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Oma (McNeal) Whitson Sept 1960

A letter sent to my grandfather, Archie Wineland, asking about his family history.

Even back then people wanted to know about their family history. I'm not sure which White family book we are in, but I will say, we are out in a lot of family history books, as Mable Matheson Wineland, my grandmother, gave out that information to a lot of family members. As much as it pains me to know there is a photo of our family that will be the death of me! I hated that photo and yet I have found it published in at least 3 family history books. To think of all the pictures out there of me, that is the one people will see for years to come. (Don't know what I did to deserve that!)

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Happy Veterans Day!

In honor of my father (pictured above) and all military personnel, I would like to personally Thank You for your service. 

Letter from the Past, is still active and more letters will be posted in the near future. 

Please thank a Veteran for their services.

My Thank you's go to the following and then some - 

Myron Taylor, Jr. 
Patrick Wiltzius
Patrick Taylor
Chris Taylor
William Taylor
Robert Taylor
Orville Matheson
James M. Hodge
William Hodge
Washington Wineland
John Wineland
Jackson Wineland

Thank you to all my ancestors! I'm so proud to be an American!

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Josephine Hogan - 1960

Salina, KS
Aug 1960

Dear Friend Mabel –

Time again for another birthday anniversary for you. Suppose it seems to you that a whole year can hardly have passed by, but suppose that’s the way of it as we get older. Another Summer is about gone but for the most part our weather was not so bad – not so hot as it might have been. Seems w would have some real hot days – then the weather would cool off.

I’m sending you a little gift hope it reaches you in time, but guess if it’s a bit late you’ll understand. I am especially fond of this fragrance and I hope you will like it as well as I do and enjoy using it.

By now perhaps you have had your vacation of Shirley’s were not so far away you no daught would have visited them.

Aunt Dora came to see us the latter part of June. It had been six years in April since I last saw her. Me being some what of the weepy type I was so glad to see her cold have almost cried. Mrs. France Finnesy was coming down here to see a Dr. and she ask her if she would like to ride along – so she came to see us. We had such a nice little visit and I enjoyed it so much but honestly I enjoyed seeing her more. I was surprised to see how little she has aged the past six year. She (I believe is as well as she could hope to be)she sees quite will and her memory is good. As we sat visiting she recalled hopping she remembered as a little girl – when she came to Kansas from Missouri with her parents. This coming Nov 7 she will be 86 and that’s a lot of years to have lived. She still enjoys to have some chickens and she also planted some garden. She stll lives out on the far – I suppose she has lived there for so long – no place else would seem like home to her. I just hope for her that she can continue to do the thngs she enjoys doing – until God calls her home.

Mary had Nettie give her a shampoo and wave set this last week. Guess Nettie is expecting her son & family in the very near future. She told Mary that Geo. seems to be getting along very well.

Don’t know if I told you or not but Mary is taking her social security so she has not worked much this Summer – suppose she will work some later on.

Had a letter from Vela & H. L. quite some time ago.. Velma wrote (Ron) Judy’s husband got his degree in engineering – so they aren’t in Portland any more and I know Howard & Velma miss seeing them as they did quite frequently. I am sure Ron & Judy miss seeing H. l. Velma perhaps as much as they miss them.  At the present – 4 – time Ron & Judy are at Calgary Alberta Canada.

Hope you folks hear frequently from Shirley & family and that all goes well for them.

Suppose Archie has a garden planted again this season. I suppose much the same things are raised out there as here only – more and of a better quality. Enclosed Archie – is a picture of a cucumber – do you have any like it?

I feel sure this cucumber was grown under special conditions – as our Kasas vegetables etc don’t grow and do like this as you both well know.

Guess there I some real nice fruit this year being grown in this vicinity. I suppose for the most part that is due to the moisture from so much snow this last Winter.

As usual seems I have covered space but not much news – as that generally seems to be the way when I write. I do hope you have both been well so take good care of yourselves and let us hear from you.

Mary sends her good wishes and a “hello” to you both. And in her rushes she wll be hoping you will have a niche birthday and will enjoy many more.

Tomorrow is Marys birthday – and she is sixty three year - ? young.

Better close far more. My thoughts will join you Mabel acorss the miles and I’ll hope your special day will be an especially good day for you – so again Happy Birthday & Many more. Thnking of you.

Lovingly Your Friend, Jo

Mabel – I hope your Mother continues to be as well as she could hope to be and that you see each other as frequently as you can.

Last Sunday evening about 10 pm we had a bad storm here – done quite a lot of damage –but we didn’t have any to our house but many folks did.

Ruined Geo & Nettie’s fruit – pears & apples – but Nettie told Mary that salvaged enough apples to have some pies. 

