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Feb 15, 1940 - Ernest Birge

Seymour Manufacturing Company
Scythe Snaths, Grain Cradles
Post Hole Diggers, Etc.
Established 1872
Seymour, Indiana

Feb 15, 1940.
Mrs. Sarah A. Johnson,
1506 Y. Ave.,
LaGrande, Oregon.
Dear Mrs. Johnson:
I received your address through your niece, Mrs. Edward Bruce, and learned from her that you are one of the surviving children of John H. Birge. Our family is rather inclined to be long-lived. I regret that you cannot recall or at least may not have heard the name of your grandfather as I have been of the opinion that your line connects to the line of my great grandfather’s family, your line coming down from Elijah. It is apparent that or father was married several times and according to some information that I have received, you are one of the five children of his first wife, who was apparently Eliazabeth M. Dow. These children as I have them are William J., Charles Dunning, Sarah Ann (yourself), Rebeccah Jane, Eldora Inis. Other children seem to be Helen Hulda, Theodora Delbert, Jerry Edward, John Lewis, David Albert. I have no record as yet to indicate the maiden name of the mother of the five children just named above. I have a record that shows that Joe was a son of a fifth wife and H.J. Birge the son of a fourth wife, but no record so far as to the names of the mothers.
You mentioned in a letter to Mrs. Bruce that you thought there was another son, Earnest, who as a son of the fifth wife. Can you give me any further information as to these families?
I have a letter written to my father in 1860 which gives some information about Elijah and his son, John, but there is nothing very definite in it. I would appreciate it very much I you would kindly give me what information you can with reference to the family as it is only the older members like you who can remember this information firsthand and  am anxious to have the facts recorded for the benefit of any of those who might be interested.

Sincerely yours,

Ernest N. Birge.

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