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May 3, 1924 Natoma Kans - Archie Wineland

May 3, 1924
Natoma Kans

Fri Eve

Dearest Friend Mabel.

Roxie – Say kid you can look for me over Sat Eve But if you realy would rather come over to the Dance kid for god’s sake come and I’ll probably meet you on the way as I’llcome over with the Meyers boys and I will probably meet you on the way. Roxie sure has been peeved at me. She just asked me if you were coming over and I said no n she asked why and I told her that I didn’t know and she said is it because Jim is going to take the car and I said no. Oh I guess she’ll come to her milk if we let them go.

Good Nite

As Ever
Archie E.

NOTE: My grandparents love letters. "kid" in it's time was affectionate. :-)

September 1959 - Delpha

Mrs. Everett Dawe
Paradise, Kansas

Wednesday P.M.

September 16, ‘59

Dear Friends:

How is Mable & Archie? By now! Hope you are both well & all your family.

This leaves us pretty well. I’m wondering if Ill ever get over your Daddy’s death, then our dear old darling Mother death so soon afterward.

I suppose you read it. I think I heard you say at Mothers that dy you took the Natoma Paper. Arent I right?
Ive been intending to scribble you a letter as that is all I do. Every sense I came home. Viola gave me your address. As we were coming home on the train but dear Iv had allergy everysense I gotten home or in a weeks times.

Doctor thought I got it out in Washington, as everything was green out there you know. Thought I came in contact with poision ivy or oak. I know weve spent over a hundred dollars & still it comes back so think my trip was a ver expenses one. don’t you?

Are you still working at the same jobs. Everett still building janitor & plumbing & Jack of all trades I think. They have him doing everything even killing lots in the Osborne Court house, ha. 59 of them in the attic (“c” with two dots under)

How is Harold heard he wasn’t so well? Roxie said when Jim phoned him of Mothers death he said his back was bothering him again. That he was out of a job.

It cost us a plenty to, to bring Mother back and one stood his share. There was just $200 left from Mother’s & your Dads saving out of $1100 Mother said! They had sad up for there burial. Mother thought they had some in the bank. But Harold said no money there.

Mabel, were the pictures any good of Mother, and us kids Ive thought of you how nice you were to take a picture of us. But know mine would spook them all.

Mother went very quick Roxie said she had ate a good breakfast, said! she had to go to the bathroom Roxie watched her. Because her eye sight was pretty gone Thought she was going to make it, as she had been but Roxie picked up a anyone the floor took it to the kitchen door to shake it, heard Mother fall run to her and asked Mom! What happened. She said Oh I feel Roxie picked her up. She said Oh I can get up. Not to lift on her as doctor didn’t want Roxie, or me either to lift heavy sense  had our hysteroctomys but helped her in a big arm chair. She bumped her head, she forgotten Roxie getting her some Mentholatum she thought they were out. And said get me some butter. Roxie said Mom. I got something better than that went & got it Mother helped her put it on her head. Then Roxie took it back to the medience cabinet in the bathroom. When she came back Mother was slumped in her chair. She was gone. Was so glad Roxie was able to bring her back to lay beside Daddy. I think that is where she shood of been don’t you? As Mother was the Mother of our Daddy’s children, not yours. Well dear you may think your getting the Natoma paper. Ha. Mabel were you borned in 1909 as that is what Harold said. But pity sake you must of started to school when you were four, if you are only 50 of course I flunked one year had tonsillitis to much that year. Then always sick. If I had them and adenoids out I could o learnt easier I realize now. But to late now. Where is Shirley now? And what was her other baby. I’ve thought her little boy a darling. I’ve often wondered. Lowell is in Saipan, Japan.  Went over again third time in July the 28th. Majorie his wife is planning on going over soon. Has all her shots for overseas.

Frank Matheson Albert Schloh Lawrence Nelson. Bill Hogan Lloyd Crawford. Were three of Mothers pall bearers. One of our cousins were another on Daddies side of the house. Write dear. Sooner than I didI’d love to hear from you. Love Delphe & Everett

(On side of letter: Aunt Mary Wineland was fine day of the funeral haven’t seen her sense.)

NOTE: I believe Delphe is a step sister to Mabel.I will need to double check that in my genealogy. 