Lizzie White - Ottawa 1896

Ottawa Ill
Jan 28th 1896

My dear Old Mammy

Found your letter and was real glad to hear from you. I’m as fat and sancy as ever. And was real glad to hear that you will let me stay and horn the trade, havnt past yet decided which shop I willing to ----- will find out by nex’ Monday I’m helping Mrs Martin sew this week. Her daughter and I made a calico dress & two aprons today. Aunt Ann & I have been attending spiritualist meetings every Sunday night, up there Mrs. M- is a Inidiurm. I come home nights. I think so much of Aunt Ann. She is like a mother to me & Uncle White he is like a father to me & Carrie is like a sister & George is like a brother they are all so good to me. ANT Ann is talking of renting a piano or an organ for me. She got me a mouth organ & 2 new gingham aprons. & Carrie’s mother gave me a new apron and Emma Williams gave me a light one yesterday Carrie is making Pete an oil cloth apron & s got stuff to make him & might grooms. She is an awful free hearted girl.  She is so good to me she came up to Martins for one she thought  I might be afraid to come home alone. Got a letter from Fred and will answer it to a few days. Haven’t seen any of the folks since I came in. only Uncle Roche came up here dead drunk after me to go home with him. Aunt Ann told him I was out sewing I should not have ride out with him if he had been sober let alone drunk.

Carrie wants to know why Uncle Ebb don’t write to her. Say my dearest Mother please send me that song (he stands between live & duty) send the music & words and I will be your daughter for ever afterward Amen well I must close as it is bed time & I will have to get up early in the morning to get up there to sew well good night give my love to all the little ones tell George he must have frighten his big sister. He never writes to me any more. Take good care of Pete how I would love to have his picture taken. Well write soon I am as ever & allways will be your own loving daughter Lizzie.

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More Letters to Come

Life has a way of making people busy and that seems to be what happened at my household over the summer.

I'm hoping to get more letters posted within the next couple weeks. - In the meantime, here's a peek at what I'm going through.....

Most of the envelopes the letters came in are missing the stamps, as Mable Cleo Matheson Wineland was a stamp collector. 

I'm hoping to get more letters posted soon, so please hang in there, they will be coming. 

Best wishes

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Nettie and Joe 1939

Ft. Collins Colo

Dear Mabel & Archie –

We received your nice long letters some time ago – I’ve been so busy all summer & fall & seems like I’ll never get any extra rest –

We brought quite a few things when we came home from Fathers funeral –

Just some dishes & books – We all got together of course & staid with Father til he died. Fred slept in his room & waited on him Sat nite & Sun & Mon nites – Father was restless but didn’t seem to suffer – I sat up with the boys most of Wed nite – He never came to after Tues at 9: PM & so we were near him all the time – some of us. Then we all went out to the farm & went up in attic & gathered things up. Sure wasn’t much let – as mice had chewed up things Father had lots of books so we tried to divide those Had such a little time to do thigs in. Yes Archie as far as I’m concerned you could have Fathers watch – I think its at Wm’s as all the boys had watches. Don’t think it was a very good one – Think some books may be there of yours too. Really wasn’t much of any thing – They gave Fred Father’s ring & Wm his over coat – He had another older, over coat & they sent that to Joe. Lonie was to have the old Dresser but when he died Kittie said she wouldn’t eect to have it – so Father said I could have it – as all the rest have furniture & I’ll be glad to have it – when ever we can get it out here.

Thanks for Shirley’s picture I’m glad to have it. Yes we found that picture of you & Wm & will try & send it some time Archie.

We’ve had a wonderful fall – Just a light snow a few weeks ago - & last wek has been like spring. Today it is snowing so may be winter is here.

Joe got a deer & Bob too – so we girls put up 24 qt & have some down town in the cooler.

Joe will probably go duck hunting this eve. &will also go Pheasant hunting when the season opens. We made 4 gallon mince meat - & used the venison in it – Is ral good I think. I made some green tomato preserve this week & think I’m about thru canning & I’m tired of it. made over 50 doz cucumber sweet pickles & a few watermelon & beet pickles. & made cherry sun preserves & peach butter - & canned little corn. & some jell- (& fruit) – few peaches – plums – Apricots – 40 qt cherries Red & block raspberries. So we won’t starve for awhile – Business is so poor in wnter Just hope we don’t have to go in debt.

Am so glad you are better since having tonsils out Archie. & do hope you all will be fine all winter & that U will have work enuf to keep you, & that things will soon get better for you.

Rosa & Curry & another couple came out in Deer season & staid 2 days & 2 nites. Didn’t get a deer tho. Fred was here too & hunted some then Harold came up from Idaho Spr. & got him & he hunted down there – but no luck. M. & Bob are ok. They are still out to the track & will probably be all winter. Suppose U know that Elaine had a baby & that Elaine is married. Hated to see her get married for she helped Katie so much. & she was so young – They don’t get a chance to see any of the world or do things for themselves. But guess she will be the kind that will take care of her self.

Fri morn – 20* above this morning – not much news to write – I don’t hear from homoe very often now & miss Fathers cards.

Suppose U get the Natoma paper so read Fathers ibituary – The “Farmer” had such a nice write up - & would like to send U one – but I had to send  & buy 2 for M & I – Perhaps some one else sent you one.

