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Marion Wineland - 2/12/1964 - Re: Irvin Wineland

514 Woodcrest Lane
Failbrook, Calif.

February 12, 1964

Dear Mabel and Archie:

Many thanks for your letter and birthday card. Lou Scoville and Wilcox’s had me over for a cake and icecream for my birthday in spite of not feeling very festive.

Am enclosing the newspaper clipping card of thanks so you will know your name was on it.

Its cold today tho its been so beautiful and really warm outside but still isn’t as cold as when you were here. I have a fire in the fireplace tho and its nearly 2 in the afternoon. Its windy that is what makes it cold. I got another load of wood and its easy to handle. Sure grateful to Archie for cutting me up that other.

Am advertising for a woman companion so don’t know what success I’ll have.

The cats are all fine and Frank cut a hole in the door for wood and they can go in and out and I can lock the doors when I go out.

Mrs. Simmons, the young woman who drove us is sick with a cold so haven’t begun to take lessons on the car. Frank Scoville had to have a man familiar with the Simca show him the gear shifts as its so different from the regular kind being a foreign car and said it would be hard for me to learn on it. Well time will tell. Just as well Archie didn’t attempt it.

We haven’t picked avocados yet as decided they could wait and get a little bigger for a better market but Lou insists on helping me tomorrow pick some.

Mrs. Simmons father had bought several of Irvin’s carvings and a ad came today from out of town who had bot some of Irvings carvings when they were at the hardware store more than a year ago so is coming for two more Friday. She liked the kind you like – like that hardfaced one of Archie’s of Mansanita wood. How do people like that old hussy face?

Tell Archie I had a big envelope come from the White House and it was a certificate honoring the memory of Irvin signed by Lyndon Johnson the President.

Had a nice letter from Shirley which I will answer. Did your package get there yet?

My brother in Canada called me long distance from there one night last week and said they might be down in the Spring.

I seem to be so busy what with wood, people coming and had to prune roses.

It looked like rain but disappointed everyone and is sunny today tho cold. It may rain over the weekend. Have had to water all the avocados and plants. Mrs. Wilcox where you had supper that night you expected to leave with your sister has a job from 3 to 7 cooking over at the rest home run by the Morman Bishop who talked at Irvin’s funeral. She loves the job tho she doesn’t need it.

How is the egg candling. Suppose you are hard at work. Maybe when I get things attended to and get adjusted I might be able to get something especially when it warms up here. Its hard to go off for long and leave a fire burning.

Hope this finds you both well including the dog.



Had cards from people I don’t even know who thot lots of Irvin. 

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