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May 3, 1924 - Archie Wineland

May 3, 1924
Natoma Kans

Fri Eve

Dearest Friend Mabel.

Roxie – Say kid you can look for me over Sat Eve But if you realy would rather come over to the Dance kid for god’s sake come and I’ll probably meet you on the way as I’llcome over with the Meyers boys and I will probably meet you on the way. Roxie sure has been peeved at me. She just asked me if you were coming over and I said no n she asked why and I told her that I didn’t know and she said is it because Jim is going to take the car and I said no. Oh I guess she’ll come to her milk if we let them go.

Good Nite

As Ever
Archie E. 

Jul 24, 1924 - Archie Wineland

Jul 24, 1924
Natoma Kans
Thurs Eve
Dearest Mable – I rec your most Welcomed letter and was might glad to hear from you. I thot maybe tt you would come over here and stay but I guess you don’t like the crowd. I’d sure like to tell old man Barth a few thigs too kid.
I rather think that we will cut Sun kid and if we don’t I’ll try and get over and see you Sun. W have been having quite a bit of trouble but I think that from now on we’ll go a little faster. I’ve got lots to tell you kid when I see you. How long are you going to work down thereHope you get to work with Mrs. Frazier and then kid we can fall off our little stand.
Well kid be a very good little girl and if I don’t get to come over Sat don’t be disappointed for Ill make up for lost time wheI do. Well kid it’s 9 ocolck and I’ve got to go down to R.C.B. to mail this so you can get it Sat. Be a good girlie.
As Ever
Archie E.

1957/8 - Archie Wineland

Dear Shirley and all. I guess I better write you ro you will for get you have a dad. We have been awful busy this fall at the cemetery. I’ve gained in weight and feel better. I want to kee working till we get out of Debt. We had quite a wind Friday night lots of trees were blown. Didn’t do any damage here at home here. It has rained a lot here the last couple of weeks.
Did you get all your furnisher from Coose Bay? How do you like the East Coast? I suppose things are high there. Are you living near where the water gets p to you when you get lots of wind? How do you like your new Job Myron, I suppose you are busy and how do yo like the east coast? Guess the world Series are drounded out, so we will have to wait till the ground dries up.
I didn’t go hunting this year as I’m waiting till you get here, so we can go to gather. I sure hated to see you leave us. Someday if I live that long, maybe we can get near together. I suppose Chris and that little dutch girl are busy as a bee. Say Shirley I think we owe you some money, if you need it anytime, say so. What do you think about Xmas things for the kids = write and tell us.
Those people who lived in the house south of us moved out and another family bought the place I think they will be good neibors. Man and wife and girl I suppose around 11 or 12. I helped them today cleaning the yard.
He works nights a a filling station. I think they will be ok. That other family didn’t do much about cleaning up.
Chris that Cat of yours is sneaking up in my lap. Guess he wants to tell you hello.
Well mom and Elsie should be coming in they went down to the Fair to see and hear Marine Band I think. (oh yes the other night when the wind blowed all the lights went out. They came on about 4 o/c) The Beck boy brought over a lamp so we put the candles out.
Are wages any higher back there? And is there lots of work? I’m afraid that our president is letting the commies getting too much of a hold in Cuba.
Well I’ll quit for now and finish later.

Mable Wineland’s handwriting at the end of the letter: Archie wrote this Sun while I was gon so will tuck it in too. He didn’t get it finished.

Note: This was probably writing in1957/1958. Believe it was before Pennie’s birth.

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post mark Jan 23, 1953 - Mr & Mrs. McEldowney

Envelope post mark Jan 23 2953

Mr. & Mrs. R. R. McEldowney
P. O. Box 246
Fort Collins, Colorado

Mr. George L. White
Lurary Kansas

% Luray Grain Co.

