote, I am writing to your Brother.

Park Wineland

PS/ Ira is a son of A12 – Jonathan.

This is the original letter - some of the words I wasn't sure about. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Dec 30, 1963 - June

538 W Figueros Drive
Altadena, California

Dec 30, 1963

Dear Shirley,

So glad to get your letter. I have been interested in the family since 1856 but have only been working on the genealogsince Oct. of this year. I have a full time job which makes my time limited. My husband has a meat market and we have a daughter Darlene, 19, in her second year of College. She is engaged and plans to be married in July. Our son Michael is 17 and will graduate from High School in June. He as part time work and plans to go on to college but you never know. Clyd is from Hill City Kansas and came to California when he was 21. I was born at Waldo Kansas, but came to Calif. when I was 7. We met here in Calif.

I am afraid I won’t be too much help, but am trying and will let you know anything I find out. Being out here I missed out on much of the family back there.

Everyone knows of the existence of the Wineland bible but no one seems to know what happened to it. Ira supposedly had some of the family genealogy and that is why I wrote to Laura. Ira and his wife are both dead. He and Frank (Laura’s husband) were sons of William Marshall Wineland. There was another son, Marvin. Ira had bought Grandpa John Winelands home place at Osborne, Kansas and I saw it in 1956 when Katy was still alive. E had kept it with the antique furniture and etc. and it was lovely. There was a large picture of Grandma Jane (Pearse) Wineland hanging in the dining room. The windows were the narrow tall over with insets at the top of Cranberry galss and the drapes were velvet in the same color. It was just beautiful. We all presumed that Ira had the bible as he seemed to be the only one searching into the past. I had written to all my immediate relatives and they all know the bible existed but no one knows where it is. Another thing I have tried to find out without siccess in it was always rumored that Grandma Jane Pearse Wineland was part Indian. But all I can find out is that her fathers last name was Pearse. Well that spelling is English. Her mothers last name was Brady. And that usually Irish, taken from O’Brady. Laura was writing to Wava and I believe she is Iras daughter so maybe we will learn something there. I hope so. So far I haven’t even been able to find out these peoples first names. It’s terrible to be so ignorant Ha! I have written to try and get more information about John and Jane Wineland and also about Great Great Grandpa John and Mar Elder Wineland. What ever I find I will pass on to you. It so wonderful to find other people doing this. So many people I contact think I’m crazy and others just don’t bother to answer. No if you or Mr. Park Wineland will writhe specific facts you want we will all og to work. I appreciate the information you have sent.

Do you know where Great Great Grandpa John Wineland was born on Dec 11, 1803 or Mary Elder Dec 13, 1803 or where they were married.

I am sending you the references I have on the Elders as there is no information available here where I live. There are blind leads so far. Will put it on a separate page and also enclose genealogy sheets on my immediate family as Park may want them

Love June

Well, I thought I had run down – but decided I would put this in in case Mr. Park Wineland didn’t have it. I read your letter again and think he has it. But anyway.

Great Grandpa John Wineland and Jane Pearse and Wineland went to jewell co Kansas in 1871 and to Osborne Kansas in 1874 from Iowa.

I yes, James Westly Goad --- Uncle John says his fathers initials were I S after they came to Kansas things were so rough he started walking back to Iowa to get work and we never heard of again. It has been a persistant family rumor that “the Indians got him” But no proof. He was born Sept 1 1857 at Cordan, Wayne Co Iowa and Ihave written to see if I can find his parents. No answer yet. He died Aug 31, 1916 of Brights Disease. It buried at Cedar Bluff Cemetary near Waldo Kansas. His wife Lydia (Markham Goad was born Dec 30, 1821 we think in White Co. Tenn. I have written there too. No answer yet. She died April 7, 1885 and is buried at Cedar Bluff Cemetery. Practically everyone is this cemetery is Goad or related to a Goad.

ORIGINL LETTER SENT TO Park Wineland on 9 January 1963

March 15 - Sunday - June

Sunday Mar 15

Dear Shirley,

You go right ahead and preach – if that’s what you call it. I was so glad & proud too to receive your letter. Too many of us take for granted the rights and freedoms that our free flying flag guarantees us, the people of this great country. Too many forget the spilled blood, the gut & grit that gave us these rights. And too few realize that these rights could be lost or taken from us. I am proud to be a distant relation to you and your husband. You keep right on feeling the way you do – it is wonderful!
I too was privileged to have cub scouts & Clyde was assistant Scout Master. Also had Blue Birds, Camp Fire Girls & etc,. Clyde also worked with Little League for two years.

I have gotten discouraged in my research as it seems I am wondering down roads that lead nowhere – but make in time.

Did you get a picture of the Weinland or Wienland crest when you were in Germany? I have hunted the Paradena library on my day off – but cannot find it nor any genealogical references to the spelling of Wineland that Parks wife so kindly sent.