Must stop & iron & cut  wash my hair – we are invited to a party Sun nite – one of our friends birthday – s o  his wife is having party for Joe & her husband – Tho Joe’s birthday is past – Lots Love & write when U can

Nettie & Joe


June 2, 1873 - Eben White

June 2nd, 73

Dear Wife,

This is Monday morning. The P.O. was so ful! Sat night that I could not get an order and it will not open until  this morning I may send the money by express I will send see when I get down there if yu do not get an order with this go to the express office. I am well have got a big boil on the left side of my neck and it has been bore but Mrs. Carlton was over here last night and made something to put on it and it is open now and better. Come as I told you and I will meet you. I made my 18 dollars all right last week
Love to all
Yours in heart

Tell Blackmer that his cousin is on from the east his folks live right close here.

I got your letter this morning and Iwill send 13 dollars. And R can come with you buy her a ticket to here and then I will get another from here to Ulica & will drop a line to the folks at the Ville to meet her there. I paid 150 for that from I have not got one of your letters. 

Davenport Iowa, July 13th

Davenport Iowa
July 13h

Sunday morning
My Dear Wife,

Yours was read last night was clad to ear that you are all well. I have a bad cold and I cough half of the night I got some hop this morning and am going to make some stuff to take. I spoke to H about work for father h did not say but I think it will be all right in a little while.

They are making Mr. Ricky things for him & will send this week. I do not know of anything to write that will interest you. The Church that Mr. H belongs to had a picnic last Friday dinner and supper & dancing from 3 until 8 they wanted me to go but I could not I took supper with Carlton. He did not go & Mrs. C and girl come home early. I will stop now and write some more this afternoon or night you did not say that you got my letter last Thursday night or not.


I do not feel very well my head feels very bad. I may feel better in the morning. I will write a few lines in the morning letting you know how I feel then  I sent for 5 dollars in this you can get one dollar worth of sugar and the other for your dress next week I will send the money for Im hoping you will enjoy yourself. I am your most loving husband although convenient believe it pet I so love you more then anything  etc in the world and my boy if anything should happen to my loved ones don’t know what I would do and was to think nor uncertain life is and others lose here loved ones it makes me feel sad, or troll Pansy (?)
 b called away and have to easy your mind Good by for husband Eben

Box 952

Back of letter –

6 oclock Monday Morn.
Good morning pet I feel little better this morn, I did t cough much last night hope I will be all right – to day will wish a goine so you can get it Thursday night take good care of L and yourself love to M V….


Memories - 1960's

Most of my letters I post on here are from my family. I have letters that I wrote to my grandmother that will probably be thrown out before I look at them - or my children will have that choice.

In visiting with family - my cousin Susan had this photo. My grandmother Taylor would let us go out in public dressed like this. Yes, that is me on the left. Susan is on the right. I played the roll really well!  lol

My grandmother, Mabel Hellem Taylor, had clothes in her closet for us kids to dress up. We wore her shoes, hats, (this is small compared to the hats we wore), dresses, sashes, etc. We picked from a closet FULL of clothes, shoes, purses, and accessories. Yes, we even got to wear the jewelry she had waiting for her granddaughters. I really looked forward to coming home from overseas to be with her and her closet!

More letters are coming, I'm learning how to use my phone to take photos of the letters, as you can see from my earlier posts. I will try to keep posting them when I can get this to work again. lol

Again, I hope you enjoy the letters I've posted so far. More will be coming. I have only skimmed the surface of what I have. It's a treasure of information, and it's a treasure to be able to know what my ancestors thought and did.


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Aunt Martha McEldowney - April 15, 1955

April 15, ‘55

Dear Archie & Mable –

Your letter of Mar 18” came while we were away – Left here at noon Mar 17” – Went to Edgewood so Dad that afternoon then on to eastern part of state where we staid a week – from there went down to Georges at Luray & were there over a week with him – Here up to Nata & over to Osborne – First time I’d seen Dr. Miller since he came out here that fall in 1929, with Father to go deer hunting – Was surprised that he looked so much the same but when I told him that he said, “theres still lots of liars in the world”  Mrs. Dye insisted he go over some evening and have dinner with the Dr & play cards – He intended to but it raided hard all evening the nite he planned to go so didn’t get over there again – but he plan to take another trip back there this spring with the Trailer house. (We didn’t take it on that trip.) Could have saved us several dollars had we had it along as it costs more to stay in hotels & cakins & eat meals out – I think Mrs. Dey is a very pleasant person – I’d never met her before – she was tellingBob she called Shirley her baby – seemed Dr M was a little late in getting there for her arrival –Guess U must feel as Father used to after we moved away from him – he used to say that hearing from us wanext best thing to having us there – am sure you enjoy hearing from Shirley so often – Did she get home for Christmas? We enjoyed the pictures of the Wedding – you all looked so nice!