Letter written on letter head

Bob and Martha
P. O. Box 246
Fort Collins, Colorado

Jan 22, 1953

Dear Brother-

Will write u on some of our surprise gift stationery - one of our Tenants is a printer - he and his wife have had an apt with us for over 4 yrs - We decided to give them $15.00 for Christmas as they've been such good tenants, but were surprised to get gift from them.
Have that of U so much but we've moved again since Xmas & find much to keep us busy - U didn't have to wait on me - even tho I owed U a letter - Have had above seasonal weather had a little snow storm last week. but a chinook wind took all of it Sunday. This is a grand day - Bob is up in foot hills helping a friend do some hiring - Did U watch Inangceration (?) on T.V.? Oh do U have T.V. there & "Ikes" prayer was an unusual procedure but very nice I thought - Heres wishing him the best of every thing in all he does - - after having rented our little house down by River for nearly 2 1/2 yrs to a couple, they moved recently - find there plenty of scrubbing & redecorating to do - If we had that to do often I'd be ready to try and make a living same other way - Our friends who rented Meadow Lerk Lodge for nearly 4 months while building, left it shining, when they moved out Jan 1" Most of our Tenants keep things up - but when a tenant has lovely hands & Long finger Nails are not looking for there to leave things "spic & span" - I've  hard y nails down, getting things clean! Seems nearly like a dream to think Wm & rest here here for few hours - didn't get to visit with Wm - for a month before Christmas I was so busy sending cards - wrote letters with most of them - He tried to get apt in order for Holidays but B was working away fence have part of him - had 5 friends here Christmas day - Ruth Anderson was up from Denver as has another friend - Ruth staid till Saturday - neglected waiting Joe for 3 weeks - he began to think there was some thing wrong - are sure sorry about Stellas ailment - hope she gets letter soon - Yes I do understand how U might feel about things - & its really strange to me that I can feel the way I do - would never have that I would - perhaps its a bond between twins that makes me feel or - would want it that way - think U feel the way I did when Mother left - where others joked about Father finding some one else it always hurt. for no one could ever have taken M's place with me, nor could I have had anyone come in to my home, tho I recognized F's right to have married again - Seemed odd about Christmas time I heard some one on Breakfast Club Program who was from Lastant ILL - In Father's letters to Mother just before they were married, he wanted her to go to Lastant & he'd meet her there the day they were to be married - I'd never heard them speak of the place - Will enclose letter F. wrote M. at that time - Notice in Grand Mother M's letter what the 15 pens sold for - $4.20 - only 28c a piece!
Guess this pen is about shot - saw Dale last Sat - says h's got to go to work - he's spent $10,000.00 on his leg - Mayo's told him that he got a raw deal from these other Drs - but like all Drs - they wouldn't help him convict any one for Mal practice - Write - Love Martha

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October 1 1894 Vermillniville - Liizzie Little White

October 1 94

My Dear Mother,

here it is Monday morning & Aunt Add & I are washing this morning. we have got it pretty near ready to go out now & it isn't there yet wish I could step over and help you do yours. I staid at Aunt Anns last week & she is coming out for me again this morning to stay this week with her. Georges wife isn't very well so she wants some one to help her. yes George & Carrie live with Aunt Ann that when George is at home he works at carpenter work most of the time so he is home much of the time. I guess Goerge intends to move over in Lenore as soon as Carrie is able to go. he is an awful good fellow so good natured. all the time. Uncle Ike is just like him in that respect. Well I hope you folks have concluded to let me stay this winter I aint much good any way Mother. would have Lonni come back if he could have a five years job there is going to be a Canal dug I forget the name of the place and it's a 5 year job & they are going to employ 2,000 two thousand men Uncle Will & Roe are going down to see a bout a deal & they will speak for Lonni. & we will write and let you know as soon as they find out. about it. it would be awful nice if he would come. I will see about that hair as soon as possible. if I dont come home this Faul (?) we are going to send you a box if you think it would pay. I would like to know just how big to make the twins cats. that dress Bessie gave to make coats of you know (")") & I want to make them before I send them & Aunt Add says you will send pattern for Georges pants she has got a pair of Uncle Roes that she will cut down & your calico dress & Grandpa sent the twins some stockings. & Aunt Add & Grandma will send some fruit & a quilt. Aunt Add says we can fill quite a good sized box. she has been making a little blanket & crocketing some little bootees for Bessie s Monroe. I crocketed lace for a little skirt for him.  Uncle John is very sick with Pnenmonia i guess that's the way you spell it - Grandma has just gone over to see him Aunt Adds paints were burned up. they were at Aunt Nells when the house was burned. have the twins got good thick skirts for winter  Aunt Add says to state what you want the most. I have first got my red dress made w/o I trimmed it in ruffles & white braid. it looks real pretty. I got some plaid worstid (8 cts yd) to fix over my blue dress.

