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Marion Wineland - 2/12/1964 - Re: Irvin Wineland

514 Woodcrest Lane
Failbrook, Calif.

February 12, 1964

Dear Mabel and Archie:

Many thanks for your letter and birthday card. Lou Scoville and Wilcox’s had me over for a cake and icecream for my birthday in spite of not feeling very festive.

Am enclosing the newspaper clipping card of thanks so you will know your name was on it.

Its cold today tho its been so beautiful and really warm outside but still isn’t as cold as when you were here. I have a fire in the fireplace tho and its nearly 2 in the afternoon. Its windy that is what makes it cold. I got another load of wood and its easy to handle. Sure grateful to Archie for cutting me up that other.

Am advertising for a woman companion so don’t know what success I’ll have.

The cats are all fine and Frank cut a hole in the door for wood and they can go in and out and I can lock the doors when I go out.

Mrs. Simmons, the young woman who drove us is sick with a cold so haven’t begun to take lessons on the car. Frank Scoville had to have a man familiar with the Simca show him the gear shifts as its so different from the regular kind being a foreign car and said it would be hard for me to learn on it. Well time will tell. Just as well Archie didn’t attempt it.

We haven’t picked avocados yet as decided they could wait and get a little bigger for a better market but Lou insists on helping me tomorrow pick some.

Mrs. Simmons father had bought several of Irvin’s carvings and a ad came today from out of town who had bot some of Irvings carvings when they were at the hardware store more than a year ago so is coming for two more Friday. She liked the kind you like – like that hardfaced one of Archie’s of Mansanita wood. How do people like that old hussy face?

Tell Archie I had a big envelope come from the White House and it was a certificate honoring the memory of Irvin signed by Lyndon Johnson the President.

Had a nice letter from Shirley which I will answer. Did your package get there yet?

My brother in Canada called me long distance from there one night last week and said they might be down in the Spring.

I seem to be so busy what with wood, people coming and had to prune roses.

It looked like rain but disappointed everyone and is sunny today tho cold. It may rain over the weekend. Have had to water all the avocados and plants. Mrs. Wilcox where you had supper that night you expected to leave with your sister has a job from 3 to 7 cooking over at the rest home run by the Morman Bishop who talked at Irvin’s funeral. She loves the job tho she doesn’t need it.

How is the egg candling. Suppose you are hard at work. Maybe when I get things attended to and get adjusted I might be able to get something especially when it warms up here. Its hard to go off for long and leave a fire burning.

Hope this finds you both well including the dog.



Had cards from people I don’t even know who thot lots of Irvin. 

unknown Poem

She will learn in time that proper young ladies do not laugh out loud...or kiss dogs,....or keep frogs in pickle jars in bedrooms...or watch ants scurry across the cracks in a summer sidewalk....

Today, who will begin to learn for the first time that all who smile at her are not her friends...That "the group" can be a demanding mistress....

And I'll stand on the porch and watch her start out on the long, long journey to becoming a women....

So World, I bequeath to you today one little girl in a crispy dress...with two blue eyes...

And a happy laugh that ripples all day long, and a batch of light blonde hair that bounces in the sunlight when she runs.

I trust you'll treat her well.

To Sarah Johnson from Ernest Brige 3/21/1940

Seymour Manufacturing Company
Scythe Snaths, Grain Cradles
Post Hole Diggers, Etc.
Established 1872
Seymour, Indiana

March 21, 1940.

Mrs. Sarah Johnson,
1506 Y Ave.,
LaGrande Oregon.

Dear Mrs. Johnson:

I received your letter of March 10th some time ago and have been intending to answer it more promptly. Answering some of your questions, my father’s name was Julius and his grandfather and your grandfather were brothers. His grandfather was one of the younger children in the family. Someone in the Oklahoma branch of the family wrote that they thought their family was largely Irish, meaning that the Birges had married people f Irish descent. This is true of our family as my mother’s name was Mary Patrick. In my own family I have five children and six grandchildren.

I notice that your grandmother wrote the family a letter in 1875. There seems to be some little confusion as to the name of your grandfather Elijah’s wife, possibly because he married twice. I am trying to clear up this part of the record but it is rather hard to do as no one seems to have a written record of early dates or names. I am wondering if someone in your family had records such as might be in an old family Bible. The trouble seems to be that both your family and mine were pioneers and in moving about such records were lost.

Some time before long I am going to try and get over to Centralia, Ill, as I go near there quite frequent, and see if I can locate any early records of the family while I am there. I will be glad to have the record of your family and their children at any time that you can give them to me.

You ask about my being able to read your writing. I can do very well in reading it and think for a person of your age that you have quite a firm, legible handwriting. I do have some difficulty when it comes to names as it is a little more diffcutlt to make out some particular name whereas words are easy to read, depending on the word that comes before or after them. I am

S.J.                                                                               -2-                                                                          3/21/40

Not nearly as old as you are, yet my wife tells me that she cannot always read my letters and I sometimes have to pass up some words in hers.

Do you happen to know where I could locate any of Manuel’s family, who was one of your youger half brothers, or where I could locate the family of your brother, William? I note that he lived in Centralia, Ill.

I note what you write about pictures of Mrs. Birge and me. We do not have nay real photographs but I have some Kodak pictures that I am going to have printed as soon as I can find the films and will be very much pleased to send these to you.