Sunday P.M. Did it et this finished & now must hurry as we have to send a letter to Mac Allen in Utah as Joe Tel. us this morn that Stella has a house to paint in Winfield & wants Mac to paint it – Mac & Elna have been with us this Hunter most of time –

Hope you’re over yor cold Archie -  When every one else here was having colds and flu – We never took any but now Bob has a cold in his head not bad enuf bed what he’s worked all week but he says he’s ashamed of it for we go for years & never have one – he coughs some so we didn’t go to church today – We do like to go & missed but 2 or 3 Sundays in past  year – as Bob says “It does something for you” am enclosing an old paper I thot U might enjoy of fathers Ball Club Just think it was nearly eighty five yrs ago he wrote it –

Spase you got acc’t of Kitties Birthday dinner last Sunday – Dale & family went on Fri PM & got back Sunday nite – Well we must hurry to town now –

If you’re thru helping your neighbor, G – you’d better come & help Bob fix fence It’s time we had some garden planted –

Bye for now & write again – I’ll be more precept say do U & Ervin each have picture of your Mother taken with Geo & Carrie Stiles? Love Your Aunt – Martha McEldowney

John A. Morton, Secy (The Morton-Parsons Mercantile Co.) 1901


(I will take a photo of the letter – as the heading is really eye catching)

Osborne, Kans.    May 2    1901

Mr. & Mrs. S.E. White,

My Dear Friends,

Your brief note of yesterday just received. I was surprised and shocked to learn of your daughter’s death not having heard of her illness. On examing the Farmer I find urention made of her illness presumably lock jaw. It is so sudden and so unepected that it scarely seems as if it can be true. The thought comes to me again in as this time, as it has so many times in the past. How will I feel when death again enters my family. As it surely will sooner or later, and how will I feel when I fully realize that my own days are numbered. Of course as you know I have stood by the open grave of war ones a number of times in the past but it seems as though it makes me sadder and sadder as I get older. I have a strong hope that there is a brighter life for you and that you and I and our dear ones will share it.

“Alas for him who never sees
The light shines through the
Cypress tries.”

I wish to assure you of my heartfelt sympathy at this time but I know how poor a consolation words are when death has claimed a dear one. – I will write aga soon. Your friend sincerely, John Morton

Lizze Little White (Wineland) Sept 20, 1894

Sep 20 1894

Dear Mother

I got your letter last night, and was very glad to hear from you. Am glad to hear that you he got the Post Office. How are you all getting along now any way. I have been here up the Ville about a week am going down with George tomorrow night to stay with Aunt Ann next week. All the folks are well. Grandma wasn’t very well last week but is feeling lots better now. I would have wrote before this but I have been so busy visiting that I did not have time to write before. Grandma says to tell you that she but stamps last night & was much obliged. Does Louise talk of coming back any more. Oh I wish he would come. Uncle Hill sa he hasn’t heard from you since you wrote. I have been staying with Mand quite a bit since I came back as she has to do the work alone since the work has gone and she likes to have somebody stay with her, as the more I get accuainted with her the better I like her. Will grandma & Aunt Jull are going to the Post Office so guess I will send this letter with them my head aches so bad. I cant think any thing else to write so I will write again in a few days.

Your daughter, Lizzie

Mattie White - Nov 26, 1951

Nov 26” 51

Dear Archie –

Finally got around to sending you your Mothers diary, the letter she wrote while in Ill. Her ilver spoon a Butterfly Pincushion of hers and a hood she made – possibly the latter isn’t worth keeping, but after looking at what they wore in the “Gay 90’s” you can destroy it if u like @yer (?) the old piece of cloth. Spun & women by the Little family was part of a sheet owned by Phoebe Little (her Maiden name Poebe Palmer) She married Ebenezer Little in Mar 11” 1810 & passed away Feb 5” 1864 - - no doubt the old material is over 100 yrs old. Her (Phoebe Little) 10th child was Elizabeth Brown Little who was my mothers Mother & your Mother was named for her –

Phebe Little would be your Great – Great – Grand Mother – x Shirleys Great Great Great G. Mother. I’ve been looking this up in the Geneaology that Cousin Alice (Gardner) Dewey gave me – The Geneaology that Mother had & which father had now write in that it was to be given to his oldest living son or daughter & which should have gone to George after Freds death was not given to him – I supposed he had it till Nettie told me he did not get it - - I ENCLOSED SOME OF FATHERS & mother letter written when they were first married that u & Irvin might like to have them – I will send some of the old letters to Geo & Wm – Do you & Irvin each have a picture of your mother taken with Geo & Carrie Stiles? If not U could have one I have - - You must have been only about 1 ½ yrs old when she passed away - -I took a great deal of care of you & you cried after me first as I cried after your Mother when I was small as she took most of the care of me-

Was glad to get Shirleys letter she must be a versatile young lady – I didn’t know Coz Ella went in Wheel Chair – she writes as tho she was quite well & busy with her house work – The olsons from Topeka who were friends of Netties  Does Stoft here see their way to Seattle & other places a few wks ago & sent us a card from Seattle – will soon be time to send Christmas Greetings Its nice to hear from so many relatives & friends – Hope you all stay well – Remember wht Father said, that there was nothing so good in life as to be young & able to work – over – Please let me know if package reaches U O.K. – Write when you can – Best of everything to you & yours 

Aunt M-

Note: Aunt M is believed to be Mattie White.  