yes that boil is all right but I guess there is another started in my arm I noticed it this morning when I was dressing. I dressed it. well I guess I will close for this time write soon & take good care of your self. Lizzie

Ottawa, Ill July 30th, 1895 - Lizzie Little White

Ottawa Ill
July 30th, 95

My Dear Mother,

I received your letter and was glad to hear from you as I always am.

I wrote to Father and Fred last week. suppose they have got them by this time but no letter from Linic. (?)

Carrie & I are doing up some peaches for Father. wish you could step in and help us.

George was home over Sunday.

Uncle Ike is still in the Country.

We have been having pretty good rains lately I guess the corn will be pretty good here they wont have any move small grain here than been folks had out there. I have been making Carries Mother a black dress. I have got the skirt all done but putting the elastic in the back I jammed my thimble finger in a door so cant sew for a few days. dosent Bess do any of her sewing & I wonder why she don't write.?

didn't Bess ever nurse her Cliffi?

didn't you think that I could afford to buy a comb for you I will send one in this letter and also the dime you sent.

tell George to write to his big sister.

Well I guess I will have to close for this time milk lots of love to all I remain your dear beloved daughter write soon Lizzie

say Mother are you going to send for me to fix the door step?

Note: typed as is.

Dec 31, 1894 Vermillinville - Lizzie Little White


Dec 31, 1894

My Dear Mother,

I got your letter Saturday evening and you said you had not hear from  me for such a loong time I sent a long letter to Father & you about a week ago. & I dont see why you did not get it. Aunt Add said you was afraid I was sick I wish you could see me. Well I'm hired girl now a days Aunt Nell has been sick and I'm staying here. Cousin George is working for Uncle Will now. and his wife & Baby is out visiting. Oh she has got the nicest baby that ever was.
Well what did you get for Christmas. Aunt Add gave me an Album. Uncle Mose a brushe & Comb. Aunt Nell a little basket with bottle of perfume. we didn't have a white Christmas here we had'nt had a bit of snow till last Thursday. just covered the ground. I'm afraid I wont get any Sligh rides this Winter. I went to a hut in Lowell and I went to Uncle Jules & Agnes and I & Jim went to a Dutch hut the next night. Uncle Will & George is going off to fore wells this week. Uncle Will & I went to Anne s last night I was very much surprised to hear that Father had gone down to Wilem (Salem?) hear he had a good time. write all about it. say how cold does it get in Kansas it was 10 below zero the other day. & Uncle Jule was asking me how cold it ever got in Kansas I was ashamed to think I couldent tell. George just came in and says to tell Uncle Ebb it is pretty cussed cold to day. There is a Masgriadi dance to night - but guess I wont go. Carri & I done a big washing for Aunt Nell & I'm just awful tired. I'm going to go down to Aunt Adds this afternoon with Grandma Aunt Nell hates to have her go any place alone. I wrote to Fred the same time that I wrote to you Folks but haven't got any answer didn't he get it.? I want to take their letter along with me or I wuld write to George. Oh how I do hate to write I must wirte to Grandma M.  Well Grandma is ready & I must close for this time. & my dear old Mother I will try and write often. after this. I send my Love to all & a great big share for yourself. write soon, your Disobedient child. Lizzie

Personal note: It was hard to write the letter saying my gr-grandmother had passed. I knew all about it, but when I sit here typing letters from her, learning about her, it hits hard. She's alive when I read her letters. She's an interesting and fun loving daughter to her parents. I'm learning a lot about her. A grandmother I wish I would have been able to meet, or that my mother could have met and told stories about.