If I think I have information I will write. If you get some – write – otherwise forget t. We are all so busy in the mad cap world of today. I can’t help but wish I could live longer to see what changes that futre will bring to our planet. When you think of the change – just since our Great Grandmother & Grandfather John & Jane Wineland it is truly awesome.

Wava Nelson (Ira Wineland’s daughter) has never answered myletter. I had a nice letter from Marvin & Esther Wineland – but they had no information. They did send the picture of our Great Grandparents that I mentioned in my last letter.



Note: Believe this letter was written ca 1966. 

Elder Family References

Elder references:

“Whately Mass.” By Croft pg 459

“Penn, Genealogies” by Egles, 2nd edition pg 187-213

“History of Industry of Maine,” by Hatch p 603

“Mock Genealogy?” pg 69-75 (This must prove it)

“Maine History & General Records,” Vol IV, 161-7

“Marshalls Genealogy” (pub 1884) pg 13-5

“History of Gorham Maine,” by Pierce p 164

“Sgamon County, Illinois Settler,” by Powell p 282-4

“History of Whately Mass,” by Temple p 228

“Trumans Genealogy”
Tues Mar 3

Dear Shirley,

I am ashamed, I take it all back – about Park. I received a lovely letter from his wife saying he has been ill. I’m copying what she wrote alth’ she may have sent the same to you.

“Notes from Mrs. Park Wineland about your family which have a direct bearing on your questions to Park. He has been ill the past year & hasn’t been able to get out information as quickly as he once did so knowing how anxious you and Shirley Taylor are for information which might further your search I’m taking the liberty to write you. First Park has not compiled his vast amount of facts in book form, so he is not the man who is selling anything about the many Wineland families. (This was told to me by Rufus Winder who was told by Katy Wineland, Iran wife, but no one has the mane name now. June) Park is glad to help anyone who writes him. In fact the only other person of the Wineland family that we know of who has made a genealogy is – Iverson P. Wineland who compiled a Wineland history 40 or 50 years ago & had a printed genealogy made. This information was received from Ruth Dunnington, 2423  Inge St. So, Arlington, VA on July 17, 1955. This man was her Uncle. She says there was a Wm Wineland who married John Rolf. Wannita Rolf. Pocahontas married John Rolf. Mrs Dunnington could find no proof of any connection. She also speaks of a lost bble which is in Oregon in passion of a neice of a person who lives in Harlan, Iowa. We have found Wineland records under Wyland, Wieland, Wielands, and many other form of the name.

David Wineland of Blair Co, Pa, wrote a history & genealogy of his immediate families decended from – John Wineland B 1769 m Hannah Brumbaugh B 1775. (Issue 12 children)
T is my own opinion that you will find your John (1803) is a son of the brother of the above John whos name was Jacob.

1.       John W (1769) first son Jacob married a Christina MOCK (sometime MACK) There is much more about this Wineland family & the Mock’s in “Brumbaugh Family History,” which Park owns. Here I will list several imported source materials we possess. Pa, Fayette Co History – the oldest on Brumbaugh History. Pa census of 1790 – (the very first cencus) Ruppy 30,000 names – names immigrants, contains ships listing from 1600 to 1775.

On p 60 – Mack – sameas Mock. Sept 15, 1729-59 ship – Allen. 126 persons imported. James Craigie, Master. Alexander Mack Sr. was born at Schriesheim.

Note: The next page is missing at this point. I'm sure I'll find it among the others. Believe this letter was written ca. 1966. 

Unknown Date - George E. McElwen (?)

Due to the death of my father, George Bradley on ___ date – we were obligated to pay expenses of $663.12 to be divided among 3 persons. Each payed $221.04 was paid in full on June 16, 1964. On the 20th of July we were informed, by Social Security a check amounting to $120.00 was sent to your office, this was to be paid in the amount of $40.00 per account. Therefore a check should be forthcoming from you in the amount of $40.00 as our account had been paid in full before the daate you received the check from Soal Security.

I would appreciate your investigation of this matter.

I remain, Sincerely,

George E. McElwem

Note: The spelling of the last name in incorrect - it was hard to read the writing. This looks like a "practice" letter. There was no date with this note. 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Lizzy's Wedding Cake

I've been reading my great grandmother's diary from 1894-95.

I found her wedding cake recipe in the back of the diary. I tried to see if I could make the cake as she did. I think I was close. The "filling" is good. The cake needs some work. I need to figure out the difference between 1800's and today. They usually cooked ingredients, which I did. I then made the mistake of using a beater to add the flour. I should have spooned it in.

I will try to get more letters on here. I have a stack next to me on the coffee table. Thought everyone might enjoy Lizzy's Wedding Cake.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Penokee KS June 10 - Archie's sister

Penokee KS
June 10

Dear Bro.