Geo. L. White - Luray, KS 1951


Nov. 20 – 1951.

Dear Archie;

Just a line, Got a letter from Mattie the other day, she sent me this letter that your mother wrote to my mother in 1894 while she wa visiting Father’s folks in Illinois.

Don’t know why she didn’t send it on to you, expect it was among Netties keepsakes.

Had some pretty cold and windy weather during pheasant season and there weren’t many killed. Quail season opened this morning, there more quai than for several years but some many weeds and undergrowth they will be hard to find with out a dog.

Prices of cattle have slipped and hogs too, but you don’t see any difference at the market. Joe was along yesterday but I was not at home.

Saw Harry and Albert Palmer at Salina Saturday. Harry is night clerk at Bell Hotel and Albert is night clerk at Plaza hotel, they both are more like uncle Warren ever time I sem them. Had been thiry years since I had seen Albert, in the mean time he got married raised six children, his wife died a couple years ago and his kids are all gown and married.

Will write more next time.

Write – Uncle Geo.

Nettie White - 1902 Osborne, KS

McGuire House
H. M. Benham,  Prop’r
Special Attention to Commercial Men
First Class Sample Rooms  “   “

Osborne Kansas, Sept 10     1902

Dear Mother =

Well I cannot think of much to write this P.M. but will write alli can can think of. I guess Mattie has told you all of the news, my eye is getting along fine, only there is something else coming on right side ofit The Dr thinks he can tell what it is in the morning I think it is a “Stye” I don’t know whether that is spelled right or not, There is going to be a Ball-game Friday here called “The leans and fats” Mr. Benham is one of them that will play I suppose he will be on the fat side he ought to any way I suppose father will go to see that, And then there will be a Show here all of next week, There is something going on all of the time I expect Archie was pretty sad when he found that letter had nothing for him but I will try and bring him something home, I guess I will write him a little letter. It was too bad that the Tame Graper got jammed so, well I will close for this time. Love & kisses to all & kiss Archie for me Good bye

From Your Daughter

P.S. The doctor cut some more out of my eye as he diden’t quite get it all the other time an because it bled too much, N

1978 - Bill True

Christmas card mailed – 18 Dec 1978

Dear Mable:

Thank you for the copy of your mother’s funeral memorial. I was very saddened when we learned of her death last summer. I enjoyed being with her when she visited in these parts – she always seemed younger than her years.

I’ll appreciate the family data you mentioned sendi. I know Francis Stevenson will appreciate a copy of Minnie’s funeral memorial if you haven’t previously sent it.

We’ll look forward to hearing from you again, Mable.

Sincerely,  Bill True

NOTE: Minnie Elizabeth True Matheson Reeder passed away July 7, 1978. 

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Rosa Moorhead Dec 16, 1870

I'm not sure if this will show up, but at least you can see what I'm going through when it comes to reading handwriting. I will say grandfather, Ebon, had good handwriting. The address marked on the envelope is "Wife Rosa Moorhead." She married Ebon White (middle name). He is Silas in my genealogy. They raised my grandfather, after their daughter, Lizzie Little White, passed away of lock jaw. She was only 22 years old at the time. Even being lucky enough to have these letters, is heart felt.

I will try and get more letters posted in the coming days, but wanted to post a letter that you could see first hand.

Enjoy and will try to do more like this in the future.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Oak BBC - 1870 Club meeting minutes

July 18th, 1870

The meeting was called to order by Mr. White who nominated U. S. Ellsworth for chairman of the meeting. He was elected and took the chair. The House then proceeded to elect officers and in the short characteristic way with which the Oak BBC alls things generally the following named gentlemen were elected to office, M. A. Brown President J. D. Beach Vice President. F. W. Bullock Co. Sec. U. S. Ellisworth Ret. Sec & Tres, and Meissrs. Avid, W. Ellsworth and Perret Directors. A motion was made that “all members of the Oak B.B.C. quilt of swearing either at the club meeting or on the B.B. ground should be fined a sum not less than 5 or exceeding 10 cents.” Carried. A motion was then made that “the President should see that this rule was enforced.” Carried. A motion was then made that “the chairman elect 3 gentleman for “the old,” et nine who were to choose 6 players to complete the nine.” Carried. They elected Messrs. Alvord, Bullock & Beach who at over retired age of the other players. After a few moments the afford said gentlemean are tired and announced their choice of players to fill out the nine (?) Messrs, Gray, Brown, White, Curtis Ellsworth, & Paul.