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May 15, 1901 Santa Clara Calif

Santa Clara Calif. May 15, 1901
Mr. & Mrs. S. E. White
                               Round Mound

My Dear Friends. We were very sorry to read in the news last eveing of the death of your daughter Lizzie. It came as a great surprise and shock to us. We had missed the issue of our paper the previous week and had not heard of her sickness. We fully understand that it has been the hardest trial that you have ever had to endure and that any expression of sympathy that we can give can do little to mitigate your sorro. But as friends of your family Mrs. Aikin and myself extend to you our sincere sympathy. We have often thought and spoken of you and your children since we have been in the wst and have felt glad to think that you were prospering But it seems to be the lot of mortals some time in life to have trouble and bereavement which can not be avoided or foreseen and which must be bourn with pactience and fortitude. We are at present living in the town of Santa Clara which is three miles from San Jose. We attended a flower carnival at San Jose yesterday which was to have been a great occasion as you have no doubt read in the papers as it was one of the towns the Presidential party was to have visited. But on acct. of Mrs. McKinley taking suddenly ill they hurried on to San Francisco as you have seen by the papers. Business is very dull here this Spring and we have made up our minds to come home not later than September and possibly sooner. This leaves us all enjoying good health. Trusting this will find you the same I remain yours Sincerely  R. L. Aikin
                                                                       Santa Clara Calif.

Nov 30th 1894 - Lizzie Little White

Nov 30th 1894

Dear Father,

I got your letter the other day and was very glad to hear from you so soon. Uncle Will has got his house here, at last and I have been down here all week helping Aunt Nell Clean house it jarred the house considerable and cracked the plastering pretty badly. he hasn't started to move the barn yet. William Baldwin  Arthur died yesterday. and Old Squire Baldwin died about a week ago with heart Failure.

Well Father I wish you had been here Wednesday evening We had a Masqurade Ball in the Old Rickey Hall now owned by Our Web Mers or of all the fun we had is indiscribable. I wish you could have seen Aunt Add she dressed as a real old woman & came hobbling in she even fooled Uncle Roc. Dave Richery was dressed as a clown & he acted the part well Uncle Mose was dressed as a Chinaman Agnes and I dressed alike. Junior Rickey & his wife & Lillie & her husband was there. Aunt Rose and Uncle Jule was there but didn't mask. Philip Mo (two dots underneath the o)

Timber house up above Uncle Jule's was burned to the ground. Last tuesday Clint and wife lived with his Father and it caught in their part of the house don't know how. (between lines it reads: "this is a kiss")

Uncle Charlie & his new Bride just went by the Ottawa he takes her there thrice a week to be doctored. I dont think that he and Uncle Jule have spoken since they were married that is he and Frantie she was about 23 years old. Maud is terrible house sick and I guess she wont stay in Kansas much longer. Well I have been here 7 months from now it doesn seem possible does it? how time flies. I got a letter from Nash last night saying that you was talking of going down to Warren Palmers. I got a letter from Alli not long ago & she wanted me to come that way to see her when I came home. I would like to know about the Organ I have been worring about it every since  Mother wrote about it. I think it is a shame that if it has to go when you have paid so much on it I wish I could do something to be earning money Father but I don't know what I could do I surpose I would work out but I hate to go among strangers. Uncle John's have to have a girl part of the time & they would like to have me but I know you wouldnt like it. I feel as if I earn my board where ever I am I always help with the work. Grandma is sitting close by darning sockings and says to tell you she is very anxious about the box and how much you had to pay for it. I will send this peaceful for it as soon as I go up to Aunt Adds to get it. well good by for this time now please answer right away wont you Father I like to hear from you so well

Note: This is a letter from Lizzie Little White

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Orange, Calif. 1954 Uncle George

Orange, Calif.
Dec, 28th, 2954

Dear Archie and Mable;

Just got your Xmas card, was going to send yours today. Left home on the 29th of Nov and came to Denver, styed a few days there and came on here on the 23rd of Nov. Flew out in three hours.Quite a thrill. Plane stopped at Las Vagas for twenty minutes, the air port was full of one armed bandits, so of course I sailed right in to them, won two dollars and sixty cents Then noticed the air hostess( acute little blond) had lost all her change, so I gave her a dollar and told her we would go pardners if she won, but she didnt, so I only got away with a dollar and sixty cents.

Told Dale that I expected the next time that I stopped there they would just hand me the money and tell me to go on.

Helen won about forty dollars when they stopped there on the way home from their trip last summer. and Dale won about the same shooting craps.