I rec your letter Glad to get it.

Am rindy slow about returning it But Floyd & Alivin wanted to see the laywer so we did Sajers the laywer said if he was us he waned go up their & hire a laywer on persenatage he said it was worth it. But for my part I would just as soon drop it. Alvin & Floyd want to take it up. So let me no before to long we showed him this letter the laywer wrote you.

Ollie is replanting sure had some rain I have soo little chick maxcine has two teeth & crawls all own weigh 24 ½ lbs & is 27 in. tall. Sure some chunk

Will close we are sure busy. Now Harriet is only about 2 WV oz.

Close lot Love

From your Sis to you all.  

Irvin Wineland - June 1938

June 31, 38

Dear Bro & Wife:

Well I rec’d your letter and I’ve just taking time while in Ketchikan for a few days to sure answer your letter before I go back out to the trolling grounds.

We have had a fair run of Salmon but not like last year, but they all say that the fish are late this year and that they all expect a good run here in July of Kings the Cohoe Salmon are just beginning to come in but the prices are just 4(cent sign) a lb so one has to catch quiete a few a day to pay but I got up to 9 & 9 ½ 4 a lb lots last summer for them so making the price will gradually raise we are getting 10 (cent sign) a lb and they are paying 14 & 15 (cent sign) alb for King Salmon here in town so I think I’ll pack up so I can run them in and maybe I can make a little more expect King Salmon to go up to 20 or 22 before fall I got up to 21 4 a lb last sept & oct so if I can get enough can make it pay

I had one $50 day and owe $33 day and then the use were from a couple of dollars to 15820 but of course one uses about 1.50 in gas and then we loose some had a gear once in a while so it runs the expense acct up too. We use spoons and they run from $3 a doz to 9 & $10 a doz of course we make good spoons out of brass & Bronze but hooks & swinels cost too the linen leaden we use cost $4 a lb and the stainless stool hives we use cost 36 to $38 for the 4 we fish with 4 lines & 4 poles two out the side of the boat and two out over the bow of the boat the 2 bow lines carey from 30 to 40 lbs if lead each and then out sidelines carry from 15 to 25 lbs if lead each and of course we hit bottom and loose some had once in a while I have lost at bass 150 lbs of had this year and that costs too, so we have our problems too.

We pull our lines in wich bronze gurdies or rules that run from the shaft drives by the fly wheel on the engine.

The “Jewel” that’s the name of my boat is 40 ½ ft long I can carry 7 or 8 tons of iah fish in the hold. My cabin I have the engine and 2 bunks and stove & all my cabnets are unclosed and I have a 100 gal water tak up in the bow. It is one of the best looking and one of the best built boats up here even if I do say so all the old timers all say you sure have a fine boat.

Well if the fish came in in good numbers I get my share I have been among the high boats where I have been trolling so with a little more experience I can fish with the best of them. Some made as high as 5-6 or even 7 thousand last year but I don’t think the King Salmon will run as heaby as last year

The King Salmon weigh up to 50-60 and 75 lbs most of them run from 14 to 30 they are called Mildcure and the small Kings run from 6 to 14 – cohoes run from 3 up to 9 & 10 lbs they are much smaller Salmon. Dog Salmon & Humpbacks and Sockeyes we don’t catch on trolling gear; as they only pay 10 (cent sign) for Humpback salmon they call pin Oalwon in camp and Dog samon they pay 12 (cent sign) for they catch those in traps and the sockey also.

King Salmon is sold fresh & mild cured & Kippered they are not caured & the Cohoes a few are canned & some are sold fresh frozen & some are mild cured. That is smoked lightly.

I have had meat several times this summer it sure is good up here. There are thousands out among the thousands of Islands I have a new Winchester model 70 in a 30.06 sure shoots swell I shoe a seal right in the head they pay $2 bounty on the hair seal & $1 on eagles which there are thousands too and $20 bounty on wolves & coyotes.

I would like to go up the Stilkime or Unik river before I go south this fall and get a moose and take some deer meat down but I don’t know if I can spare the time.

Well that sure is too bad about Uncle Louie & Gene and also Mabel’s folks too.

I have been well but it sure is hard work on a large boat alone most of the boats have 2 men on them and they run from 3 in the morning till 11 at night and I have did that many a day myself so it sure is not an easy swap I get up in the morning build a fire and put on the coffee pot and start the engine and run out to where I am going to fish and then after I have the hier out I grab some thing quick to eat as I watch the lines most of the time.

Well tell Shirley helo and you and Mabel take care of yourselves and maybe we can work some thing out up here Pearl wants to meet me in Seattle this fall and if we can possible can we will try and see you folks this fall if possible your loving bro Irvin

(side of letter): PS Now write, as I like to hear from you and I’ll write and give you al the news from imphere.