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April 19, 1940 - Ernest N. Birge

Seymour Manufacturing Company
Cythe Snaths, Grain Cradles
Post Hole Diggers, Etc.
Established 1872
Seymour, Indiana

April 19, 1940

Mrs. Sarah Johnson,
1506 Y. Ave.,
La Grande, Ore.

Dear Mrs. Johnson:

I thank you very much for your trouble in again writing me and appreciate the records which you have sent me with reference to your family. I have copied these and am hastening to return them to you so that they will not be lost.

Someone in the family, possibly yourself, gave me your son, William’s address and I several days ago wrote him asking him if possible to give me what records he could of your children, as I thought it would be easier for him to write than to trouble you for this information.

I think you must be feeling better and I hope that you are. I judge this from the fact that your letter just received shows very little indication of your being nervous. The letter after you had had your fall indicated that you were not feeling at all well. If I can ever get to 88 years of age I will be happy even if I cannot keep my hand steady enough to write.

I am making some little progress in getting the data on your grandfather Elijah’s family. It is my guess that by the time I have completed the records I will have something over 200 descendants without counting the in-laws who have married into the family. The line to which I belong descending from Elijah’s brother, William, is just about as numerous.

Hoping that your health continues to improve, I am

Very sincerely,

Ernest N. Birge.


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