Just got a letter from Joe, he is at Savanna Mo. had a small cancer on his nose and one in the conrer of his eye. I didnt know anything about it, must have came all at once. Said he would be home in about a week. Said he thought it would dis figure him but it wont, will heal up and not even leave a scar in a few months.

Guess you saw in paper about me selling out the Elev. Got so I couldnt do the work any more and no profit if I had to hire so cut loose.

That's a wonderful grandaughter of mine in Denver, will soon be three months old and is beginning to notice things.

Helen went back to work on Nov 22nd he mother in law came to stay with them and take care of baby. My son in law is a  a police man in east Denver ( Aurora) and they bought a house there on GI plan, I think it is the best part of Denver. With them both getting good wages they ought to get it paid for some time.

See a lot of fight and ball games on TV here, LA Rams didnt do so good this year, Noticed they have either fired the coach or he quit. A n***** from Bogue is playing with Green bay packers, he had played with Kansas state and is pretty good.

Yes I am figuring on seeing some games at KC. There is going to be a lot of new faces on all the teams, see that Brooklin sold old preacher Roe, and a lot of trades, some one the yaks I think about cleaned out Baltamore. St Louis got rid of Staley finally, but sold that good third baseman.

No I havent seen Marlyn yet but expect to any time see that she is going for the older men now Now Ha

They have a Plaza here in the center of town, its just three blocks from where Helen lives, Palm trees, Flowers and a big fountain spouting water all the time. The plaza has benches all around the outsides for us loafers to set on and watch the pretty girls go by, I meet all kinds off characters, mostly from Kansas,Okla,and Ark. Clarence Parsons from Osborne is Here also Dave McGuire and a couple of Jack Clarks grandsons.

Notice what you say about Shirleys man enlisting, You know I think there is one of the best futures for a young fellow.

There is a marine base (EL Toro) here and Dale gets to talk with a lot of captains and Majors and he asks all kinds of questions because Gary will soon be going in and t hey all tell him that what the Gov is doing now for the boys is some thing great the schooling that they couldnt possibly get any other way, then twenty short years they retire on a good pension

Think I will try and stay until about the middle of Feb and then hit for Kansas, will stop in Denver for a few days and then go up to Fort Collins for a couple days before I go home.

See by the papers that moab Utah is growing to beat the band, over your thousand people now, A lot of fellows have struck radium mine there, Bess wrote a while back that Geos kids were making a good thing, staking out claims and selling them, both had new cars .

See by Natoma paper that Gus Pfortmiller died, last time I visited with him he told about his father and mine being such good friends and in township politics were on the same side.

Sure hope you find something to do. I get restless as hell out here,while I cant do much at home I can get in car and drive up to farm and see what there is to do and then tell some one else to do it.

Love to both and write.

Uncle Geo.

  NOTE: The *** covers the actual word. It's not a word I care to repeat, even if it was in a letter over  50 years old. When these letters are from Uncle Geo., I'm pretty sure they are from George White. Even though there is a Geo. White and a Geo. Wineland

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Osborne Kansas May 23rd, 1958

Osborne Kansas.
May 23rd, 1958

Dear Archie;

Well you ought to be here and see OLD KANSAS, She looks about the best I ever saw, Everything is so green and every creek is running water just as clear as a mountain stream and every fisher man is catching fish in nearly pound, rive and stream.

It will be a month Monday since Mattie passed away and I will sure miss her, She wrote me so regular and she had such a good memory. Yes Bob told me the seen Father write in the old Genology that I was to have it after Fred was through with it but Bob is going to give me the one that cousin Alice Garner (Dewey) gave hef

You know that Aunt Minnie had the one that Uncle WM had and one time I said to her, That if she didnt want to give it to some one else, Then I would like to have it and she never said a word one way or another. I asked Harry Brown about it and he said I could have it if he could find it but he said he never could find it among her things. Suppose she gave it to Anna. Or destroyed it just for Dam meaness.

The 25th of this month will be Hawrds birthday, He would have been forty years old, My how time flies, Ten years in June 18th since he passed away.

Got a nice letter from George in Utah, The STORK is coming in July he says, Said he hpoes it is twin boys so he will havea farmer and a stock man. Gerald is going to be married right away he said.