Some one suggested that a uniform be decided upon. Accordingly several of the members decided upon a suitable uniform as allows. A white knit shirt gray pants gray caps and cloth clad. Motion was made that an imitation of 50 cent be paid by each (unreadable) Carried. The subject of monthly dues was brought up. After some discussion it was moved that we (unreadable)sessed 10 cents per month. Carried. It was Respe---veaded to pace the 1st nine by ballet. This crealed some fun & excitement. The postions of the first nine are as follows. Brouson C., Curtis P.. Point 1st B. Gray 2nd B. Bech 3rd B. Bullock S.S. Ellsworth C. F. Alvord C.F. White R.F. The 1st  line then decided to play a ? of B.B. on their own grounds July 30th. After talking & joking & we time longer. A motion was made to everyone.

Lizzie White - Oct 25, 1894

Oct 25th 94.

Dear Mother,

I wrote you a postal this morning and then I missed the mail man so I didn’t get to send it. I’m going to stay with Grandma this week as Aunt Nell is gne to Clarksville to see about Church matters. Aunt Add and I have had lots of sewing to do we have got the box pretty near ready to send. but we didn’t know where to send it or whether to send it by express or freight. I guess it will take such a hug time to go by freight don’t it? So I want you to answer right away and tell us what to do. Lucia is back here now they have been having a terrible time up there Uncle Charlie turned John Frane off, there was so much talk about John & Mandi we wouldn’t be surprised any day to hear of Uncle Charlie & Frantis Gregory getting married & Mandi hate her son she was down here this afternoon and she & I had a big romp she & I got along splendid now. It took us quite awhile to get acquainted. Aunt Rose wanted Uncle Charlie to have me go there and stay all nite with her but he hasn’t decided. Agnes is teaching School I harldy ever see her any more Uncle Jule told me the other day that he guessed Lizie was mad at them because I never came down there & that’s the way they all talk. I got a letter from George and you this evening yes I got your bundles you sent me all right. Thank you what in the dickens does Fred want to keep Mike for? Tell Rafe that I weigh 140 lbs now and see what she willsayy to that I’m afraid you wouldent know me now that’s what I weighed yesterday. Yes I owe Grandma a letter & must answer it sum what a dear little woman she is anyway. Grandma is pearing apples & Uncle Will is reading and its raining. Wish you would step in Grandma got a letter from Father this evening well I will close for this time hoping to hear from you soon I remain your daughter Lizzie.

Notes on the letter – Why don’t Fred & Louise ever write any more to me? Tell George I will write soon good night.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Uncle Geo 1950

Luray, Kan.
Feb. 25-1950.
Dear Archie:

Got your letter a few days ago. Was just thinking that I owed you a letter. Wm and I were down to Topeka last week to see Nettie. She is getting weaker all the time, so poor and just suffers terrible. Think its just a question of time.

Joe didn’t work that week and don’t think he worked this week either. I haven’t had a card from him since we were there. Will call tonight and find out her condition.

Well we have had an open winter here, got plenty cold several times but only one snow of about five inches. Had a nice inch rain about two weeks ago and looks like the wheat is OK. It is starting to green up a little now. It has been wonderful winter on stock, several fellows just run their cattle on grass and cake. Gee the cattle market is sure high. Cows from two hundred to two fifty and little steer calves as high as thirty cents per pound. Don’t think I will have the nerve to buy any. If  we should have a dry season they will get cheaper next fall.

 They say Ralph is buying cattle again. Heard he had a couple more wells but don’t know where they are. Teds Smiths well was dry and the one on Lawrence Hauser was dry.

Emil Hackerott had a sale the other day. He had to get off the Jim Hogan place, Emil is moving on to a big ranch near Woodston Bet he holds the job about a week Ha. Tommy Hogan is moving on Jims old place, so Arnold told me.

Sure glad to hear that Shirley is doing so well in school The only thing that I can figure out where she gets all this smartness is from her great Uncle Geo. Of course she may get a little of it from her Mom and Dad. Tell her I got her nice letter and will answer it some of these days.

March the 9th is Lucilles birthday and she is coming home for a few days. Think she gets kind of homesick some times. She wants us to come out and get her but I don’t want to leave o account of Nettie. I hate to answer the phone as I expect to here of her death anytime.

Got a letter from Cliffs wife the other day and she said it got 18 below there at Portland and has been the worst winter they ever saw. Think Natoma is going to start the grade school next month. Think the way my land taxes raised that I will pay for one room anyway. Yes Harry down there is sure a smart boy, I think he has the mentality of a ten year old. But I suppose as long as he keeps dishing it out he will be elected. Well I hope I will be seeing you soon.

As ever Uncle Geo.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rosa Moorhead White Dec 12, 1875

At home. Dec 12th/75

Dear Husband.

Yours came last night but I had not got any papers for two weeks now, don’t you get them or were you going to wait to bring them when you come. Should think they were quite busy from the way you speak of their wanting the work so you cannot come until Sat morn, do they want you to go back as you spoke of a while ago? Your Father says when you come home he is going to have you go up there to work in his place while he gets his mood up. I told him I could’nt spare you a day if you are going back to D- soon, he says you could’nt get board at Dearths they have others since you come away but you could board yourself & I told you would not do that but we would all move up there.

