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Penokee KS June 10 - Archie's sister

Penokee KS
June 10

Dear Bro.

I rec your letter Glad to get it.

Am rindy slow about returning it But Floyd & Alivin wanted to see the laywer so we did Sajers the laywer said if he was us he waned go up their & hire a laywer on persenatage he said it was worth it. But for my part I would just as soon drop it. Alvin & Floyd want to take it up. So let me no before to long we showed him this letter the laywer wrote you.

Ollie is replanting sure had some rain I have soo little chick maxcine has two teeth & crawls all own weigh 24 ½ lbs & is 27 in. tall. Sure some chunk

Will close we are sure busy. Now Harriet is only about 2 WV oz.

Close lot Love

From your Sis to you all.  

Irvin Wineland - June 1938

June 31, 38

Dear Bro & Wife:

Well I rec’d your letter and I’ve just taking time while in Ketchikan for a few days to sure answer your letter before I go back out to the trolling grounds.

We have had a fair run of Salmon but not like last year, but they all say that the fish are late this year and that they all expect a good run here in July of Kings the Cohoe Salmon are just beginning to come in but the prices are just 4(cent sign) a lb so one has to catch quiete a few a day to pay but I got up to 9 & 9 ½ 4 a lb lots last summer for them so making the price will gradually raise we are getting 10 (cent sign) a lb and they are paying 14 & 15 (cent sign) alb for King Salmon here in town so I think I’ll pack up so I can run them in and maybe I can make a little more expect King Salmon to go up to 20 or 22 before fall I got up to 21 4 a lb last sept & oct so if I can get enough can make it pay

I had one $50 day and owe $33 day and then the use were from a couple of dollars to 15820 but of course one uses about 1.50 in gas and then we loose some had a gear once in a while so it runs the expense acct up too. We use spoons and they run from $3 a doz to 9 & $10 a doz of course we make good spoons out of brass & Bronze but hooks & swinels cost too the linen leaden we use cost $4 a lb and the stainless stool hives we use cost 36 to $38 for the 4 we fish with 4 lines & 4 poles two out the side of the boat and two out over the bow of the boat the 2 bow lines carey from 30 to 40 lbs if lead each and then out sidelines carry from 15 to 25 lbs if lead each and of course we hit bottom and loose some had once in a while I have lost at bass 150 lbs of had this year and that costs too, so we have our problems too.

We pull our lines in wich bronze gurdies or rules that run from the shaft drives by the fly wheel on the engine.

The “Jewel” that’s the name of my boat is 40 ½ ft long I can carry 7 or 8 tons of iah fish in the hold. My cabin I have the engine and 2 bunks and stove & all my cabnets are unclosed and I have a 100 gal water tak up in the bow. It is one of the best looking and one of the best built boats up here even if I do say so all the old timers all say you sure have a fine boat.

Well if the fish came in in good numbers I get my share I have been among the high boats where I have been trolling so with a little more experience I can fish with the best of them. Some made as high as 5-6 or even 7 thousand last year but I don’t think the King Salmon will run as heaby as last year

The King Salmon weigh up to 50-60 and 75 lbs most of them run from 14 to 30 they are called Mildcure and the small Kings run from 6 to 14 – cohoes run from 3 up to 9 & 10 lbs they are much smaller Salmon. Dog Salmon & Humpbacks and Sockeyes we don’t catch on trolling gear; as they only pay 10 (cent sign) for Humpback salmon they call pin Oalwon in camp and Dog samon they pay 12 (cent sign) for they catch those in traps and the sockey also.

King Salmon is sold fresh & mild cured & Kippered they are not caured & the Cohoes a few are canned & some are sold fresh frozen & some are mild cured. That is smoked lightly.

I have had meat several times this summer it sure is good up here. There are thousands out among the thousands of Islands I have a new Winchester model 70 in a 30.06 sure shoots swell I shoe a seal right in the head they pay $2 bounty on the hair seal & $1 on eagles which there are thousands too and $20 bounty on wolves & coyotes.

I would like to go up the Stilkime or Unik river before I go south this fall and get a moose and take some deer meat down but I don’t know if I can spare the time.

Well that sure is too bad about Uncle Louie & Gene and also Mabel’s folks too.

I have been well but it sure is hard work on a large boat alone most of the boats have 2 men on them and they run from 3 in the morning till 11 at night and I have did that many a day myself so it sure is not an easy swap I get up in the morning build a fire and put on the coffee pot and start the engine and run out to where I am going to fish and then after I have the hier out I grab some thing quick to eat as I watch the lines most of the time.

Well tell Shirley helo and you and Mabel take care of yourselves and maybe we can work some thing out up here Pearl wants to meet me in Seattle this fall and if we can possible can we will try and see you folks this fall if possible your loving bro Irvin

(side of letter): PS Now write, as I like to hear from you and I’ll write and give you al the news from imphere.