Helen sent me a picture of her Grandson, My he is a lunker. Say Cris will have togrow up fast if you want a Great Grandson Ha

Yes you can see and read all the things in the Geneology when you folks come to see us, You know you are sixteen or seventeen years younger than I Ha, Was talking to AlexRuble the other day and he said he would be eighty his next birthday, Gosh I didn't realize he was that old.

Havent heard a word from Wm, Did hear that Katie was getting home sick already though.

Guess we should have a Gov job, Se they raise their wages every fifteen minutes, Guess I told you that Ila was in hospital to have Abscess cut out, She was there three nights and two day and just the hospital bill was eighty seven dollars, I had and old Hospital bill here of Fathers in 1939 when he was over to Hays for the same length of time and it was seventeen dollars, Some difference Ha.

Here is a letter from Mattie in 1953 with an old letter from my Grandmother Moorhead to my Mother askind about your mother. And one from Uncle Philo to mother, He was here once to see Uncle WM and Father after mother died, Dont know if you saw him or not.

Well write when you have time, Love to all
                                                        Uncle Geo.

NOTE: This letter was typed on a half page of paper. I typed it the same way Uncle George did, with the exception of a few keys that typed high. He used "," and not "."

Thursday Afternoon - Ebon White

Thursday Afternoon

Dear Wife

It seems odd to be writing to you almost 1000 miles away and only day before yesterday you were right here but as the old black woman said in the story "here to day and here tomorrow" you will soon know how your Mother is and if it is the worst you know how I shall feel for you if you find her better which I hope you will you must try and injoy your visit but don't forget the little old sod house or the hill we got some wet coming home and had quite the rain here not enough to do the well any good but will bring up the rye it went down about 2 inches. I wanted to go right to work but when I went to take Nellie out of the stable this morning she could not go and one of her hind ankles is all swelled up she must have sprant it she sliped twice after it rained and made the roads mudy I feel bad about it for if she gets well it will take a week. I put some stuff on it I sent over and got Grants old mare and Louse is rooling but she cannot do much the Lighter boy was here before & got up to get that money I had 2.50 I paid and sent him over and got the rest of Land I went up to Saysters but cannot have that for 10 days. Mrs. Lorne came down the next morning and done up all the work she told me to day that anything that I wanted to come up there. write soon and often. Eben

NOTE: This letter was written on the back of a "Teacher's Contract." There is a dark circle around the words "Kiss for Lizzie"  Lizzie is their daughter and my great grandmother.

Poetry Writen By (Old Man Knapp).

Poetry Writen By (Old Man Knapp).

TO S. E. White,
Natoma, Cemetary,
Natoma, Kansas.
Dear old neighbor, your race is run;
Your battle is fought; your victory is won.
And while your clay is laid to rest,
Your spirit is roaming with the blest.
And I turn away my grief to hide
And pray we'll meet on the other side.
And when time breathes for me no more,
You'll be my neighbor on the other shore.


My eyes are dim, my ears are shut;
But my old thinker is workin' yet.
And if I ever write or not,
Old friends back there are not forgot.

One thing we need not be told,
That you and I are getting old.
We're past the time alotted men,
To live just three score years and ten.

Past by a dozen years or more.
We're ambling along well up in four.
We've had ups and sowns mixed in our cups.
IN mine I find more downs than ups.

But you'll never hear me moan.
I'll reap the harvest from the seed I've sown.
But say, it fills my heart with pain
To find in my harvest so little grain.

And worst of all (now please dont laugh)
The little I get is covered with chaff
I've often wished that you and Me
Could chaw the rag''bout Frankie D.