Frank Bullock came home Friday night do not know how long he will stay – Ella has not gone yet but expects to go Tuesday. Ann has gone up to Chitilies to stay until Wednesday & then she is going over on the prairies with Mike to pick corn. Guess she will get sick of that if we do not have pleasanter weather than for the last few days, the sun did not shine for more than a week until today it has been warmer but tonight the wind flows cold & it is freezing. I think it has been very fortunate for one that the weather has not been very cold all the time, only 13 days more & I guess I will have some one to help me – I don’t know who will go to meet you but I guess there will be some one to go, if they were half as glad to have you come there will be enough to go. Julius has not finished picking corn yet. Will has gone to help this week, Billie Paul & Warnen & Uncle Charlies have all gone up there too.

I can’t think of any thing to write this eve but maybe l will write some more tomorrow. I sent one letter to Grand Ridge by your Father & maybe I will end this. I dreamed of you being so sick last night hope you are well, write me a long letter jet I am so lonesome. Good night pleasant dreams, from Rosa.

Uncle Geo Dec 22 1946

Luray, Kan.

Dec. 22-1946.

Dear Archie and All;

Violet says That I owe you a letter, Maybe I do. I know I am not very good about answering letters.

Well we have had a grand fall, lots of rain n September and October, then just fine weather ever since. Wheat looks fine and lots of pasture for the cattle. Havent had any snow yet, wich is OK with me. I sold out the last of my cattle a year ago and haven’t bought any since, thought they would be cheaper last spring Well they were higher, then they were higher this fall again and I didn’t have any feed, now I am sure going to buy some next spring and then I suppose they will drop in price.

I took Lucille and a bunch of girls to Alton Friday night to a basket ball game and heard over there that Marshall Wineland had died, they didn’t know when the funeral was to be, I should have found out and gone to it. That leaves only Art that is alive. You know Clint died just a few weeks after Fred did and George died in July. So many of the old timers are passing away. There is only one of the Pfortmillers boys left and that is George.

We went out to Calif. the first of Aug. and stayed until Sept first with Helen and Dale. Dale and Doyl McGuire (Violets) Cousin have a body and fender shop that operate together. Calif. is a great place for climate but ther to many people for me.

I went out to Utah in October during hunting season. Had a nice time, got a buck and had a nice visit with Geo. And Clifford. Clifford was married again, you know and he sure has a fine wife. He is forman on a big ranch and his boy is foreman of a big out fit over Clifford. That’s young George, he married a Niece of a BIG SHOT in Utah and young George is settling pretty. He has three kids and expecting more, that’s the Morman way.

The other Geo. S three boys, the oldest one in high school My how they grow up. Bob White at Studley has ten kids, and two or three grandchildren. Now he is keeping up the family name.

Bess was at Cliffords most of the summer and liked it fine but went back this winter to Silverton where Harold is. She seems to feel better than she has for years.

If we would have had another month or so to spare when we were in Calif. we would have gone p the coast. Uncle Philos family live in northern part, then there were you folks and Cliffs and a lot of Violets relation and some old friends and I think we might have made it through the winter pretty cheap, but Lucille had to get back to school..

Cliffs kids are all married and got kids I guess, they live right close to Portland I think Cottage Grove is the town, I haven’t seen him for about seventeen years, his wife was here to see her mother a few years ago.

My grandson will be twelve years old on Xmas day, he is a big husky kid and of course we think he is  dandy.

Wm has me beat though, he has five grandsons and expecting two more right away. Don’t know if Howard is ever going to do any good or not. His wife divorced him while he was over seas. He says he is married again but I cant always believe him. He lives in C now. He works for the Sante Fe bus and truck lines.

How is that young lady Shirley? And how is Mable? Bet you folks will soon be having prospective soninlaws hanging around.

Natoma is growing right along, not fast but gradually, lots of houses have been moved in. I have been thinking that I would move in Fathers big house and have it fixed up to rent as it is impossible to find anything to live in there and rent is pretty high. No one has lived in the house since Ruth moved out and the farm land is all rented, I keep the grass.

Kittle bought her a house in town, Bernice is in the central at Covert, Eunice in the central at Woodston and Ruth works at the Central at Osborne and Wm and Katie at Natoma, so it looks like the White family have a monopoly on the Telephone business.

I sure miss Fred, he was always my older brother and my best friend and he was always so good to write, just cant seem to realize that he is gone. Bess said that you wold have come if you had known it in time, don’t know why some of us didnt call you but I was so dazed that I couldnt think of anything. Fred certainly has a nice bunch of kids they all thought so much of him and they were all good to him and they are all so good to Bess too, she bosses them around just the same as she always did. Harold did so much for Fred, of course he was in a better position to help than any of the rest. He got Fred the job in the mine, it paid good and he didnt have to do anything to speak of, no hard work and Fred was just as regular s a clock and never missed a shift, think he was the happiest he had been for years felt so independent and putting money in the bank every month.

