Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rosa Moorhead Dec 16, 1870

I'm not sure if this will show up, but at least you can see what I'm going through when it comes to reading handwriting. I will say grandfather, Ebon, had good handwriting. The address marked on the envelope is "Wife Rosa Moorhead." She married Ebon White (middle name). He is Silas in my genealogy. They raised my grandfather, after their daughter, Lizzie Little White, passed away of lock jaw. She was only 22 years old at the time. Even being lucky enough to have these letters, is heart felt.

I will try and get more letters posted in the coming days, but wanted to post a letter that you could see first hand.

Enjoy and will try to do more like this in the future.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Oak BBC - 1870 Club meeting minutes

July 18th, 1870

The meeting was called to order by Mr. White who nominated U. S. Ellsworth for chairman of the meeting. He was elected and took the chair. The House then proceeded to elect officers and in the short characteristic way with which the Oak BBC alls things generally the following named gentlemen were elected to office, M. A. Brown President J. D. Beach Vice President. F. W. Bullock Co. Sec. U. S. Ellisworth Ret. Sec & Tres, and Meissrs. Avid, W. Ellsworth and Perret Directors. A motion was made that “all members of the Oak B.B.C. quilt of swearing either at the club meeting or on the B.B. ground should be fined a sum not less than 5 or exceeding 10 cents.” Carried. A motion was then made that “the President should see that this rule was enforced.” Carried. A motion was then made that “the chairman elect 3 gentleman for “the old,” et nine who were to choose 6 players to complete the nine.” Carried. They elected Messrs. Alvord, Bullock & Beach who at over retired age of the other players. After a few moments the afford said gentlemean are tired and announced their choice of players to fill out the nine (?) Messrs, Gray, Brown, White, Curtis Ellsworth, & Paul.

Some one suggested that a uniform be decided upon. Accordingly several of the members decided upon a suitable uniform as allows. A white knit shirt gray pants gray caps and cloth clad. Motion was made that an imitation of 50 cent be paid by each (unreadable) Carried. The subject of monthly dues was brought up. After some discussion it was moved that we (unreadable)sessed 10 cents per month. Carried. It was Respe---veaded to pace the 1st nine by ballet. This crealed some fun & excitement. The postions of the first nine are as follows. Brouson C., Curtis P.. Point 1st B. Gray 2nd B. Bech 3rd B. Bullock S.S. Ellsworth C. F. Alvord C.F. White R.F. The 1st  line then decided to play a ? of B.B. on their own grounds July 30th. After talking & joking & we time longer. A motion was made to everyone.

Lizzie White - Oct 25, 1894

Oct 25th 94.

Dear Mother,

I wrote you a postal this morning and then I missed the mail man so I didn’t get to send it. I’m going to stay with Grandma this week as Aunt Nell is gne to Clarksville to see about Church matters. Aunt Add and I have had lots of sewing to do we have got the box pretty near ready to send. but we didn’t know where to send it or whether to send it by express or freight. I guess it will take such a hug time to go by freight don’t it? So I want you to answer right away and tell us what to do. Lucia is back here now they have been having a terrible time up there Uncle Charlie turned John Frane off, there was so much talk about John & Mandi we wouldn’t be surprised any day to hear of Uncle Charlie & Frantis Gregory getting married & Mandi hate her son she was down here this afternoon and she & I had a big romp she & I got along splendid now. It took us quite awhile to get acquainted. Aunt Rose wanted Uncle Charlie to have me go there and stay all nite with her but he hasn’t decided. Agnes is teaching School I harldy ever see her any more Uncle Jule told me the other day that he guessed Lizie was mad at them because I never came down there & that’s the way they all talk. I got a letter from George and you this evening yes I got your bundles you sent me all right. Thank you what in the dickens does Fred want to keep Mike for? Tell Rafe that I weigh 140 lbs now and see what she willsayy to that I’m afraid you wouldent know me now that’s what I weighed yesterday. Yes I owe Grandma a letter & must answer it sum what a dear little woman she is anyway. Grandma is pearing apples & Uncle Will is reading and its raining. Wish you would step in Grandma got a letter from Father this evening well I will close for this time hoping to hear from you soon I remain your daughter Lizzie.

Notes on the letter – Why don’t Fred & Louise ever write any more to me? Tell George I will write soon good night.