Very sincerely,

Ernest N. Birge


Irvin Wineland - Dec 1, 1957 Hawaii

Dec 1, 1957

Dear Archie and Mable,

Was pleased to hear that you go a deer with Forest. I have not had a gun out of the case, only to check whether it is in good condition.

We’re having a hurricane coming up. From the south, they said at first that it would hit our land of area but later it veered off south of us by 70 miles but, we have had high trade winds and lots of rain since last night and I just heard over the radio that we’ll still have heavy winds and rain tonight but will subside tomorrow. Honolulu was hit with pretty hard winds last night, there’s quite a mountain range between our side of the Island and Honolulu so it broke quite a bit off the wind.

We had only o banana tree blow over, we are quite sheltered at our place, we have large Kamania trees there & four feet thick in our back and the people to our other side have a row of cocoanut trees that break a lot of wind coming from the east and south.

Give the chap where you work our address and tell him we live about three blocks south of Chings store at Hauula toward Honohilu were a block off Kam Highway that’s the highway that circles theIsland. We live at 53-018B MaKao Road.

We had a friend of Marion’s sister from Vancouver, B C she spent a few days with us, Marion’s sister wrote us adsaid she had a wonderful time, as it’s more like old Hawaii out here and Waikiki is all modern especially for the tourist trade and too commercially for a person to get the real feel of Hawaiian atmosphere.

I made a few trips here in ’21, and 22 & 23 and things are lots modern now but still life is at a lot slower pace then in the states.

We traded in our old TV this past summer and got a new RCA deluxe – it sure is OK clear as a bell, except when they have a tropical storm over o he Island of Maui, from where they relay it. Glad to hear Shirley and family is O.K. give them our helo and we’ll try to get some gift off this week for Christ.

We have quite a few orchids in bloom also Hibiscus, roses also another plant with pinkish lavender flowers that has new flowers on it 365 days a year, surely the finest blooming plant I’ve ever seen by Xmas we’ll have quite a lot of orchids in bloom, so we’ll have some to show your friend.

I worked at Hawaiian Electric all summer till in Sept, we installed a new steam trubolectric unit, I was working 10 hrs a day 6 days a week too darn much for me, so I am going to take it easy till 1st of year and if there is no work through our union I’m going to draw unemployment to heck with Killing your calf off, I’ll take it easy, Marion wil write some too – I was just interrupted by Puki, our mamma Siamesee cat I head her calling outside so just went out and she had a mouse she had caught chi one young male tom just 7 mo old oday, he catches rats and mice about every day and he’ll bring them in to show us and he’ll play with them for quite a spell before he kills them. I hope you folks had a nice Thanksgiving. We had a small turkey and finished it off today.

With love from Irv.

Marion will write a few lines. (Note: no writing from Marin with this letter)

Irvin Wineland - July 1938

Noyes Island Via Ketchikan Alaska
July 26, (1938?)

Dearest Bro and All:

Well I sent you a card from Ketchikan some time ago but I didn’t hear from you. I cam up here to Ketchikan along in April and looked around for work so I finally decided to buy a boat a fishing boat there that was the quickest way to get a job – so I bought a 40 ft by 10 ft beam Trolling boat it has a 100 gal cooking water tank and 2 banks – stove cupboards and storage space and a 30 hourse power Palmer marine engine and a large hold back aft to store things or to pack fish when using Ice we made 2 trips this spring and carried 2 ton of ice each trip and packed one salmon in to market but we had bee out here on the west coast among the numerous islands the past mo and have sold each day that we fish. The old man who I but the boat he is a old boat builder and he built it in Seattle he hs shown me me how to handle it and I have been doing all the fishing and practically all the work, he wants to sleep and take it easy so the work has been up on me, some days we ran as high as $28 and we bare have some $25 days but he won’t put in the hours, we get up at 3 am and sometimes quit 10 or 12 oclock am but if 2 fellows would work together and put in the hours they could make some real money here in the summer & Fall especially as prices are double than in the spring and summer.

It has rained and blew here now for over a week and it makes it darn hard to handle 24 to 32 lbs of lead on each line we have 4 poles and a gurdie or reel run from the engine to handle the lines and boy how these big King Salmon do fight, you have to put them in and knock him in the head and goff him and throw him aboard a the boat keeps going all the time and some weigh up to 40 to 45 lbs dresed, we or I have to clean each too.

I sure wish you were here with me Archie – Maby I’ll fish out of Seattle up at Cope Flattery as to mil and swift True next spring & summer so I think I’ll move the family up to Seattle and I’d like to have you to work with me. Will make some real money Archie then in the fall we could come up to Alaska only 5 or 6 days run with the boat and fish here in Sept & Oct and I think we could make a years wages in 5 or 6 mo.

Pearl is coming up here on her vacation the 20 of Aug she leaves Seattle and then reaches Ketchikan Aug 22 and will stay till Sept 31. She wants to see the boat and have a good rest – she nees it too, that’s darn hard work on the nerves where she works.

They trap a lot here in the winter lots of wolves, wolverines, mink, other, fox martin, beaver, one fellow who is a hand troller here said he made 500 last winter on martin, he got #35 a piece you could do fine here, Archie.

The only transportation one has here is by boat or airplane  My boat is named Jewel. I am going to rebuild the Gallry or Kitchen part I Seattle this winter I am going to make a couple more banks and better cabinet space and fix it a bit different.

Now write me and tell e all the news and if you, Mable & Shirley have been all OK. Write me at Ketchikan, as I have my mail sent out by some packing boats.

Your loving Bro, Irvin