Thought you wrote about two years ago that you were coming back to Kan for a visit. Well what are you waiting on? You are not getting any younger. I expect it is school just like us.

Well must lose, wishing you folks a merry Xmas.

Lots of love to all.

Uncle Geo.
PS Violet says Cliff lives at Garden Grove.  

Warrena Bowlby 1/14/79

Warrena Bowlby,
Rooks Co. Home,
Kansas 67663

Dear Mable and Family:                                                         1/13/79

Thanks for the pretty handkerchief. Didn’t your mother used to make all that tatting for various things? Grandma Shuey used to tat a lot, mother never made very much of it. Also thanks for the card. The girls who work here had a little party for me, cake and coffee.

We are in the clutches of an old Kansas blizzard, zero, with high winds, Bus loads of basketball teams stranded all over the state, regardless they must play ball.

Storms like this always reminds me of the time we got stranded at Parkers, I won’t say anything about the storm that was in the book, but I will say that was the first winter Archie worked for us. He held the fort at home there was no way to communicate, the phone lines were all down. Another storm hit the middle of Mar. not nearly as severe as the other, but the cows were beginning to calve, so there were quite a lost. I guess Archie thought he had just about had it. That was in 1919.

Ralph was 89 in Nov., Angie is still with him, takes good care of him, he has failed a lot of last 2 or 3 years, but does well for his age.

I feel about as usual, some days not so good, other days a let up on the worst of the hurt. My liver still gives me a lot of trouble.

I don’t really have too much news, we are getting so many here from in and around Natoma, Mrs. Tichenor, Renee Snapp Ekey, their minds are about gone, come up with some weird stories, there are 12 others here from Natoma. A Mr. Anold came in yesterday, I suppose he is the one who used to have a shoe shop there.

Xmas wasn’t much, didn’t even have a good dinner which was unusual.

Of course before Xmas people brought in junk to eat or look at, I ate the last of the candy yesterday.

Guess that’s it, thanks again for the card and hankie, Love to all,  Warrena (signed)

card from AW Hackerott Jan 1982

Dear Mable –

Just a note to tell you Aunt Laura passed away after a few ds in the hospital with a blood clot in her arm & leg.

Ralph Taylor’s funeral was 2 weeks before so it has been hard on Francis.

We will all miss her she was like a mother to me.

Love, Jr.

NOTE: postmark on letter Jan 24, 1982

Mamie Williams 1962

Lee Williams
Stockton KS
March 10, 62

Dear Bro & Sis

Hope you are fine. We are so awful Broken up over the Murder of Our only granddaughter Marcies girl.

Will send you some clippings. We flew out to Bend & were their 3 WP Kids came back & stayed I should get in tonight sue did hate C then go.

Would wrote you while I were in Bend but didn’t have you ad.

You probably read about but didn’t know their name. They haven’t found out who did or why it was done. I was in MO with Floyd when got word. He was Bad.

He is able to be up now part time. Got hurt on Job.

Frank Kirk & his wife came to Bend to C us. Geo & Hazle Kirk were over & spent wk end.

Archie I sure do like The Boys seem like you always now them & they fell right at home with me.

In thot of you Kids But have been so broke up you never know what like to give only grandkid you have up & especially the way she went. I’ve cryed enof to float ship think my heart were brock. We love her so dearly.

Well Can’t think anything But sorrow & pain. I know you don’t want hear that. Weather this winter sure been cold.

Rain all day to day. Make you more lonely & Blue. Wish you lived close life is so short. Hear today & gone tomorrow.

Write Me Kids
With all my love,

Your sis Mamie Williams

A W Hackerott Jr. 1981

Date on envelope: Feb 14, 1981

Hackerott Jr.
998 Prospect
Phillipsburg, Kans. 67661

Dear Mable –

This is Lucille’s new address.
                        2600 Prinston Blvd
                        Lawrence KS  66044

We have had as mild a winter that I ever saw for Kans. We also are very dry & the last two days it has been real windy and quite a bit of dust blowing.

I was down to Bob & Lucille’s for Xmas it sure makes a long drive for me now. A little over 300 miles & $52.00 worth of gas. From what we hear gas prices will be higher yet by the n of the year. I had the flu about 3 weeks before Xmas then I caught it again when I was down to there place. The last time I was really sick for a week & I haven’t felt good summer sun to straighten me out.

Your cousin called & told me that you had called about the earth quake. I hadn’t heard it on the news until after she called.

I called & talked to Lucille this morning she said Aunt Laura had had bladder infection but was feeling better now. Grandma Leach is with them now. Francis & Ralph was at there place for dinner one day last week. They had been down to Topeka to visit their daughter Martha.

I have been looking for a motor home but haven’t found one I like so far. All the new ones are very expensive. Maybe I couldn’t afford to go camping with it anyway. We still want to make a fishing trip to Canada or Alaska. I guess this summer or fall we will go to South or maybe N Dakota & try our luck up there.

Well must close

Love, Jr.