If you was here or I was there,
The atmosphere'd be full of old gray hair.
The way we'd fight would be a sin,
But woe to the guy that butted in.
Our different opinions would be forgot,
And togather we'd knock off his block,
No matter how much we gnaw the bone,
Our fights are ours and ours and  alone.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jul 12, 1873 - Rosa M. White

Note: Making up for lost time - three letters today

Thursday Morn

dear Husband

I did not receive any letter from you Tuesday night & was very much disappointed. Are you sick or did you mail one & it could not get this if you were sick. Mr Huckins would surely have written. we are as well as usual. I note a long letter & mailed Tuesd & will write more than this by next mail. did not get home from Mrs. Richey until dark last eve. Mr. Colvin came yesterday morn & enfrieced (?) them. walked out from Ottowa. Rose & Nellie are in eastacies (?) about it, no other news that I know of. Ella Galloway intends starting west - next Tuesday. Now darling If I don't get a letter tonight don't know what I shall do. do be careful & not get sick. accept ever so much love &excuse this scratch from your loving
                                                                                           Rosa M. White

Note: Rosa has beautiful handwriting - if you can read it. Her brother's handwriting is much easier to read :-)

Santa Claus 187 - Willie Moorhead

Petrolia Cal
Santa Claus 187

Dear Sister Rosa,

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year it is rather late but better late than never. P.M. Alice and (little I) went to the Christmas tree last night Santa passed around some nice presants and lots of them, and from there to a play Ten nights in a bar room. it was well acted and all but a few old topers went home laughing

We are all about as usual except barking colds this has been a fine winter so far here, but to day is stormy land is from $10 to $35 an acre here right in this part there is not much farming but in the Ferndale and Eel (?) river country there is cnsiderable farming done right here is dairying and stock raising and here like any other place horses are from $25 to $200

Well now I am not afeard to invite you just call around this way the first day of 1888 and we will give you a slashing good dinner for there are ducks and geese on the river venison on the hills fish in the serf fine corn beef in the barrel and I will make you a pan cake as big as my hat and then for a horseback and a boat ride by the way I have got a nice little saddle mule that I broke last fall and the rest are mean enough to make fun of his ears     .  The boys are playing with the tops and blocks that Santa left, Alice got a nice glass fruit dish Emma lives in town with the milliner and is well as usual. and as for the milliner I will not tell you nary word. but come along and you shall have a straw stack of the latest build.

There is to be a christmas dance to morrow night and one week from that a leep year dance.Since I got your letter I rec'd one from Aunt Mary D a great long one and lots of home news just the kind I like to get but don't write. Warren Moorhead wife and child have come to Cal for their health. lung disease is the trouble I think, I always thought W was a stout rugged fellow. have you heard anything fro Ella Moorhead lately and do you remember her name

We have a temperence lodge here meeting every tuesday night do you have any apples to chew on these long evenings this is a great counter for all kinds of fruit

I must close with love to all and a big share forer for yourself from Willie

NOTE: Since the letter stated the new year of 1888, then I will be guessing this was written in 1887. He had 187, so missed the extra 8. 

Post Marked (1982?) heard to read - Bernice McNeal

Mrs. Phil McNeal
Natoma, Kans. 67651

Mrs. Mabel Wineland
Centralia, WA

Mon. eve.

Hi Mabel how are you? I saw your not in the Natoma paper where you had a different address. I have intended to write you for quite some time we had some very very cold weather in Jan & I had my water pipes were froze up & I was with out water & had to haul all the water I used quite a job for an old gal to go in such awful cold weather & haul the necessary water. I had done a big wash on Fri. before so Tues glad I had got that done so many people were froze up & it was hard to get help so the boys came & wanted me to move into a low rental cabin in town & I was ready to move in & get away from hauling drinking & cooking water so I took the necessary things to get along with & so I moved in a cabin I had liked it real well here & they have talked me into staying here all time & I guess I will rent or sell my home & stay here & liked when will you come back to Kans. for a visit I have been looking for a letter from you be sure & let me known I want to be here when u come. Has been raining off & on today & this eve it started in real good we were needing a good one I have been up to the house getting a few things I need I didn't bring everything. I am writing with my paper  on my knew I don't know if u can read it. Am watching T.V. too. What kind of a winter did u have? We had it pretty fair & it got real cold just before I moved. so I like it here & the manager of these take care of everything you pay a sum & takes care of all utilities except telephone. he does the mowing & keeping up all. Be sure & let me know when you come I sure want to be here when you come.
Gladys is still in the Rest Home since last July or first of Aug. Hope the rain gets it out of its system & be looking for you. so try & let me know as always. Bernice McNeal (gives address)

Note: If this was written in 1982, which I believe it was, then Mabel never made it back to Kansas. She passed on in 1984.